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  1. Mickazee

    New Sydney Park.

    That logo looks nothing like the lighthorse interchange. NSW metroads use diamond interchanges (lighhorse being some sort of mutant version) whilst the logo is a cloverleaf/diamond design. Not that it matters; point being that it represents the M4/7 crossover.
  2. Mickazee

    Movement @ the station

    Could it be possible that bussy was wrong?!
  3. Mickazee

    Movement @ the station

    Driving eastbound yesterday afternoon I did a double take as I saw the arm of the zodiac in the air! It was so nostalgic looking in the rear view mirror and seeing the spaceprobe and right behind it zodiac.
  4. Mickazee

    Interesting Ebay item...

    Sitting next to me on my desk at work is a WL fairy floss bucket ... we use it to prop the window open when the AC fails :-P
  5. Mickazee

    Wonderland ~ Some Truth....

    The M4 gets a nice pleasant smell from the Eastern Creek area when driving down at night *vomits*
  6. Mickazee

    Everyone's favourite ride?

    Please elaborate with what happened! If it was some soccer mum whose brat toddler was doing nothing more than crying I hope you punched her in the face :mad:
  7. Mickazee

    Documenting the parks history

    You'd be interested to know that I happen to work too... fulltime as well! AND go to uni at nights... But let's not get into a circle jerk with availability on the Internet mmkay (it wasn't a dig at you for not replying promptly, trust me).. You're eager to sass me with "Have you read any of the posts since I first picked up that piece of incorrect information?" yet never checked the facts yourself... But I'm not holding an E-Grudge I'm keen for people to pick up errors/ommisisions on the site.. Wazza has been especially helpful in dates and factual information...
  8. Mickazee

    Documenting the parks history

    Still waiting on Wonderbus to clear up exactly what's wrong with what I've written.
  9. Mickazee

    Documenting the parks history

    That's what I thought too. When it was brought up, I modified the info removing 'with passengers on board'. Now it reads:
  10. Mickazee

    Documenting the parks history

    I have fixed up your name on my testbed machine (linux box running apache/mysql that I develop the site on) but haven't updated the tables on my hosting site... Thanks for reminding me :-P
  11. Mickazee

    Documenting the parks history

    If you would be so kind as to point out what is actually wrong with what is posted on the site go right ahead.
  12. Mickazee

    Documenting the parks history

    From what I've gathered, its been confirmed that The Demon hasn't stopped on the boomerang with passengers on board, but, it's still uncertain as to whether it has stopped on the boomerang during a test run etc. Thoughts?
  13. Shifty..is that you?
  14. Mickazee

    Documenting the parks history

    Not sure why my last thread was deleted, but, the ride database has been added to the WLhistory site.