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  1. Hi out there, We went to Dracula's Haunted House last week, and I couldn't be more disappointed. I'm a great fan of the Newman family and have been a regular visitor to all their outlets (the best by far was Cafe Crypt). So I had great expectations of the House. But it falls short on all levels. I truly wanted to ask for my money back. They had a guy working the people in the street, although he wasn't doing much (why didn't he duck in and scare us?). The shop and sales girls were truly great as usual, and as the girl escorted us to the intro area and squealed behind us, that was great,
  2. Bugger, I'm going 1st june and i was looking forward to going and checking it out. I did Infinity last time and that was brilliant. Why is there a for lease sign if the building is to be demolished? And why did Infinity's spend $8 million setting up an attraction in a building that was up for demolishment only 2 and half years ago? Wish Dracula's new one was open.
  3. I did the theme parks july 2006, with my teens. Only one of my kids is a thrill seeker, the bigger, faster, more inside out you are the better. The rest of us follow him around and watch. Not to say that there isn't enough to keep us entertained, as there is. But the best thing to happen to me was Infinity. I felt 10 years younger coming out, it was brilliant, which got me thinking. Why don't they cater more for the likes of me? Surely there is a market there? I've been reading up on Disney Quest which sounds right up my alley, any other suggestions of were I should go for fun. Priso
  4. I've seen attractions listed as 360 degree cinema, science education based things such as trip into outta space and a journey through the human body. I figure it is more like space walkers on a humungus scale. planned opening was 2008, but they needed $51 million funding. And that was in print about 2000.
  5. I went there in 83 & 99. My first comment was that not a thing had changed(of course). I love historical parks, as long as the street theatre is good. That's the only thing with old Sydney Town, on the second visit, most of the performers would have been toddlers on my first visit. I hadn't realised it was closed, doesn't surprise me. Soverign Hill is amazing to have kept their attraction current and fun. There's a lesson to be learnt by them.
  6. First time user, and I didn't know what I was doing. Worked it out and got it off. Sorry to all those that downloaded.
  7. Why don't things last in Sydney? I managed to see Fox Backlot & Wonderworld(6-7 years ago). Obviously at the end of their lives as there was more staff at Wonderworld than patrons. We missed Sega Mega World as it had just shut, and I was told by family that it was great. They have the most tourists in Australia and yet these attractions have all closed? Any speculations why?
  8. Hi, this is my first post, so G'day. I'm slightly fanatical over the Infinity group, went there and was blown away. The simplicity, the effects around me and to me, were truly mind blowing(without drugs?) My aim is to check out Space Walker, coz for $8 million, and their know how it must be brilliant. Then I read they had pruchased land near Dreamworld and were opening Imagica Mind World, in 2008. Does anybody know about this or where the project is upto? Can't find anything current on it, I don't know if it's still happening or not? Thanks
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