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  1. Glubbo's 2005 DW & MW Photos.

    I should dig out my photos from my trip in 1992........
  2. <- Qualified Project Manager with experience on large scale projects, just sayin
  3. Wicker Man - New Alton Towers Coaster

    That looks amazing!
  4. Ferrari World Trip Report

    According to tweets from Ferrari World, Mission Ferrari is scheduled to open in May this year.
  5. Ferrari World Trip Report

    Do you mean Speed of Magic? Yea it was, that was a weird one but still pretty good although the 3D glasses were a bit useless as it was very blurry IMO. The kids dark shooting ride is still there and TBH it is probably one of the better ones I have been on. It wasn't just point and shoot you had to do other things such as click and drag, cutting motions etc. which made it more interesting, although more difficult for smaller children (There was a maybe 7-8yo in front of me who struggled a bit). No update on when Mission Ferrari is openeing other than "Summer 2018" so likely somewhere around June/July/August would be my guess, inside it does look like it is pretty close to completion. Overall looking at the Parkz listing for rides there appears to be quite a few ride changes since it opened. The V12 log flume ride has closed, as has the drop tower that was previously in the middle.
  6. So I just got back from a visit to Abu Dhabi. Unfortunately I only had time to visit Ferrari World. Here's a quick trip report. The park itself is quite small but well thought out. The theming is very impressive throughout. Some of the things that the park did well: - Lockers/Storage of loose items was FREE for every ride. If you got a locker you got a wristband to wear whilst riding - Whilst on Formula Rossa you were provided with glasses to wear due to the speed, this was a great idea! - For those who wear glasses you were provided with "goggles" to wear on all rides so you didn't have to take your glasses off, which is another great idea! - To cater for those who wear traditional headdress they also provided special hoods to wear over your headdress, which I thought was a great way to accommodate the local cultural dress. - Food was acutally quite cheap. A slice and drink cost about $14AUD and the pizza was surprisingly good. OK some negative things: - I understand that Ferrari is a premium brand but merchandise prices here were ridiculous. I bought a fridge maget as I was given a 20AED voucher but it still cost me over $10AUD. T-shirts started at about $80AUD, the most expensive item I found was a leather jacket for about $1900AUD! - The opportunity to drive a Ferrari is available and costs about $300AUD, which is reasonable IMO, but it is on the streets around Yas Island, so you are limited to about 60km/h. There's the F1 racetrack nearby which would be so much better if they could use that so you could actually drive a Ferrari how you should drive a Ferrari, FAST! - Unfortuantely I don't think that this is a full day park yet, unless it was busy. It only took me about 2.5 hours to ride EVERYTHING once. Yes it was somewhat quiet the day I went (The only ride with a queue was Formula Rosa at 40 minutes, yay for free fast passes!). That being said they are constructing more rides at present (Including Mission Ferrari, their new coaster which looks amazing (I got a sneak peak inside the show building where they are building the dark portion of the ride, no photos unfortunately as they were moving a crane through the door and opened and closed it pretty quickly)) So the 4 roller coasters: Formula Rossa Is fast of course but was so much better than being a one trick pony. The long low helixes were great and the hills provided some ok airtime. I'd much prefer to ride this than the one trick ponies like Kingda Ka and TTD Flying Aces This was quite good. Lots of speed and airtime over the hills although it was already getting a bit rough and bumpy unfortunately. Themeing for the ride queue was amazing except for a small section of the Silver/Gold queue which is just a staircase. Turbo Track This was really dissapointing. Slow and a bit meh IMO. You can either go forwards or backwards, but not both. Doesn't feel particularly fast or thrilling either. What worried me most however was watching the spire from the queue, that thing wobbles a LOT in the breeze. I think they would have been better using the space in the middle for a really tall drop tower. Fiorano GT Challenge So much opportunity that has gone to waste. They duelling coasters have no real "near miss" opportunities which was dissapointing and there is a lack of banking on some turns, which make the ride quite bumpy. I went on everything on offer and found that most of the attractions were well themed and thoughtout. The Viaggio in Italia was great so hopefully Dreamworlds new ride is of a similar quality. Overall the park was great to visit. It was expensive but worth the day out. (I've submitted some pages to be added and removed from the Ferrari World page here on Parkz as some rides are missing and or closed)
  7. Funfields new attractions 2017/18

    Interesting article posted today about the physics of water slides. In particular they discuss the new Gravity Wave under construction:
  8. Great Escape closure

    Yes they came to Big Splash in Canberra. They sat out the back for a long time before they were installed. I used to park in the pool carpark when I worked in the area and slowly watched them being built. After they were built they didn't open them for the first season but have now since opened. The best thing about Big Splash is that their prices have remained fairly static for as long as I can remember, though I still think that it is a bit pricey. I won't post the video but there is footage on youtube of people roller skating through the slides during the closed winter season if people are interested, it was done by a group of local "Jackass" wannabes. Here is their website:
  9. I would recommend whilst in Florida to make the trip to Tampa (Less than 2 hours from Orlando from memory) to Busch Gardens, well worth the visit. Whilst they are older Kumba and Montu were amazing coasters and so is Cheetah Chase. Definitely check out Universal and IOA. We rushed but were able to do both in a day even in the middle of the American summer peak season. WDW is well worth the visit. I highly recommend the Animal Kingdom, Expedition Everest, whilst not the most thrilling, was an awesome experience (It also still holds the record for the most expensive attraction ever built I believe at US$100m!). I unfortunately missed Epcot as we only had ONE day to do WDW however due to park opening and closing times we were able to get Animal Kingdom, Disney Studios and the Magic Kingdom all in in one day, was very rushed but we did it.
  10. Hopefully they will also put aside some money for a good proof reader or editor.
  11. This is an interesting article that appeared on the Adelaide version of the ABC News website series Curious Adelaide (Or Curious whatever city you are in). It's about the construction and then closure of the Dazzleland "theme park" in the Myer centre. Quite an interesting read. (No paywall to read)
  12. Seat size on Hypercoaster

    I'm not exactly fit but I'm not obese either and I struggled to get the restraints to be in the correct position on DD. The attendants both had to push to get it down far enough. When I got off they both commented that the restraints are very restrictive on DD especially when they saw that I wasn't massively overweight. With Rivals there's plenty of give in the lap bar I found. I watched a mate ride who is quite large and he used a great technique of pushing down on the lap bar with the top section of his arms and curling over as you push the lap bar down. He had no issues.
  13. I visited Futuroscope way back in 2001 on a school trip to France. Whilst not your typical theme park it was actually a pretty good park showing all the different types of movie style rides (Motion simulators, 4D etc.). All of the attractions were of a very high quality. The addition of a roller coaster knowing their attention to detail would be awesome!
  14. Scooby Doo Spooky Coaster refurb in Nov/Dec 2017

    I remember on my first visit to Cedar Point in 2006 they offered line entertainment. People walked through the queues talking to people, playing games with them and offering prizes. They also had DJs playing music requests for people. Made the long 2+ hour waits much more bearable! Perhaps with the maintenance currently being done on Scooby Movieworld will look at the queue that they have and redesign it so that people can't graffiti it.