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  1. I was there on the 11.03.05 and rode the skylink. You get the best view of the tower of terror on the skylink. What a shame, my kids loved it.
  2. Yeah I only have time to go to Dreamworld this trip. I have ridden WWF before and it is a better ride. The only reason I ask is cause both my kides (and me!) love a flume ride
  3. Guys. I am going to Dreamworld on the 11th of March and I check the website today which states: Any gossip, will this be opening earlier??
  4. Gotta say, Nice update dude! Make the site a lot easier to navigate. All the good info seems to jump out and say README As kath would say "Its Noice..."
  5. $3 a ride would be cool, but its an old woodie. Surely someone would need to spend some cash getting it a bit safer, before stickin a whole lot of people on it again??
  6. The last time I went to WBMW (about 1 month ago) I took the family on the Studio Tour. I hadnt been in years and was disapointed that it was just the special effects stuff. I never got to do Batman and the Road Runner coaster, because I wasted my time on the special effects tour. I think something new needs to be done!
  7. Guys.. Long time viewer, first time poster! Just wondering what you would prefer, a flat fee with unlimited rides (like most major Aussie parks) or a token system (like luna park) The reason why I ask is last time I went to MovieWorld, I had a blast with my 2 kids, but the wife had a bad back and didn’t ride 1 thing the whole day. She still had to pay the full entry fee! I know Wonderland had many issues, but could it have survived if they offered free entry and then sold tokens for ride?? Your Thoughts?
  8. Howes about this one?? http://www.australianamusementfanatics.com...topic.php?t=133
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