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  1. I love lethal weapon , it's my favourite coaster!!, But then again it's probably because i'm comparing crap with crap (I've never ridden a b&m )
  2. Are there any track switches for RCT2? ah I dought it.
  3. For me the three Rides I'd want Movie World to get would be: A. An Intamin River Rapids with a drop. B. A Gerstlaur Eurofighter ( http://rcdb.com/m/ig2229.htm ) C. A B&M Dive Coaster
  4. mmm... a Dive Coaster, Large Capacity, inversions and a decent length track.It's what Movieworld Needs.
  5. Maybe a Where the wild things are theme? But Where would they put it?
  6. Maybe Something like Mantis At cedar point? it cost 12,000,000 US Dollars and would cost about..... 13 mil Australian And add some theming maybe it would cost 17 mil. If they don't do that they could get something like Goliath at Six Flags Atlanta(Though with an Inversion, Movieworld seem to be in an inversion drought). BUT if that is not what they're looking for at the moment(I hope they are) a Ride like this might be in order- http://www.universalorlando.com/ioa_attr_popeye.html For Goliath in Atlanta See this video-
  7. Well it depends if the parents would want to go on any rides because if not Movieworld, Seaworld or Dreamworld (Basicly most of the parks) Sea world has sesame street beach, Movieworld has WB Kids and Dreamworld Has NC or WW EDIT: Maybe Dreamworld Because of their two kids sections but you should look at the park maps and see the sizes of the areas.
  8. I Would 1.Re-open Eureka Mountain Mine Ride 2.Take The mickdoohan Out of the big six but add a new thrill ride so it would stay the big six. 3.Tidy up the park and theme the Rocky Hollow Log Ride 4.Take the dinosaurs out of thunder river rapids and replace them with something that makes sense. 5.give all the rides much needed Maintenance and a paint job. EDIT: I just read that article and what mr peet said is c**p, or atleast I hope it is. Dreamworld have jumped in the coffin, Its been nailed shut, and movieworld are pushing it in to the grave.
  9. Precicesly, And I think It's time WBMW Added a new water ride.
  10. This is the theme i was Talking About, http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Where_the_Wil..._Are_%28film%29
  11. Are you Joking , I mentioned WHERE THE WILD THINGS ARE THEME.
  12. I'm sorry i'm mentioning the wild things theme idea Again but I think it would fit perfectly if movieworld were to add a new rapids ride.
  13. Well i Have Heard them playing the Nightmare on elm street theme.
  14. For those who haven't been on the My Fun website lately there's a survey asking for each of the theme parks what type of ride you'd like to see next. EDIT: and gazza for your Luthor Ride idea THIS is what i meant- .
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