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  1. TBH I think now is probably the best time, if Sea World intends to keep the monorail, for them to upgrade it. Get some new trains that could increase capacity, are more efficient to run or even go the whole hog and try for a fully automated monorail without drivers.
  2. This may be an unpopular opinion, but if crowd numbers are such an issue why not require bookings to visit the parks in peak periods like school holidays? You can cap the number of people who can attend on a particular day, including an allowance for local passholders. I believe that Disney tried this recently due to capping numbers because of COVID (Happy to be corrected). In some ways I do find it interesting that we don't book to visit a theme park, we can make a booking for just about any other paid entertainment activity (movies, concerts, ten pin bowling etc. etc.). Sure there are certainly opportunities to just walk in and partake, but you do run the risk of being turned away at the door.
  3. Looks like Blue Fire (Or even ST with a photoshop paint job)
  4. Most definitely. I always end up talking to lots of different people, especially if your standing in line next to people for periods of time. In the USA I've found that the people are very very friendly and most will talk to you if you approach them.
  5. I solo travel to parks all the time, happy to answer any questions. It's getting easier and easier. I recommend getting pants/shorts with packets that zip up, that way you can usually carry what you need with you on rides including coasters without too many issues. Now that you can put your credit/debit cards into your phone for contactless payments I can now usually visit a park with just my phone (Any hotel keycard in the case).
  6. Possibly, but looking at the layout of the suspended coaster there's a station fly over so that may make it difficult/unaffordable to retro fit the old station
  7. Whilst i'm not overly thrilled with the choices at the same time they do make sense to me. Sure I would have liked to see another big coaster like a B&M replace AA this is probably a much better use of the space. I agree while B&Ms can be great there are so many other options out there that provide ride experiences that are similar or better than B&M and cost a fraction of the price. Movie World is going to get more bang for the buck with this decision.
  8. I tired again this morning, 3 different browsers and still the map won't load for me. Not really a good look.
  9. I've ridden 2 stand-up coasters, both B&Ms and I enjoyed both. Riddler's at SFMM was amazing and I absolutely loved it. It was one of my "Most Want to Ride" coasters when I made my first big trip to the USA. The other was Mantis at CP before they converted it to Rougarou. Having ridden it as both a stand-up and a floorless I can easily say that it was far far superior as a stand-up. When I rode it as a floorless it was horrible and I only rode it once the whole 4 days I spent at CP. I found stand-ups the most comfortable if I slightly squatted prior to the saddle locking in place, definitely helped protect sensitive areas from being slammed into the saddle seat
  10. I've been on quite a few coasters in my time. Before I was really able to say I'd ridden a lot of roller coasters I could have bet you my entire life that I was going to absolutely love any coaster that was a messy pile of spaghetti (Think Joker's Jinx or Smiler for example), small, compact and lots of twist, turns and inversions. However when I did my first really big roller coaster trip to the USA in 2006 (15+ parks and over 100 different roller coasters) the coasters I loved the most were the hypers. Fast, airtime and lots fun. The spaghetti coasters were great too but I was surprised that the hypers were my favourites. Millennium Force was the first coaster I rode at Cedar Point on all 3 visits. I love that coaster. In the dark, front seat and back seat was also amazing. Even now many many years and roller coasters later it still rates in my top 5, and was number 1 for quite some time. Everyone has their own personal opinions on coasters and that's fine. As mentioned above some coasters do receive universal hate/love from the community. I feel that some of that hate/love is just people wanting to be "part of the cool kids". When I came back from Canada's Wonderland people were shocked on here when I said I wasn't a big fan of some of their big name coasters, it's not that I thought they were bad, they just weren't my favourite coasters i'd been on (For example Leviathan was super disappointing, this should have blown me away noting my comments above but for a B&M Hyper that thing was rough as guts, maybe I just got it on a bad day, also the fact that CW has 2 B&M Hypers rather than diversifying a bit more).
  11. I saw a POV of this on YouTube the other day and so such a small coaster it certainly looked like it packed a good punch.
  12. So excuse my ignorance but the metal frame that the red supports are attached to, will this be covered up by something or will it remain open like it currently is once the ride is finished?
  13. Not a lot really. It's filled with spelling mistakes which, as soon as I see in a document such as this, makes me less inclined to agree with whatever point they are trying to make is.
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