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  1. Given the current economic downturn, in your opinion do you think the GC theme parks will cut their spending and we will, as a result get a much more ordinary product for our money? Do you think attendance figures will take a large or small dip? It'll be an interesting twelve months, not with theme parks but with the economy in general.
  2. Loop-Slide After a 4-year development period, 2 prototypes on a 1:1 scale and innumerable trial slides by brave employees, we can present the first functioning looping water slide. Wouldn't that be awesome! I've heard the stories of action park but this one seems like its been researched. opinions? A thrill slide for sure
  3. TOT

    Odyssey 09 NYE

    Haha at Utopia, how WAS that? I couldn't go to Utopia this year due to age but next year definately .
  4. TOT

    Theme Parks:future

    True, The sub prime mortgage crisis in the US might not affect Australian consumers as such, I'm just worried that because of the terrible exchange rate, the theme parks will be hesitant to add new attractions from overseas as they just aren't as attractive pricewise anymore. Let's hope I'm proved wrong
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    Is Movie World actually a half day park? I've heard people say it on the boards bt I was just wondering if mid November it's possible to do both MovieWorld and W'n'W in a day. I have 2 days I can go to theme parks, and I'm planning on doing MovieWorld and DreamWorld. Should I do Dreamworld/WhiteWater world or MovieWorld/W'n'w in a day if at all possible? Thanks,
  6. TOT

    B&M for Australia?

    To be honest it sounds as if he's got no idea what he's talking about. 100% speculation. Australia is the new mysterious faraway, whispered about land
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    So it'd be more feasible to do the DW/WWW in a day? You can only get the two day world fun pass can't you?
  8. TOT

    PLEASE Wet 'n' Wild.

    i dont get it, i dont have much knowledge of the slides, whats wrong with the first one?
  9. TOT

    Old Sydney Town

    My uncle worked as a drunk person there and my grandfather worked in administration. Its just being run into the ground. it was a fairly boring place though.
  10. If you're talking about the waterslides that were at Forresters Beach? They had one of those "Kamikaze" 2/3 dip fast body slides and two normal waterslides. Horrendously overpriced and ridden with graffiti. It was actually a couple of kilometres down the road from a shopping centre called Bay Village, which is in Bateau Bay. Lake Haven has a shopping centre but it's a hole so lets not go there. I went there what, like twice? I'd be happy to help out on any other questions you need answered.
  11. I say save their pennies, bulldoze the lot and build a Eurofighter inside a non-flammable mountain. Wayyyyyy more fun. Innovation all the way.
  12. C'mon vekoma tilt! [vekoma's got two in Australia?] Either Intamin or Vekoma I hope.
  13. TOT

    What's next?

    Apparently not, what a poser. Haha just kidding Ev. PS: Yuck, purple neons *choke* Where's the lime?
  14. TOT

    What's next?

    Nothing's radical about a bobsled coaster, I was adressing the last four of your posts hence the 'you're right, let's put all three in there.'
  15. TOT

    What's next?

    Start of sarcasm Nope, as if i'd do that to you Evo End of sarcasm
  16. TOT

    fav ride

    Cross between Demon and tassy. They were both great rides to me anyway.
  17. TOT

    The Great Australian Coaster Vote

    Runaway reptar, I love its layout and the fact that it doesn't hurt
  18. TOT

    What's next?

    ^ You're right, maybe we should put all three ride types in there, and while we're at it, lets put a spinning 800ft gigacoaster in there too! Movie World can afford it!
  19. TOT

    PLEASE Wet 'n' Wild.

    jumpslide as a picture
  20. TOT

    PLEASE Wet 'n' Wild.

    That looks pretty hectic, where'd you find it? I couldn't find it on the site. Google images? It looks pretty good though it'd look great in a park I think, and by the looks of it it'd have great capacity, it isn't all that long.
  21. TOT

    Metropolis at LPM stops during ride.

    You guys are so cruel, haha. Mid loop my ar$e. Thankyou for your information Jake-train.
  22. TOT

    Jamberoo TR

    This is my first trip report so don't expect anything elaborate. My friend michael and I went to jamberoo for the day yesterday, and it was a fairly enjoyable experience. We left palm beach at 7:30 to get to the park around opening time. Traffic was pretty bad so we got there around 10:40. We walked through the gates to see rolling hills of "meh"-ish waterslides/do it yourself rides. The le mans raceway: You ride around a concrete circuit in unbelievably slow "Audi's" The most boring ride in the park. Highlight was when a little kid cut my friend off and he ran up the back of the little kid who started yelling something chronic. The toboggans: Pretty slow, but they were a good time waster. The queue line STANK though. Chairlift ride up was enjoyable though, it didn't break down untill we got off wait about 10 minutes at the bottom, 5 at the top. wave pool: It was great! much better than wet 'n' wilds. it had a sort of boomerang shape to it, and the "waves" were bigger. The two regular (body?) slides. Basic old unreplaced wet 'n' wild whitewater mountain slides, with a few tunnels. enjoyable enough, wait was about 5 minutes The lazy river. Better theming than wnw, with a grotto and various water "obstacles" - five things that spray a trail of water into the air, jets that push bubbles up to make a fountain, lots of waterfalls, two bridges, great scenery. I liked this ride. walk on. Aqua racer:Great fun! I loved it. I won 4 out of five times against well and truly grown men.. (i'm surprised they fit into the lanes!) and my friend lost every time. And a sore loser too.walk on. Taipan: Was shut down for an hour and a half... 11:30-1:00 because the ring returner thing broke :s we got two quick goes when it opened though before the crowds came running. GREAT ride, beats mammoth hands down. the darkess and little dips inbetween corners make a stack of difference. The rock: You jump off a rock.... choice of three or five metre jump into a five metre deep pool. 5 minute wait. you couldn't even do flips :s Overcast most of the day, though it didnt rain. Overall a very nice park, moderately themed and a lot of fun. the food wasn't too bad either. If I missed anything it probably wasn't worth commenting on. Feel free to ask questions though. TOT
  23. TOT

    Jamberoo TR

    ^^ Really? as there's no way I could've flipped mine, mine just slowly meandered its way down the mountain. It wasn't really the slightest bit fast. It would have gone about 25km/h max. :s
  24. TOT

    Jamberoo TR

    I'm comparing it to the Toboggan hill park in Port Stephens. You actually slowed down on the downhill straights instead of speeding up. You go almost twice that speed at the track at port stephens, plus the toboggans themselves are much sturdier and ultimately just a tonne better. I wasn't stuck behind anyone either.
  25. TOT

    PLEASE Wet 'n' Wild.

    Klarer website It has a couple of interesting concepts, like the "jump slide" too. It's a European country