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  1. In a 'Dream' land you have the power, you own or manage DW. *** THIS IS ONLY HYPOTHETICAL *** What changes would you make? What would you improve? What would you keep? What would be retired or thrown out? What do you think is needed to make DW Number one? Also I know we could say you would build hundreds of 'super' rides, but lets be SEMI Realistic and think of it from a business perspective, you want it to be the best but you don't want to be bankrupt Looking Forward to hearing what people think could be done. I know there is dribs and drabs of this in other topics, but lets have a fresh one that is about DW only and things that you think could realistically be done. i.e not demolish and start over Maybe DW will read this and discover some fresh ideas???? I want the goldrush area to be re done. With a new roller coaster. As much as i loved the mine ride they need to do something!! Get rid of the chair lift stations already! Rides with higher PPH. the cyclone and TOT take to long in peak times. A new Thril Ride, and not another Motorcoaster style THRILL RIDE!
  2. skystar_a320

    12 month Annual World Pass

    I think its a great idea, but not great that I live in Victoria!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I do love DW I must admit, but last time I went in the off Season it took forever to get on any rides, it was like they were on skeleton staff, and had no real sense of urgency. I find MW staff to be a lot more efficient in handling guests IMO...
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    I think its great that everyone put in their thoughts and comments but sometimes its the way/tone in what its said. You can put your point across without being so nasty and disrespectful. All i think is people need to try and 'Play Nice(er)'
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    hmm... I sort of stopped posting on this forum because its a joke all that seems to happen is 'slagging' matches... Good to see in the months ive been away from this board nothing has improved! you are discussing amusement parks not the end of the world..... How hard is it? this place is not fun and is an embarrassment Some of you need to take a step back and think before you post.... Is it any wonder there is hardly any movement on this site anymore? Well, No its no surprise because of the 'vibe' and 'attitude' of some members... People will join, post, be screamed at, then leave.... Pull up your socks guys its a joke
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    Dreamworld to get virtual queuing in two weeks time

    I have to say that last time I was at Dreamworld I left at the end of the day really P****d off! Rides were broken! there was hardly anyone in the park but it took FOREVER to get on 99% of rides! I swear the ride operators for the Cyclone Have a nanna nap between cycles! Its really ridiculous! They rob you of your money at the gate and then don't seem to give a damn. I did see a couple of happy staff but everyone else I came across were rude or just did not seem to want to be there! You see in my personal opinion DW Operators have no Sense of Urgency! I Used to LOVE DW it was like my playground! But now, to be honest I couldn't care if I never go back! unless they make some major changes ' So Dreamworld - You know where you can stick your vibrating q4u's! ' this is one of the best things iv'e heard before................... Look after your staff, Your staff look after the customers, the customers look after the shareholders!
  6. Hi all I am going to the GC in a few weeks time and there is 7 of us going the first group have purchased standard $66 tickets However we have since decided that we would like to get a 2 day world pass I know DW do a second day pass for $10 Does anyone know if they do a return pass that allows DW and WWW entry? Or can I pay the extra $40 at the gate and upgrade to a world pass? Any help would be great!!!!! Thank you all in advance Regards Greg
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    Eureka layout

    Copy of email asking about the mine ride..... (from DW) Good Evening Greg, Thank you so much for taking the time to send in an email asking about the Eureka Mine Ride. Unfortunately Greg the Mine Ride has been officially retired. We have continued to stay competitive in Themepark management with new attractions constantly being added and expanded upon. This includes constantly revamping our existing rides until it is time to say a final goodbye. We love hearing from guests who have long had happy memories with some of our old favourites and we look forward to seeing you again soon so you can develop some new "old" favourites! We'll see you and your family soon Greg
  8. I personally prefer the older style DW, where Kenny & Belinda wernt size 2 clothes! Where the charectors werent dancing to rap music? When the "Goldrush" area was in fine glory! I used to love it! its crap now! I personally dont like the commercial branding, all the surf brands playboy etc.... Dont get me wrong the rides have gotten better over the years but the themeing............ What do u think?
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    Eureka Mountain Mine Ride Maintenance

    Has anyone seen sign of movement or any changes with the Mine ride 'site'? Or is it still an 'eating area' ?
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    If you don't like the show Don't watch it. Why do people in this country have such a strong opinion of the show? I hate days of our lives and the young and the restless. So I DON'T watch them. I don't go posting in there forums about how much the show sucks and how much I hate it.
  11. skystar_a320

    Mad Mouse For Sale

    Ah yeah i see it now, looks very alike. The mad Mouse at rye was a zippy little thing i loved it LOL! Wasn't a fan of the one they had last year, the Taipan it was rough and i didn't enjoy it. Thank you for solving my curiosity
  12. skystar_a320

    Mad Mouse For Sale

    Not sure if anyone knows but would this ride be the one they had at Rye, Carnival in Victoria this summer with Wittingslow? It looks very similar? they had the Mad Mouse this year and the Taipan the year before, The Mad mouse was much more enjoyable and it didn't seem as rough!!
  13. skystar_a320

    Dreamworld Radio?

