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  1. This is an interesting article that appeared on the Adelaide version of the ABC News website series Curious Adelaide (Or Curious whatever city you are in). It's about the construction and then closure of the Dazzleland "theme park" in the Myer centre. Quite an interesting read. (No paywall to read)
  2. Seat size on Hypercoaster

    I'm not exactly fit but I'm not obese either and I struggled to get the restraints to be in the correct position on DD. The attendants both had to push to get it down far enough. When I got off they both commented that the restraints are very restrictive on DD especially when they saw that I wasn't massively overweight. With Rivals there's plenty of give in the lap bar I found. I watched a mate ride who is quite large and he used a great technique of pushing down on the lap bar with the top section of his arms and curling over as you push the lap bar down. He had no issues.
  3. I visited Futuroscope way back in 2001 on a school trip to France. Whilst not your typical theme park it was actually a pretty good park showing all the different types of movie style rides (Motion simulators, 4D etc.). All of the attractions were of a very high quality. The addition of a roller coaster knowing their attention to detail would be awesome!
  4. Scooby Doo Spooky Coaster refurb in Nov/Dec 2017

    I remember on my first visit to Cedar Point in 2006 they offered line entertainment. People walked through the queues talking to people, playing games with them and offering prizes. They also had DJs playing music requests for people. Made the long 2+ hour waits much more bearable! Perhaps with the maintenance currently being done on Scooby Movieworld will look at the queue that they have and redesign it so that people can't graffiti it.
  5. Scooby Doo Spooky Coaster refurb in Nov/Dec 2017

    We were actually discussing this whilst waiting the other day. The video they show is too short. We saw the same video 6 times before we left the room. It would be better if they actually played the movie or even episodes of the cartoon.
  6. When I was there the other day (2/10/17) they were only operating 1 train. Queues were very long for everything except Fast Pass. When we went to buy one from Charles he informed us that Fast Pass is not sold when they are only operating 1 train. It makes sense but at the same time was quite frustrating.
  7. My guess would be lightning rods as @jcgoldcoast said but I wouldn't be surprise if one of them wasn't a height warning beacon for aircraft (similar to the tops of buildings) noting the height.
  8. I hope so! I have to go to the GC for the long weekend at the end of September/first week of October so fingers crossed!!
  9. So this has appeared. Looks like corrosion may be the reason for the failure:
  10. Government meeting with theme park company

    Unfortunately I can't read the article as it is behind a paywall
  11. I rode Le Vampire (Batman clone) at La Ronde backwards. It was great but my only issue that I had was not knowing where I was going I wasn't able to adjust my head to stop the dreaded head banging between the restraints. I've also ridden The Racer at King's Island backwards which was really cool as the train next to us that we "raced" was facing forwards. They had timed it so that our train was slightly ahead of the forwards facing train so we could always see each other.
  12. Whilst Craig did say bringing back the mine ride for some reason in my head that doesn't necessarily mean refurbing the current Eureka Mine ride. The cost to refurb and bring the old mine ride up to scratch would most likely be quite high so perhaps they are going to do a knockdown rebuild of the ride.
  13. Before I actually rode one I would have agreed with you but after having been on quite a few now I can say they are anything but boring or repetitive. They have loads of airtime and speed. Overall I would actually rank them quite high on my list of favourite coasters, typically above other coasters with loads of inversions or "one trick ponies" Back on topic I think that Dreamworld will need to do something but agree that at the moment they need to focus on removing the TRRR. While it would be nice to see something big take over the place my personal opinion would be for Dreamworld to reopen the area with a few smaller family/thrill attractions (Think a couple of Funtime rides) and refurb Eureka. Then once that has opened begin teasing towards a new larger attraction, what I don't really know but even if it is just a decent woodie that would be awesome. So an indicative timeline for the Goldrush Area could be: 12 Months: Removal of TRRR 18 Months: Reopen area with a few smaller attractions/refurb of Eureka 24-36 Months: Build a new big attraction
  14. I'm still pinning my hopes on this:
  15. Trip advice - Gold Coast in October

    I have to visit the Gold Coast at the end of September, such good timing. It won't be school holidays and with a bit of luck the new hyper should be open