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  1. roxon101

    Surfrider to close during colder months

    Why don't they turn off the water sprayers then?
  2. roxon101

    The Wii

    You people should try out Excite Truck. It's controlled the same way that silly cow game was controlled in Wii Play. I love it, the races are so insane.
  3. roxon101

    WnW Record Broken :)

    Ok ill be the first, congratulations! Oh I think I was part of the 56 record at some point on that day heh.
  4. roxon101

    Ride Tech Talk

    Cool pics of SE although I hardly know what any of it is besides the track lol Could you explain the other mechanisms?
  5. roxon101

    Corkscrew SeaWorld-No Limits

    Very good recreation I loved the head chopper effect heh. To sum up the things that I think need fixing: - The first drop out of the station is not steep enough - The brake track and station are both too much on a slope - Lift hill could be a little faster... 10mph maybe? - And the big drop is definently not steep enough as sonic said (try extending that banked turn at the top of the lift hill so you can make the drop steeper) The track from the loop to the head chopper is spot on I think! Good job.
  6. roxon101

    halloween at movieworld report

    stuff it who cares you're welcome for the report
  7. roxon101

    halloween at movieworld report

    I didn't find it interesting at all. Spose I wont take the time out of my life to write a report for you jerks again.
  8. roxon101

    halloween at movieworld report

    The wires or cables that launch the train. Probably could have said it a bit clearer heh. Yeah mickey I suppose that was slack but if the people in the line were really annoyed by it they wouldn't had let us walk through them all I guess.
  9. roxon101

    halloween at movieworld report

    This is more of a "what we did" report but here goes. We got in at that time where they had the fences up to stop us from going on the rides. Seeing as superman will obviously the most packed out (which it was... 2hours at least) they finally opened the gates end it turned into a bloody huge run, lots of trampling from what I saw at the front. We managed to get about 20th or 30th or so in line so we were happy with that. Once we got off, the line was already stretched out all the way back to the wires for superman, so that was out last time on it for the night. Anyways we headed over to lethal weapon expecting not to see much of a line seeing as everyone in the park was lining for superman lol, and we were right. About a 5-10min wait for lethal weapon, so we did that twice. They were running both the trains for LW which I have never seen before so I got to try out the red train finally, let me tell you, this train was so great - I hardly experienced any major head banging. I thought that it would be like that for the blue train too but I was wrong lol *headache*. Although the red train did have some harness problems. After LW we proceeded around and through main st. to check scooby doo out. It was into the outside queue which was just scary. So that was a no go. By the way, the misting and smoke effects in MW were SO F**KING AWESOME as my pathetic phone photo will show you. Around scooby doo there was a guy dressed up in the Saw costume and riding around on a tricycle. Definently the best costume I saw. We decided to do the scary walk through thing which turned out to be more silly than scary - it was just too short and the scary people weren't too scary at all, the ending hologram was pretty cool though. The line for that was quick so we ended up doing it a couple times. LW still didn't have a large line so we did that a third time (red train thank god). I think the walk through really did not help with the insane crowds but at least MW did something there. We went back over and rode Batwing which had a pretty huge line but thankfully we found someone we knew and got into at the front almost so we rode that which was short'n'sweet. That was the end of the thrill rides of the night. We ended up doing Shrek 4D and just repeatedly walking around to all the rides to see how the lines were. There were smoke machines/misters anywhere you looked and it shrouded most of the superman track, it was so cool. The spotlights looked great through smoke and mist too. We saw some good costumes.. and some retarded costumes (which I suppose suits Halloween). It was a bitch that WWF was closed I would have loved to have done that at night and also it would have gotten rid of the long line around LW etc (superman didn't have a hope in hell of having a good line). I wouldn't say it was a SUPER MEGA FUN night because of the lines and the short amount of time it was opened for (11pm would be great but MW is too scared to pay overtime lol). But I think we got more rides in than most other people did that night. One of the highlights for me was the 400 person run to get to the front of the superman line when it opened which was absolutely crazy, oh yeah and the rides . As Tony said, hopefully 2008 will be improved and they will take the flaws from this year and try to work them out as best they can. Photo of main street with absolute crappy quality sorry. 7/10
  10. roxon101

    halloween at movieworld report

    Heading there tonight with some mates so I'll try and do a report tomorrow or on the weekend.
  11. roxon101

    Halloween at Movieworld

    So SE has always closed during rain? That's odd.. because when I went there a couple months back it was raining quite moderately but they let people ride SE, the rain drops hurt obviously but that was the only flaw, didn't notice a decrease in normal speed.
  12. roxon101

    Lethal Weapon truely LETHAL!

    I went to movie world on Sunday and LW hardly had a line for some reason so I figured I'd go see what the changes were. I did not notice any differences in the trains themselves, but I think they repainted some parts of the train/track. After my ride I still had a headache.
  13. roxon101

    "Butterfly Feeling" A.k.a Weightlessness

    Erm back on topic.. Lethal Weapon (first drop is pretty intense) Superman (I get the same feeling on the launch as I do on the first drop of LW) On superman, after going through the intenseness of the launch, all the drops don't give me any sort of butterfly feeling. I always tell people that after the launch, the rest of the ride is not scary at all, they don't believe me
  14. People with annual passes still need to pay the $20 or so, right?
  15. roxon101

    Batwing Spaceshot

    I went on a rainy day once and I did like 6 rides of it in 30mins