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  1. DEAP

    Green Lantern incident at MW

    From these pictures and a screen shot from the 7 new video it appears parts of the wheel boogies have landed in 2 separate locations. The only thing to figure out is if these are both from the one assembly or is it in fact a front and back assembly both broken off. Scary situation and I'm glad that everyone is ok, defiantly could have been worse. (Edit: just saw Fleas post)
  2. DEAP


    My understanding is that any e-stop (including in manufacturing processes) is basically a cut to power systems, if the system/ride is designed so that the brakes apply when the power is cut then that would be the reaction, however if the brakes are operated by applying power then using the e-stop would result in a "gravity" stop and swing for a long time. This is what the manual would be referring to as "know what an e-stop does on your ride". This doesn't really help work out what the claw would do because it depends on design, but from what I've seen on many roller coasters and rides is that when they shut down in an emergency brakes normally apply with out power. An E-Stop is basically when something is mechanically wrong with the ride (ie: someone about to put their hand into the motor or similar) so an e-stop shuts down the electrical and mechanical systems so there is no applied force, however unless the device is "fail safe" momentum and gravity will continue moving some parts. A ride stop however implies that the ride is functioning correctly but there is some reason to stop it quickly and before the end of cycle, as a result a ride stop often will stop quicker that a E-stop.
  3. Hi All, Just spotted this on Interesting to see what this is priced at.
  4. DEAP

    SE Harness Saftey System

    Hey All, I went on this today and had a look. In the clip in the middle on the restraint there appears to be a button that servers no purpose (as in to lock the belt actually in) you can push the thing in quite easily. This seems to have a section below it that encloses the bottom of the clasp and after that section there may (i was only feeling around with my hand so it could have been anything or nothing) be some shielded "wires" in those plastic wrap things. The "wires" then go in the metal tubing that goes into the back so there is a possible path there for them. I'm just guessing but this could be some sort of button/limit switch to detect the presence of the belt in the clasp. Now i don't believe in any way there is wireless sensors or anything like that but the safety system might double check the restraints before launch where it stops, I'm pretty sure there is some contacts there like in the station. jbrissenden when it stopped on you was it at the launch or literally half way round the dark section? If anyone else is heading there in the short time have a look and see if what i say seems possible. I would love to know what everyone else thinks.
  5. Another thought to consider is, and i'm only talking about the motion section, how you hold a camera. Typically it used to be against your eye thus when the ride makes one of it sudden moves you end up with a black eye. Now days people use the LCD screens typically but this still presents a "risk" in the sense that you are "supposed" to hold on at all times, plus you could still accidentally trow the camera and knock someone out LOL. Thats my understanding of why you cant record on the ride itself. Doc i thought you used to work at MW, did you not work on this ride?
  6. DEAP

    Official Kamikaze Thread

    To Joz, I've worked in various places around the gold coast as a life guard, some positions more relevant to this site than others, but any way. Guys i don't mean to steer the topic ... well off topic again but you don't have to be "sloshed" for alcohol and water to be a bad combination. That all i gonna say about that. Coaster teen i drove past this today and the red is nearly blinding form the highway it'll be interesting to see it up close.
  7. DEAP

    Official Kamikaze Thread

    I'm sorry but i disagree water and Alcohol never mix. I've worked as a lifeguard and although 99% of people will be fine with it its the 1% you have to resuscitate that makes you wonder if the profits were worth it. Also when has the argument she did it so i can do it ever stand up.
  8. I had the fortune to sort of go on this ride twice before it was shut down. The first time i was very you about 7 i think and i remember sitting through the cinema show and getting re-assured at the end of it that it would be ok but i could leave if i wanted. I decided to go onto the ride (meanwhile my brother and cousin chickened out) but when i got to the "back passage way" and saw the hanging gremlin i got totally freaked out and ran out lol. After that while we were waiting for the rest of my family to finish the ride the staff member out the front was kind enough to take us all done another side passage way and explained to us that it was fake and full of air from memory. Just another example of Movie worlds excellent customer service. The second time was a couple of years after that and i went on fine. I was glad i did because it closed not long after that, and was indeed a great ride.
  9. There are now containers in that fenced area!
  10. DEAP

    Ride Downtime

    In my experience parks are fairly conscious about when they plan ride maintenance they don't want to disrupt many people as much as possible. If there was a way they could do it with out affecting any one I'm sure they would do it then, but most of the time its not possible (ie: takes a couple of weeks to do). So generally planned maintenance occurs in the quieter time during winter out of school holidays. Having said this some times a ride may need to have its schedule moved forward although this is very rare, but the park operators still consider February peak season so will avoid maintenance in this time at all cost (except safety of course). So with the exception of unforeseen faults you should be fine in February. DEAP
  11. DEAP

    Sea World Eye incident

    I wonder if this is the case weather this was a test (possibly instigated by the manufacturer) to see if this is the cause of the Koren incident and if it was possible to reproduce the incident. Does any one know if there are many of this model of wheel around in the world?
  12. DEAP

    Sea World Eye incident

    I believe you will find that the carriages are attached to the big ring (not operated independently) but the design allows them to swing (so they stay upright for passengers) but because they are so long (and where they are attached) this appears to have caused this to happen. I think the only way for this to have occurred is that the wheel was rotated in one direction and then quickly changed in the other (which would be only possible in manual over-ride) and the subsequent rocking of the gondolas allowed some/two to wedge together as seen in the above pictures.
  13. DEAP


    To me these appear to be a body slide (or has some one mentioned that). But as far as the splash down like twister it is far safer compared to the pool, plus personally i think it is more enjoyable that way compared to a pool.
  14. DEAP

    Winter water temperatures...

    For WnW the water gets heated to 26 degrees (or maybe even a little more) in the pump room but it has to travel back to the ride (underground) and then once it hits the ride depending on the type it can cool quite quickly. Also remember that on most slide you really aren't in too much water, its the wind thats the killer. Rides like tornado where the spray bars put the water through the air then onto the ride (inside a funnel which catches and directs the air through it) is more likely to cool quickly than say black hole which is dark and heats better + enclosed. Just a side note i don't think WWW advertises there temperatures just WnW but i could be wrong? Hope this helps. DEAP
  15. DEAP

    Wet'n'Wild: New 2007 Attraction

    This is actually SEQs "Water Highway" part of the governments strategy to connect up the dams. It actually has nothing to do with the park, its only going through there due to the "clear way" the power lines above it provide. But i cant wait for the ride as far as i care the more the better