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  1. kieron5379

    Sea World ski stars sunk by pirates

    Thought these might be of interest to you guys as well. The speedboats look like they're getting more use but it all still seems empty
  2. kieron5379

    Sea Viper - New Ride

    I was there this week and the old trains are still sitting near the old pirate ship site but there isnt any new trains that i could see. just a lot of fences and not much else...
  3. kieron5379

    new stunt show a real let down!

    I agree. Why get over it when it's supposed to be a professional show and minor things like that should really be spot on? If they want to offer a "world class" show (which i don't believe it is anywhere near, but for the sake of the argument i'll say it is), everything should be polished. And i will even give them a month or two to smooth it out but if they can't get something simple like that right, then its a bit hard to just get over it...
  4. kieron5379

    Sea World ski stars sunk by pirates

    I don't mean to double post, but on my random stumblings through flickr i found this today talk about a heritage. Sure, they had added an extra tier but that's a piece of history that should be definitely kept...
  5. kieron5379

    Sea World ski stars sunk by pirates

    i know, but how much more impressive is a flip off a ski ramp? That's one of the things that the Ski Show had over this new show. The fact that not everyone can jump behind a speedboat, find a ski lake with a jump and start doing flips and tricks and stunts that require skill and talent. Looking at that tape, if I wanted to be a star in the new show, i could go out, but a trampoline, practice my flips etc and then be able to do exactly the same thing. I obviously can't speak for the rest of the show, but it still seems like crap
  6. kieron5379

    Sea World Pirate Ship for Sale

    Wouldn't surprise me if they did get rid of it though. I mean, look at the ski show. Obviously they didn't care that that was their history and the very first attraction before they were even in their current site. I'm sorry to say it, but I don't think we'll be seeing the train run again in the near future...
  7. kieron5379

    Sea World ski stars sunk by pirates

    WOO! A flip! Man, this show is going to blow the audience away! What a joke. I still can't see the logic behind bringing this show in. It's already late, and by the look of it, its nowhere near ready to open anyway. Unless they're hiding anything good about the show from the public, this show is already a negative for the park. I agree with Mickey, how can Seaworld not notice that this is so dodgy!! I won't be in a hurry to see this i don't think.
  8. kieron5379

    Sea World ski stars sunk by pirates

    But my gripe is that they took out a show that was above excellent, to put in a show that was late to start construction, was substandard to begin with (and it wasn't until the public saw it that they realised), and will now be late to open. I just have a hard time accepting the fact that this is all for the better because i don't think that it has been the right decision. I haven't heard if the show is over/under budget so it would be interesting to find that out. also Alex, what exactly was so substandard about MDMC? I'm interested to find out, and not in any sort of argumentative way
  9. kieron5379

    Movie World Halloween Fright Nights

    Last year they had a maze in the Leathal Weapon alley and that really wasn't anything to write home about. I have to say that the first one was great, because everyone was really into it, and even though it was for kids, it was still great fun for adults too. It doesn't seem that scary from what i've heard the year, but i think that they would have more chance of pulling crowds if it was more family orientated. Just my opinion though
  10. kieron5379

    Sea World ski stars sunk by pirates

    So, what they mean is..."the show really isn't that good and when we showed the public they said so. So, we better put back the opening so we can make it a third or possibly second class show that the can be passable for now" Man, WVTP are making not just bad decisions, but terrible ones.
  11. kieron5379

    Movie World Halloween Fright Nights

    I was of the understanding that this was their 3rd or 4th year doing this? I definitely remember going to one last year and I'm pretty sure I went to one the year before that. This is i believe the first time they've done so many nights though.
  12. kieron5379

    Sea World ski stars sunk by pirates

    What a complete waste of time, effort and money. Especially because we've already hit the holiday period and it's not ready, and also considering they didn't seem to be in a hurry to start construction and rehersals as soon as the ski show was regrettably cancelled. I hope they do cancel it, just so they can see an error in their ways. I might go this week and see if its going yet
  13. kieron5379

    Sea World ski stars sunk by pirates

    I've been against the new show from the start. I'm all for changes, but to completely scrap the old show for a completely different show is a bit extreme. I'm all for closing down the lake for the old staff to come back and make a completely new show. Have they actually started doing the show? Or has it been flushed already?
  14. kieron5379

    My QLD trip

    could have something to do with the sun hitting a black pipe and heating the water quite significantly? I find that it is also quite humid whilst actually on the slide.
  15. kieron5379

    Sea World ski stars sunk by pirates

    I'm not quite sure actually, I only noticed that the buildings were pretty much black or grey, but i didnt notice the caravan...