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  1. Eh Why not, put me down for the 6th
  2. I tired again this morning, 3 different browsers and still the map won't load for me. Not really a good look.
  3. I've ridden 2 stand-up coasters, both B&Ms and I enjoyed both. Riddler's at SFMM was amazing and I absolutely loved it. It was one of my "Most Want to Ride" coasters when I made my first big trip to the USA. The other was Mantis at CP before they converted it to Rougarou. Having ridden it as both a stand-up and a floorless I can easily say that it was far far superior as a stand-up. When I rode it as a floorless it was horrible and I only rode it once the whole 4 days I spent at CP. I found stand-ups the most comfortable if I slightly squatted prior to the saddle locking in
  4. I've been on quite a few coasters in my time. Before I was really able to say I'd ridden a lot of roller coasters I could have bet you my entire life that I was going to absolutely love any coaster that was a messy pile of spaghetti (Think Joker's Jinx or Smiler for example), small, compact and lots of twist, turns and inversions. However when I did my first really big roller coaster trip to the USA in 2006 (15+ parks and over 100 different roller coasters) the coasters I loved the most were the hypers. Fast, airtime and lots fun. The spaghetti coasters were great too but I was surprise
  5. I saw a POV of this on YouTube the other day and so such a small coaster it certainly looked like it packed a good punch.
  6. So excuse my ignorance but the metal frame that the red supports are attached to, will this be covered up by something or will it remain open like it currently is once the ride is finished?
  7. Not a lot really. It's filled with spelling mistakes which, as soon as I see in a document such as this, makes me less inclined to agree with whatever point they are trying to make is.
  8. Having ridden Turbo Track you're bang on the money. It had no real wow factor when I rode it. The launch wasn't very forceful and the bunny hop didn't really give much airtime at all.
  9. Yes this is fairly common, June is a popular time to end a contract as it is the end of the Australian Financial Year.
  10. I have i've been on RailBlazer at CGA. It's a great ride, very intense and packs a massive punch for such a small footprint. I'm looking forward to Big Dipper in the hope it will be just as intense.
  11. I waited a little over 2.5 hours for Top Thrill Dragster at Cedar Point the year it opened. That being said Cedar Point did line management really well with DJs, random entertainers and food/drink machines throughout the queue so the wait, whilst long, didn't actually feel long.
  12. A few years ago I visited California's Great America and rode Flight Deck (Which has to be the shortest B&M Invert out there) which has a low swooping helix out over water and it was pretty cool as there was a corkscrew then small dive into the helix over water. POV below.
  13. I think that based on you're photoshop it would fit in really nicely in the old Log Ride area, but I also agree that the Log Ride should be replaced with another water based ride
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