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  1. DJKostya

    Theme Park Survey

    Rarely, but it does happen occasionally.
  2. DJKostya

    Sea World lighthouse - Star Flyer replacement

    I've ridden TrailBlazer at CGA and I actually think a Raptor would be an awesome fit for SeaWorld. TrailBlazer was compact but super fast and intense. Load and unload was very very quick and could easily be done by a single staff member, plus ride operator.
  3. DJKostya

    Disneyland Paris - Tip and Tricks?

    If you have time whilst in Paris you should also check out Parc Asterix. Has some great coasters (And also the infamous Goudurix) and is awesome if you were a fan of the books.
  4. Further to my trip report here is one from Theme Park Overlord which pretty much confirms what I said about Harley Quinn, potential but rough and uncomfortable
  5. DJKostya

    Scooby Doo Spooky Coaster refurb

    I actually don't mind the video but space it out, maybe actually play the movie in between.
  6. DJKostya

    West Coast of USA

    Having just come back from SFDK, I would give it a miss and do CGA instead.
  7. So I have just returned from a trip to San Francisco. Luckily I was able to drop into Six Flags Discovery Kingdom & California's Great America. Six Flags Discovery Kingdom (If you're in San Francisco it's easy to get to on the ferry then either bus or uber) To be honest the only reason I visited this park was to ride an RMC conversion. At the end of the day that was about the only thing worth it at this park. I grabbed a Flash pass (Same system as Dreamworld Q4U) as it was a long weekend which helped me to get onto everything and a few repeats. As a solo visitor though carrying around that bulky device was a massive pain in the butt. The most disappointing thing about this park was the downtime. There was 2 rides down for the entire day (Maintenance so that's fair) but over the entire 6~7 hours I was there not ONCE was every ride up and running. Every ride went down at some point, the 2 maintenance guys were running around from ride to ride. Vertical Velocity didn't open until after 5pm, not great considering the park closed at 8pm. Harley Quinn's Crazy Coaster 3/10 OK so this is new this season, and it has not aged well at all. This was very very rough and not very enjoyable in my opinion because of the roughness. If it wasn't sorough it would have been OK Cobra 6/10 No pics of this one, but it was a family coaster. Not a bad ride, quite fast and lots of heavily banked turns. Big plus? You did 2 circuits of the track Joker 8/10 This was my first RMC and whilst not the biggest RMC conversion out there this was an awesome ride, I can't wait to ride one of the bigger ones. Fast and super smooth (By coaster standards!). The inversion where you actually stay upside down and travel for a distance before coming back right way up was awesome. The restrains (lapbars) were also great but word of advice dudes, there is a part the goes between the legs that may hit you in not so great places. Kong 4/10 Standard SLC, rough as guts, need I say more? Medusa 6/10 Medusa turns 18 this year, and it feels like it. This would have to be hands down the roughest B&M I have ever ridden, it's even starting to lose the trademark B&M roar. Aside from that it was a pretty decent offering. The interesting thing I found with Medusa though was the paint fading. IMO it actually looked really good! Superman Ultimate Flight 7/10 BuzzSaw, but longer and with an extra loop. I actually really enjoyed this one! Dreamworld should have built this. California's Great America After SFDK this was a really good park. Well laid out, well presented and super helpful staff, standard Cedar Fair. Again I I visited on $1 day. Hot Dogs, Pizza, Popcorn etc. was all $1, I ate way too many hot dogs. CGA is kind of difficult to get to from San Francisco at the moment but a BART station has been built and should open soon (I had to get the train). Again I grabbed a fast pass and it was worth every cent. RailBlazer 10/10 Brand spanking new RailBlazer. MF has finally been knocked off my number 1 position. This is the future of coasters in my opinion. Compact but once you get off the lift chain this thing does not stop. Fast, intense and the smoothest coaster I have been on in a long time. Massive airtime! This park is worth visiting just for this. Being new the queue was over 2 hours but the staff nailed the reloading and dispatch. One train would go out and the other would come in. Flawless. If you do get there definitely wait for the front seat. It is definitely worth it! Demon 6/10 Made me miss the old SeaWorld Corkscrew. Surprisingly smooth for a coaster of its age. Flight Deck 7/10 This has got to be the shortest B&M ever. That being said it was still a fun ride. The final helix over the water was awesome. Patriot 6/10 I kind of wish that this was still a stand up instead of a floorless. The layout is definitely designed to be a stand up. Still not a bad little ride. Grizzly 8/10 This was a great woodie. Fast with lots of twists and turns. Bumpy but not uncomfortably so. Goldrusher 3/10 This is ripe for an RMC conversion or needs something done to it. Hands down this was one of the roughest woodies I have ever been on. I rode Mean Streak days before they closed it to convert it and this is just as rough. Lots of people complaining as they got off. That aside the layout, speed and overbanked turns were awesome. Well that sums up all the big coasters! Now sleep.
  8. DJKostya

