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  1. DJKostya

    European theme parks to visit

    Parc Asterix in Paris is awesome. You can even ride the infamous Goudrix! For something different you could try Futuroscope also in France.
  2. So this has just been announced for Six Flags in Saudi Arabia. I am tending to agree with the comments that i'll believe it when I see it especially looking at the video. From the article: The Falcon’s Flight could hit dizzying speeds of up to 250km/h. The ride is just one of the record-breaking attractions that will feature at the new Six Flags Qiddiya in Saudi Arabia. A video mock-up shows a four-carriage ride, each carrying four passengers, that’s designed to look like a robotic falcon. The ride features several gravity-defying loops as well as winding tracks through the canyons. Launch-powered drops will hit speeds up to 250km/h according to the footage.
  3. DJKostya

    New Roller-Coaster for Dreamworld

    Sorry you're right my bad
  4. DJKostya

    New Roller-Coaster for Dreamworld

    Whilst this is a great announcement and well overdue i'm surprised that they went with another launched roller coaster, considering that ToTII, MCMC and Buzzsaw are all launched roller coasters
  5. This is an interesting story coming out of Germany where a new ride has been closed, and will be redesigned, due to the appearance of the ride being compared to a swastika.
  6. DJKostya

    How's This For A Wipeout Replacemet?

    When I worked in a theme park overseas operating a roller coaster I can confirm that it happens more frequently than you probably think. During peak periods it can happen daily, but once every few days was pretty standard.
  7. DJKostya

    Planning for a solo visit to WBMW

    True that, but the lockers there are free now as MickeyD pointed out. I do remember once they asked me to remove a used tissue I had in my pocket, I asked if they had a bin I could put it in but was told I would have to exit and get rid of it myself (Which I understand), luckily they let me jump the queue when I came back. I guess my advice was more general advice for visiting a park on your own. I will admit there has been a few times (Pre-Superman's free lockers for example) where I have popped everything into my shoe or sock, which is why I carry minimal items.
  8. DJKostya

    Planning for a solo visit to WBMW

    Hiya, Welcome. I frequently travel solo to theme parks, mainly because I tend to travel solo quite a bit for various reasons. Here are my tops tips for visiting a theme park solo: 1. Shorts/Pants with a zip up pocket are a lifesaver, especially for rides where you can take all your items with you. Bonus is to take a sandwich sized ziplock bag to pop your phone/wallet etc. into for wet rides where you can carry items, but also for quick dumping into storage bins provided at rides. 2. Pockets should have the minimum possible in them. I usually get by with either $20 (Enough usually for lunch) or my Debit card and my car key. Everything else can be left in the car (If I drove). Depending on the park and the facilities offered I may also take my mobile phone to occupy me in lines while I wait otherwise I leave it in the car. 3. Alternatively if I have to carry more that the minimum (Usually the case if you don't drive) I grab an all day locker that can be opened and closed as much as I want throughout the day. Sure it's annoying to have to go back and forth but it makes it easier to dump stuff then go on a ride and grab stuff when you need it. 4. Single rider lines are your friend, usually. Australian parks don't generally do these as well as overseas. What I have done in the past is talked to people heading into rides in odd numbers and asked if I can tag along to make the group even (Like being the 4th person in a B&M row or the 6th person in a raft ride for example). It works more often than not and you may get a better seat than waiting for a single ride spot. 5. Alternatively team up with someone else in the single rider line to form a duo. I've met some really cool people this way, usually they are enthusiasts whose friends aren't as keen on theme parks. Hope those tips help!
  9. DJKostya

    Wipeout Removal

    I'm sorry to sidetrack but is that RONALD MCDONALD riding Wipeout?!?!?
  10. True but there will be some risk for a potentially big payoff.
  11. Oh I definitely agree that a Raptor has nowhere near the visual impact of a Hybrid but (playing devil's advocate) what it may end up coming down to in the end is value for money. How much CAPEX can they actually spend? If they can get a few CAPEX projects for the same cost as an Hybrid, including a Raptor say, then it may be better to go for the additional attractions rather than 1 big attraction. That being said there's also nothing to stop Dreamworld from approaching RMC about a T-Rex model either. Not only would that one up Rivals visually but being what is likely to be the first T-Rex model would also generate interest in the park.
  12. I have ridden Railblazer at CGA (I did a trip report on it a few months back). I have included my thoughts on it below. A Raptor from RMC would be an excellent addition to any of our parks. They are compact (Think GL size footprint), pack a punch with speed, airtime and thrills and, if run properly, soak up decent crowds but also get them through quite quickly. RailBlazer 10/10 Brand spanking new RailBlazer. MF has finally been knocked off my number 1 position. This is the future of coasters in my opinion. Compact but once you get off the lift chain this thing does not stop. Fast, intense and the smoothest coaster I have been on in a long time. Massive airtime! This park is worth visiting just for this. Being new the queue was over 2 hours but the staff nailed the reloading and dispatch. One train would go out and the other would come in. Flawless. If you do get there definitely wait for the front seat. It is definitely worth it!
  13. DJKostya

    How to fix Dreamworld

    That's why I said, Pie in the sky
  14. DJKostya

    How to fix Dreamworld

    So pie in the sky, but here's what I would do. Keep in mind this is at LEAST a 5+ year plan. Shut the place down for 6 months (Winter months) and do a complete clean up. Paint attractions, tidy up/install more gardens, full safety audits, remove covers from RHLR etc. Throughout this process making sure that staff are well trained, the park is well kept and the park is well maintained. Moving forward here are the projects I would look at putting in place: 1. Bring back the paddle steamer, including cleaning up the river. 2. Review and extend the railway including more stops (i.e. potentially bringing the line down past Buzzsaw, perhaps in the old Wipeout space, WWW entrance, Tiger Island, Wiggles World etc.) and bringing back the steam engines. 3. Upgrade ToT, they should have done it when they had the chance. 4. Complete retheme of Gold Rush, Buzzsaw has a decent back story so somehow incorporate that into the new theme. New area including 2 new flat rides, perhaps a suspended Top Spin to replace Wipeout, but with heavy themeing and perhaps something a bit more family friendly like a good haunted house style attraction similar to Disney. The as the centrepiece of the new area a woodie that can run along the back of RHLR. 5. Remove MDMC and build either a Hyper that utilises the island in the middle of the river (Think EuroDisney BTRR by going under the water). Alternatively using the same space a B&M Dive Coaster. 6. Remove HWSW and replace with something new from RMC or even S&S (Steel Curtain at Kenneywood looks like it is going to be awesome!) 7. Next up is the old Thunderbolt site. New world for Dreamworld. Centrepiece is perhaps an RMC Raptor. It's close to WWW so lets try and fit some sort of boat splashdown dark ride in the area (Think Jurassic Park at Universal), who doesn't love getting wet on a hot day! Only because it was also mentioned recently on Parkz why not also look at a Freefall Drop Tower. So looking at themeing for the area i'm going with the Lost Mine (Freefall could be themed as an oil tower, boatsplash as the mine is flooded, Raptor is runaway mine etc.). That's at least some sort of plan. Sure it would cost quite a lot to implement but as the saying goes you have to spend money to make money. Dreamworld sorely needs new attractions to bring people into the park and in general needs a really good tidy up. Yes I also realise I have completely forgotten WWW.
  15. DJKostya

    TPR's CoasterPoll returns

    Ah forget the poll!