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  1. DJKostya

    Was Storm Coaster worth the money?

    You obviously haven't met Aunty Jack or he would have "ripped your bloody arms off!"
  2. DJKostya

    New VRTP App

    These ideas are great. I used the Cedar Fair one when I went to Cedar Point last time. It worked really well as Cedar Fair provided free wifi throughout the park, not sure if VRTP does the same thing though (Someone can correct me of course). The only issue I see is ensuring that the park provides somewhere on all of their rides to then store your mobile phone (Superman would be a good example). Cedar Point did at all of their rides (Usually lockable tubs for each roller coaster train for example). I had massive issues at SFDK as i had a fast pass dongle thingy and had to take it up to the ride entrance, but then couldn't actually get on the ride with it and there was nowhere to store it at the station.
  3. DJKostya

    Dreamworld December Update 2019

    Take my
  4. DJKostya

    Funfields - New 2020 Tornado Waterslide

    Both look great in their own ways. I do prefer the Funfields one with the colours blended, will be interesting to see if they can pull that off. It's always great to hear about all the small parks around Australia investing in new attractions. They know their place in the industry and instead of going for the biggest, newest thing they stick with what they know and keep the regular locals happy. It probably won't happen any time soon but I do start to wonder when one of these smaller parks might take the plunge and try to be the next big park. I was always disappointed when African Safari World was scrapped because the Victorian Government said it would have cost too much for the taxpayers. I think the only way for us to get a new park at this stage would be either one of the big global companies deciding to build here (Fat chance of that happening) or one of the smaller parks invests heavily. It would be interesting to see if a smaller park stepping up holds onto their level of detail they put into their parks, I always seem to feel that attractions at smaller parks and the parks themselves are generally of a better quality in terms of cleanliness/working effects etc. that some of our bigger parks.
  5. DJKostya

    New Dreamworld Annual Pass 2019

    Definitely Finding Nemo orange
  6. DJKostya

    Dreamworld November Update 2019

    If Dreamworld does decide to remove the log ride it will open up a lot of space near the new roller coaster which gives them the opportunity to develop that area. New shops a new flat ride or 2 over the next few years. Doing something like that would then hopefully draw some of the crowds away from the Ocean Parade area.
  7. I think that if Dreamworld was going to go down the RMC path, especially to replace ToT which was a world first and very iconic ride when it opened, they should replace it with something just as iconic and world first if possible, then why not start discussions around a RMC T-Rex. So far nobody has purchased one that I can find any evidence of and RMC first showcased the idea back in 2015 (Which leads me to presume that their is either something they haven't quite gotten right yet or nobody is interested in building one, which surprises me somewhat). That being said there are plenty of other new upcoming concepts for roller coasters out there. For example S&S are showing off a new concept at the upcoming IAAPA this year where the seats rotate on an axis freely (a bit like X2, but different) that also looks pretty cool (There's a video on Screamscape for those interested).
  8. DJKostya

    Movie World - The Next Few Years

    Seeing as the spot sits somewhere between DCR and SE i'd put money on it being Superman vs. Batman if they did a dueling coaster.
  9. DJKostya

    Movie World - The Next Few Years

    I believe so yes.
  10. DJKostya

    Movie World - The Next Few Years

    Couldn't agree with this more. When I did a massive 5 week, 12 park, 120+ coaster trip to the USA in 2006 after the first park or so I had a splitting headache and very sore neck because I was just letting my head flop about all over the place. After talking to a coaster enthusiast in a line one day he gave me some great advice, either lean forward so your head is past the over the shoulder restraints (If possible), hold your head to 1 side against the restraint hard (kinda works but if it is really rough not really well) or actually try and anticipate where the train is going and move your head with the track, lean into the corners, push down into the seat before an airtime hill (Really helps getting airtime!). Once I started doing these things I've never had a problem since. As for AA specifically I have ridden at least 15 SLCs that I can think of across the Americas, Europe and Asia. When comparing them AA is probably one of the better SLCs that I have ridden. Endor in La Ronde to me stands out as one that was particularly rough (Although @Gazza may disagree) however some of the SLCs in China that I rode completely blow AA out of the water. Considering its age I think that AA has held up pretty well and definitely has some life left in it. Sure it's not going to last forever but I just hope when it does go that MW replaces it with something just as iconic. LW/AA was always a pretty defining ride for MW until Superman came along, just like ToT is for DW. AA (then LW) was a very new concept when it was installed (it was about the 4th SLC in the world) and really gave MW something to be boastful about.
  11. DJKostya

    Trip Report: La Ronde

    Yea I visited La Ronde a few years ago. It was just as bad back then, looks like they've done nothing to it in the 2 years since I went. That being said I was lucky at the time because Vampire was running backwards which was an interesting experience.
  12. DJKostya

    European theme parks to visit

    Parc Asterix in Paris is awesome. You can even ride the infamous Goudrix! For something different you could try Futuroscope also in France.
  13. So this has just been announced for Six Flags in Saudi Arabia. I am tending to agree with the comments that i'll believe it when I see it especially looking at the video. From the article: The Falcon’s Flight could hit dizzying speeds of up to 250km/h. The ride is just one of the record-breaking attractions that will feature at the new Six Flags Qiddiya in Saudi Arabia. A video mock-up shows a four-carriage ride, each carrying four passengers, that’s designed to look like a robotic falcon. The ride features several gravity-defying loops as well as winding tracks through the canyons. Launch-powered drops will hit speeds up to 250km/h according to the footage.
  14. DJKostya

    New Roller-Coaster for Dreamworld

    Sorry you're right my bad
  15. DJKostya

    New Roller-Coaster for Dreamworld

    Whilst this is a great announcement and well overdue i'm surprised that they went with another launched roller coaster, considering that ToTII, MCMC and Buzzsaw are all launched roller coasters