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  1. A few years ago I visited California's Great America and rode Flight Deck (Which has to be the shortest B&M Invert out there) which has a low swooping helix out over water and it was pretty cool as there was a corkscrew then small dive into the helix over water. POV below.
  2. I think that based on you're photoshop it would fit in really nicely in the old Log Ride area, but I also agree that the Log Ride should be replaced with another water based ride
  3. I think one of the biggest things that sticks in my mind about WnWS/Raging Waters is the lack of wider advertising. I live in Canberra and I have never seen an ad on TV, a newspaper ad or even online advertising for WnWS/Raging Waters since it opened. When Wonderland was still around we would get all of the above, especially around the school holidays and, that being said, we still definitely get Jamberoo ads. Further to this Murray's buses used to run day trips to Wonderland from Canberra on weekends, but hasn't done the same with WnWS/Raging Waters. My friends and I would probably
  4. So I know it's a large area but for some reason seeing it from the air like that and seeing the Dreamworld Tower and Buzzsaw together makes the area look really small to me.
  5. I understand why parks limit fast passes on their most popular attractions, but I intensely despise when they provide x rides on x attraction. SFMM is the perfect example of this. I don't like freefall drop rides (Giant Drop, Lex Luther etc.) so I'd much rather use the fast pass on something else. What @AlexB has said above makes sense, give people x number of rides on the popular rides, say 1 fast pass per popular ride, then unlimited on the less popular rides. That way it covers downtime, not wanting to ride a particular ride etc.
  6. Thanks for the trip report on Corin. As a local I never really think of it as a place to go unless there's some snow on the Brindabellas. I just wish they'd get on with the expansion plans that they have talked about for years, would make it a much more attractive place to visit.
  7. Considering that it costs, at a minimum $24.95 (for 2, 4x6 standard photos), for photos with Santa at my local Westfield this year $20 for photos with Bluey seems quite reasonable in my opinion.
  8. Interestingly I couldn't open this on my PC, in any of the 3 browsers I have available. I was able to open it on my mobile phone though. Yikes! This is definitely an unfinished product. Judging by what is there and what is missing the yellow boxes and random yellow shapes for rides (Pandemonium for example) I would assume that this is where they are going to drop in more up to date images like the ones for MDMC and Gold Coaster. It's a pretty poor effort to release without it being finished (or tested for that matter), unless the update to the website missed a data packet which inclu
  9. I was supposed to do 5 weeks around the South Eastern states of the USA in September/October (Disney, Universal, Dollywood etc,etc). For now i'm staying put but I think as far as overseas trips go in the future a lot of what will determine where I go will be based on how well they responded to COVID and how they have come back from it (Vaccines etc.). Japan is looking pretty good IMO. As for my SE USA trip, it's probably on the backburner now for quite some time until they can sort it out (Who knows how long that will take).
  10. I am the same height as you Megan and used to be about 115kg (Down to 95kg now). When I was that large the only ride I ever had any issues on was Doomsday Destroyer at MovieWorld. The attendants were amazing and were able to get the restraints down to a safe point where they locked in.
  11. So somewhat on topic. Many years ago (Well before YouTube) I remember downloading a roller coaster video of various roller coasters in the USA, predominantly Florida parks and Cedar Point, that was a combination of on and off ride footage. The soundtrack to the video was Vertigo by U2. Normally I despise U2 but for the video the song seemed to work and certainly when I visited and rode the roller coasters in the video I had the song stuck in my head.
  12. Did you get to ride it when they were running it backwards or forwards? It was definitely rougher going backwards.....
  13. So I'm not sure if this has been suggested before or not but what about if VRTP joined MovieWorld and WNW with a tram/monorail/train similar to Universal Orlando with the Studios and IoA. Guests could pay for a park hopper style ticket that would give them access to both parks. I've done a rough diagram of where it could possibly be placed (Noting I have no idea whether the land is actually part of their land holdings). Just a thought.
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