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  1. sure the defunct rides bring back memories of all the parks over the forums, but how could you say the rides now are worse, scooby doo was better than gremlins, superman escape is better than the movie fx show, and if you find it hard to believe me , then look at their attendance rate from 1990's to now, more people are coming back because we have 1 or 2 world class rides e.g.: superman escape.
  2. i would like to see batman be turned into a soarin' over California style ride, this would have the same capacity but also add new experiences to the ride e.g.: legs dangling, indistinct smells, and the actually interior of the warehouse holding the ride can look like a cave with a giant "fake" cargo door projected on the screen till the ride starts!
  3. did there used to be lift to get you to the TOT station form the queue line?, because they look like lift doors .etc but now dreamworld just put stairs to the station instead of the lifts, was this to cut staff numbers or just a quick fix to the lifts problems?
  4. yeah someone has made the superman escape track in rct3 but its a project and you have to download the whole movieworld park (the only rides actually finished in this park is WWF,SDSC,SE,LW and batman escape the link to the page is here:
  5. i went to movie world last holidays and i rode both trains and they were all right no bumpiness or slapping, the ride is actually pretty smooth BUT you have to listen to the operators and do what they say . they say keep your head back so you don't slap (your neck and head is resting on the back of the carriage so it will be harder for the car to "slap" you .i also figured out that its best to keep your neck stiff, head straight and don't move your head during the ride. if you followed these points then LW is pretty smooth,and you won't get hurt
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