    I know Woolies/Safeway/Big W use Sattelite radio broadcast from Sydney. They also do 'live' WoW TV, with CEO and High End Managers talking to Store Managers and Section Managers in meetings in the stores and stuff, same thing Sattelite from SYD. I also find it funny in Kmart and now BUNNINGS! that you hear 'Security to section 3, security' spoken in the most polite manner! AKA - Pre Recorded in a Studio!! all a Scare Tactic.. You can tell the 'real' security calls.... ' SEEEECURRIIIITYY Section Threeeeee SEEEECURRRITYYY' (yelled)
  14. skystar_a320

    Metropolis at LPM stops during ride.

    Jake, Nobody wants you to leave this forum. Some people on this board are a little fussy with how things are done. If you hadn't noticed I have stood by you, and stuck up for you. Although what they are saying, some of your posts are a bit hard to understand is true I feel that they are being a bit over the top and seem to like to 'carry on' if things aren't perfect and to their standards. Do you have Microsoft Word? Or if you download Firefox (web browser) it has an inbuilt spell checker! P.S thats what I use!! Take it easy & don't stress!! Greg
  15. skystar_a320

    a better dreamworld then ours

    Looks pretty cool! Mind you had issues loading in Firefox... But opened ok with Internet Explorer
  16. skystar_a320

    Theme park food

    Although I think the Prices of food in our theme parks, Stinks! IMO Movieworld have a much better 'variety' of food, and slightly better Combos Dreamworld I think has the WORST! The Prices are ridiculous too!! Mind you i can't believe at Coles/Woolies a 2LT Coke is now $3.16!! (in Vic anyhow) I also went to a Mobil Servo today and picked up a 600ml coke $THREE DOLLARS NINETY FIVE! 3.95! So I suppose we should just accept the price of food and drink in general is going Up Up Up!! And our wages aren't going up!! well mine isn't/hasn't anyhow!
  17. skystar_a320

    Metropolis at LPM stops during ride.

    Thats why! i have Mozilla Firefox! Much Better than IE!
  18. skystar_a320

    Metropolis at LPM stops during ride.

    Ok I agree in what is being said. My English is not perfect either In my browser all incorrect words are underlined in red. I'm not sure if its because of MS Office or what?!?! This is so helpful as when you get an idea, you cant type it fast enough and I do make errors but before posting I review what I have just typed I agree Jake should take a bit more care and effort with his posts, but people should show a bit more respect. I think we should drop this, and Jake Please from your end please try to watch what you are typing, Do you have MS Word? that has a spell checker maybe type in there 'spell check' and then paste into here. 'Lets all just be friends'
  19. skystar_a320

    Metropolis at LPM stops during ride.

    True but the question is 2 Possibilities A - His English skills are not the best B - He is just being lazy and using slang, which upsets so many people. But people shouldn't just sit there and throw rocks, we don't know this boy and he shouldn't have to feel uneasy or unwelcome on a ROLLER COASTER forum thats here for all to enjoy. All I say is Jake, Maybe try a little harder mate and others please show a tad more respect towards the guy
  20. skystar_a320

    Metropolis at LPM stops during ride.

    Jake, I admire your compassion and enthusiasm towards the 'theme park' industry, But please remember to try type with correct grammar and spelling. Otherwise some of the bitter people that are 'always' right on this forum will continue to throw crap at you. For a forum/website about theme parks AKA FUN! there is so many people on this board that are bitter and angry. You are bulling this guy! I know its hard to understand some of his spelling but if you use your brain you can figure it out well enough. We are here to talk about stuff that should be fun! Not argue over stuff and bully people! Its not a board about politics! and we aren't politicians!
  21. skystar_a320

    PLEASE Wet 'n' Wild.

    Looking at it form this angle, doesn't look as scary I still would be a tad hesitant tho.. But each to there own. I probably would give it a go after watching peoples expressions as the come out the bottom..
  22. skystar_a320

    PLEASE Wet 'n' Wild.

    Quick, you are late for sarcasm school!
  23. skystar_a320

    PLEASE Wet 'n' Wild.

    They are both very good points! I for sure would not ride something like this! You are literally trapped in a tube! No Stairs No Exits!! Stupid Idea....
  24. skystar_a320

    Money Spinner for Superman Escapes

    I thought this was rather crazy too... This is my idea, i think it could just work! Storage compartments that slide along, as you exit at a different place to where you board... What do you think, it could probably even be automated... greg
  25. skystar_a320

    Dreamworld Mine Ride gone off the maintance page

    I simply cannot understand why DW just leave this ride shut, I mean do something about it! Demolish or Restore! It is simply ridiculous from a business point of view Example , An Airline..... They have an aircraft that has broken down (u/s un-servicable) Do they just leave it there sitting on the tarmac, for the one day when the parts they need simply fall out of the sky? No they find the parts and get it back into the air! Or if its beyond repair its Sold or Scrapped! Admittedly every flight an airline does makes $$ and having a roller coaster closed isn't costing them money, But its bad for Queue times and people in general seem to love (LOVED) that ride. I think DW need to wake up and sort out the gold rush area!!! Anyhow thats my rant LOL In addition to this i am pretty confident that if....... DW charged for each ride rather than just the all inclusive entry something would have been done about the mine ride already!