    Upcoming Jamberoo Addition - Speculation

    It's probably nothing or something i have overlooked but just looking at the Jamberoo Wikipedia page and this caught my eye Since when does Jamberoo have a roller coaster? Or am I missing something? The page was last edited on 9 June 2018 and i don't recall ever having seen a roller coaster listed on the page.
  9. DJKostya

    Upcoming Jamberoo Addition - Speculation

    Artwork makes it look a bit like a giant squid or the Kracken. So perhaps Thunder Downunder?
  10. DJKostya

    Luna Park Sydney's expansion

    This appeared this morning, doesn't sound good for LPS
  11. DJKostya

    Thunder River Rapids Incident Coronial Inquest

    An article that is actually quite positive about Dreamworld Dreamworld left reeling as inquest lays bare shocking shortcomings Jeremy Pierce, The Courier-Mail July 3, 2018 12:00am IT’S as ironic as it is tragic. There has probably never been a better time to go to Dreamworld. Almost two years after the theme park tragedy which claimed four lives, Dreamworld has been left reeling again as an inquest laid bare the shocking shortcomings that contributed to the disaster. Around the Gold Coast, people have murmured that as horrific as the October 2016 tragedy was, in some ways the inquest has been worse. This was not simply some one-in-a-million freak accident. Some of the evidence presented at the inquest in terms of training and safety procedures almost defied belief. But if any good can come from the deaths of Kate Goodchild, Luke Dorsett, Roozi Araghi and Cindy Low, it is as the catalyst to ensure nothing like that terrible day ever happens again. Which is why Dreamworld today is safer than it has ever been. Safety audits carried out after the Thunder River Rapids disaster revealed major compliance issues — issues that have since been rectified and then some. Dreamworld now is in far better hands than it was two years ago. Crowds have been slow to return and Gary Weiss, the chairman of Dreamworld’s parent company Ardent Leisure, concedes it is now a battle to regain trust. Since the inquest adjourned on Friday afternoon, action has been swift. CEO Craig Davidson, a popular and brave leader in the aftermath of the tragedy, has fallen on his sword. More executive-level changes are in the works and already a new risk management expert has been appointed. Ironically, the holiday-makers prepared to visit Dreamworld now are making the most of it. Dreaded ride queues are virtually non-existent, which means more bang for your buck. It’s now often possible to tick off all of Dreamworld’s ‘Big 9’ thrill rides in a couple of hours, leaving more time to wander the park’s new attractions, like the revamped Tiger Island, Australia’s first LEGO store and a new Trolls Village, a world-first based on the characters from the Dreamworks movie franchise. For the opening weekend of the school holidays, Sunday was quiet, but crowds on the Friday and Saturday immediately beforehand were huge. That coincided with a chance for season ticket holders to renew their annual passes at a discount. Just a few weeks earlier, another promotional deal packed the place, to the point the car park — often mostly empty in the months after the tragedy, was overflowing, with hundreds of cars parked along nearby service roads. Clearly, those people are prepared to give Dreamworld another chance. So are many on the Gold Coast, where Dreamworld is one of the region’s biggest employers. Most of us know people who work there and it has been the scene of some of our best memories. Most hope that despite the tragedy of October, 2016, and the shock of last week’s inquest, Dreamworld still has a future. A future that we can all be a part of.
  12. DJKostya

    Restraint movement during a ride

    Keep in mind that after a roller coaster your breathing has changed. You're excited, you might have been screaming or holding your breath or any number of things but most importantly it means you will be breathing differently, most likely by taking in more air which is causing your chest and diaphragm to expand further than normal. When you started the ride you were probably breathing normally so the restraints are quite comfortable but by the end when you are breathing heavier they are feeling much tighter. As you calm your breathing you'll notice the restraints get a bit looser again. I can't remember which park it was but when I was in the US they undid my restraint at the start because it was too tight and i'm very glad that they did because i remember by the end of the ride it was tight again.
  13. DJKostya

    Glubbo's 2005 DW & MW Photos.

    I should dig out my photos from my trip in 1992........
  14. <- Qualified Project Manager with experience on large scale projects, just sayin