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  1. Hi again everyone, I was tossing up whether to go and visit this park when I was planning to visit Singapore. I looked at the prices and thought if I am going to go all the way over there I might as well go a little further and spend a little more and do a VIP tour. It was about $220 Australian. IT WAS TOTALLY WORTH IT. You rock up to double glazed embossed doors with the whole red carpet treatment. A guy buzzes you in and you sit in air con being served a drink of your choice and other things. Your tour guide then comes over and suggests an itinerary. The minimum is 2 with the max being 12 in a group. There was just a lady and myself with our guide. We had the best time. We were given a special pin and a lanyard. We skipped every line and even back through secret doors etc that are usually only reserved for ride ops. We were asked everytime where we wanted to sit. The Revenge of the Mummy even had a private booth for us to wait in. We had a free $25 ticket for food which we ate in an air con room while watching the WATERWORLD show. We were treated like stars. Private meet/greet with characters were awesome. My advice is if you are going all the way over there, spend a little more and do the VIP tour. After the 5 hours you get to use the pass as an express pass. It was such an enjoyable day. Loved every ride - though I felt the Jurassic Park ride just isnt as good as the other versions. I cannot wait for the Transformers ride to come. Already thinking of doing a VIP tour of USH next year.
  2. Hi Everyone, In July I had an opportunity to meet up with a fellow PARKZ member who lived in Paris to spend a day at Disneyland Paris. IT WAS BRILLIANT! I even made a tough call saying this might possibly be the best of all the disney parks. The rides were brilliant and different to all the other parks. Everything was amazing and so beautiful. THe smile never left my face and I really felt like I was a teenager again. If you havent been then it simply is a must.
  3. MickeyD - are you getting the Express Pass? I look forward to hearing about your trip there when you return. Im still in two minds about going? Ive been to the one in Cali and Florida and they are massive. My travel agent said this isnt worth going to because it is small. So I look forward to hearing your thoughts about the place. cheers
  4. Cool. Shame I will be there before Transformers opens.
  5. Does anyone know if Transformers opens this year or the M.Crate ride? Is Battleship working again?
  6. Should I just book via the Singapore website? Can I book the Express pass on there too?
  7. Ok thanks for that advice. I will definitely book the Express pass so that I can ride as much as I want without having too wait too long in queues. cheers, im excited!
  8. hey thanks for all the great tips but has anybody found a great website from a fan who has uploaded the ideal walkthrough for a day at the park? I have one for the studios. cheers
  9. Hey MacPark, How do you get the early magic hours? Ill be coming from Paris.
  10. There is a dragon under the castle?? I certainly would have missed that. So in what order should I do the rides? I want to get there when it opens. Do i race to do Pirates and Peter Pan first before heading to Space, Indiana, Railroad and Phantom? What time do the two parks close? How much does it cost by train?
  11. Hi Alex, Im going in Early July to USS. SO do u think it is worth getting an Express Pass? Is it used like USH where it is unlimited entry to everything?
  12. Thanks for the tips. What do you think I have to see/do in Disneyland? I have to ride TOT, Aerosmith, Crush's in Disney Studios.
  13. Hi There, I am going to be in Singapore in mid July this year and wondered if it is worth going to this theme park? Ive been to USH and US/IOA in Florida. I know that USS is much smaller but is it worth going? Also, should I get an Express pass, is it worth it? Is the express pass an unlimited access to all the rides multiple times like in US/IOA? cheers
  14. hey wazza, not sure if you are getting my PM's or not?? I just sent you another one but it aint coming up in my sent folder. hmmmm. let me know man.
  15. Hey thanks for the tips. Unfortunately Im only there for one day and want to try both parks. I know BIG CALL. Ive been to Disneyland in Cali; Tokyo and Tokyo Sea; Walt Disney World in Orlando and now doing Hong Kong and Paris. Ive heard the disney in paris in June isnt packed due to the kids being at school. Any other tips? So I should do;l 1. Space Mountain 2. Big Thunder 3. Then head to Indiana 4. Then pirates what after that?
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