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  1. TOT

    Odyssey 09 NYE

    Haha at Utopia, how WAS that? I couldn't go to Utopia this year due to age but next year definately .
  2. TOT

    Theme Parks:future

    True, The sub prime mortgage crisis in the US might not affect Australian consumers as such, I'm just worried that because of the terrible exchange rate, the theme parks will be hesitant to add new attractions from overseas as they just aren't as attractive pricewise anymore. Let's hope I'm proved wrong
  3. TOT

    B&M for Australia?

    To be honest it sounds as if he's got no idea what he's talking about. 100% speculation. Australia is the new mysterious faraway, whispered about land
  4. TOT


    So it'd be more feasible to do the DW/WWW in a day? You can only get the two day world fun pass can't you?
  5. Given the current economic downturn, in your opinion do you think the GC theme parks will cut their spending and we will, as a result get a much more ordinary product for our money? Do you think attendance figures will take a large or small dip? It'll be an interesting twelve months, not with theme parks but with the economy in general.
  6. TOT


    Is Movie World actually a half day park? I've heard people say it on the boards bt I was just wondering if mid November it's possible to do both MovieWorld and W'n'W in a day. I have 2 days I can go to theme parks, and I'm planning on doing MovieWorld and DreamWorld. Should I do Dreamworld/WhiteWater world or MovieWorld/W'n'w in a day if at all possible? Thanks,
  7. TOT

    PLEASE Wet 'n' Wild.

    i dont get it, i dont have much knowledge of the slides, whats wrong with the first one?
  8. TOT

    Old Sydney Town

    My uncle worked as a drunk person there and my grandfather worked in administration. Its just being run into the ground. it was a fairly boring place though.
  9. If you're talking about the waterslides that were at Forresters Beach? They had one of those "Kamikaze" 2/3 dip fast body slides and two normal waterslides. Horrendously overpriced and ridden with graffiti. It was actually a couple of kilometres down the road from a shopping centre called Bay Village, which is in Bateau Bay. Lake Haven has a shopping centre but it's a hole so lets not go there. I went there what, like twice? I'd be happy to help out on any other questions you need answered.
  10. I say save their pennies, bulldoze the lot and build a Eurofighter inside a non-flammable mountain. Wayyyyyy more fun. Innovation all the way.
  11. C'mon vekoma tilt! [vekoma's got two in Australia?] Either Intamin or Vekoma I hope.
  12. TOT

    What's next?

    Apparently not, what a poser. Haha just kidding Ev. PS: Yuck, purple neons *choke* Where's the lime?
  13. TOT

    What's next?

    Nothing's radical about a bobsled coaster, I was adressing the last four of your posts hence the 'you're right, let's put all three in there.'
  14. TOT

    What's next?

    Start of sarcasm Nope, as if i'd do that to you Evo End of sarcasm
  15. TOT

    fav ride

    Cross between Demon and tassy. They were both great rides to me anyway.