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  1. It would be difficult to tell in an individual situation, however usually the crew at the Slimetime shows are qualified to operate rides, however they are not usually put onstand to actually operate them. As far as my knowledge goes, workers at shows and attractions do not actually operate the rides unless there is a shortage etc, in which case they CAN. Having been qualified to do so. Hope that helps. And no, I don't have red hair
  2. Whoahoh, BIG lie there. Regardless of what park you worked at, I find it extremely unlikely that you were to WITHDRAW information from the public. Because that's what you're saying. You're telling me that whatever theme park you worked at, you were to....to...cover up information? You told guests at "x" (being the theme park) that any faults would be covered up with some cheap obvious statement? Like, a mechanical difficulty? The safety of visitors to a theme park is second to none. It is surely against regulations that, if asked about the condition of a ride, you make an "educated guess". That just surely isn't allowed. This is the safety of riders here. And you make it seem as if people's questions give theme park workers the ride to have an "educated" stab in the dark about the reason of the fault? Not likely.
  3. Look. I have never stated that I know absolutely every last detail about Dreamworld or the goings on therein. I have never released information that a)other workers at Dreamworld have not or b)could get me sacked. The reason I work at a theme park is because I love them. Obviously. If you love something, it would be kind of stupid (to say the least) to release information about it that could very possibly get you sacked/fired/etc. I am only a ride operator, yes, and I have NEVER implicated that I myself am a member of Dreamworld management. I have never said that. But like I posted once before, do you all honestly believe that any worker, not just me in particular, can confidently work at a theme park if they are not well-informed about what's happening? Any other job description works the same. You could work at a school. Be a teacher, even. Does that mean you're not going to know what information the principal has given to staff? What about a job as casual as a coffee shop worker? Are you not going to know what type of coffee you sell because the management there aren't going to tell you? Well, the same principle works at a theme park. Workers are told what is going on, they are informed about construction, rides, developments, refurbishments, closures etc. To be extremely blunt, we have to know. We HAVE to know. Otherwise, to a degree, we are just members of the public. Because the public isn't aware of changes that are going to be made (before a press release). If workers don't get told, then we are, in hindsight, placed in the shoes of a member of the public. That can ultimately do two things to workers: 1. It can, no, it WILL, force us to think twice about everything we are queried about. Which is a major problem. And it's a problem that could come into general public safety. Prime example: someone comes up to me, and says, "Excuse me, why is the Giant Drop closed today?" How confident am I, or other workers in this position, going to come across as if all we can say is "I don't know."? 2. When it gets down to it, we simply don't know what the hell is going on in our workplace. Simple as that. And that's what Dreamworld is. My/our workplace. And to all the people that are getting on my back about revealing "top secret information" and "information that could get me sacked"? It goes back to my comment about the silliness and downright idiocy of jeapordising something you love. If it was information that I was going to get sacked for (which is a bit extreme, anyway), I wouldn't say it. Everything I have posted is completely safe for me to say. I'm not just "making up crap" or "talking up a position" or "pulling information from out of the air". Whether any of you believe me or not, all I am is a worker at Dreamworld. Which means I am a well-informed worker. Ride operator, janitor, stall operator, food shop operator, engineer...all the workers are in the same boat. We are all working, at our workplace, knowing what's happening and what's going on. Believe what you want to believe. I am only converying information that, while it is NOT dangerous for me to release, is useful. I'm trying to help people on here understand what's going on at Dreameworld better and all of a sudden I am "talking up a position" and "making stuff up". If you don't believe anything I say, fine. I can't make you. But I will continue to inform members, subscribers and everyone else on these forums on the goins-on at Dreamworld. Because I can.
  4. Right here would be a perfect opportunity to prove to everyone on these forums that I in fact DON'T know every bit of information about Dreamworld and I most certainly am not talking up a position. To me, I believe that if you know something, and you now it's valuable information somewhere (regardless of whether people believe you or not) you should share it. "WE" means the workers at Dreamworld. "WE" (to stop djrappa from getting on my back about that word) are informed on what will happen in the park. HOWEVER. That does not mean, and I have never stated that, I know everything about Dreamworld or what is going to happen there. All I know is all I've been told. Oh, just on the island question....I don't actually know.
  5. All I can say to that is Dreamworld is extensively repainting and refurbishing all the rides in comng weeks. And the Motorcycle Accelerator will be just the same.
  6. The paddle steamer was, in fact, painted to fit into the theme of Wiggles World. And there has been RUMOUR, and only rumour, amongst staff and management at Dreamworld that there are plans for a new entrance style. I'm not going to say too much, though, becuase where I stand, along with everyone else who works at Dreamworld, this is rumour and nothing more.
  7. Whoever stated in a previous forum topic that Big Brother is contracted to stay at Dreamworld until 2009 is absolutely correct. The Big Brother House is, and will remain, on Dreamworld land until 2009. Should Endemol Southern Star decide to move the House? Well, legally, they can. We can't make them stay here. But they will ahve to pay quite a substantial fee for pre-contract leave. The estimate of that fee is about $30,000. And with the troubles Big Brother producers have been having lately due to to controversial events in the House, I don't think they want to fork out extra money just to make more work in building a new House, and promoting the move PLUS paying us a fee to relocate.
  8. I would like to ask you all one question: Being in the later stages of construction for this ride, how do you expect ride operators to be, and it's quite possible, put onstand to operate the ride if we don't know how it functions, how it operates, and various other things such as speed and force? I think the most suiting answer would be that we are told. How is a theme park ride op supposed to operate rides if we don't know how it works? And when this ride comes out, if we get put onstand (in the control booth), we can't just guess how the ride operates. As far as not knowing all that happens in the park? The management tells us all. How can we work in a park if we don't know what's going on? What kind of well-informed workers would we be if we were walking around and someone overheard us saying, "Oh, what's that? I've never seen that before. I wonder when they did that?" It just wouldn't happen. We know what happens in Dreamworld.
  9. Global Television are the hirees. Southern Star Endemol is the production company that actually hires them. Hence Southern Star Endemol being the producers of the show.
  10. It's nice to see that the public recognises the reason Dreamworld's management didn't close the ride. It was exactly the reason T-bone stated. We trusted our own maintainence.
  11. I don't know where you got this information, but it is extremely false. Dreamworld's management knows that money needs to be spent on other things besides the actual attraction or ride, and on the document of priorities for rides, it clearly states that theming and visuality of the rides is the third most improtant part of the ride, after safety equipment. It was decided not long before The Claw was built that future rides were going to be better-themed, hence The Claw having quite an appealing look to it. I am sure the Motorcycle Accelerator will be just as good.
  12. Staff at Dreamworld, or any park for that matter, are human as well. Of course we are LISTENING to what everyone is saying, but our power at meetings is only so big. We can suggest to the management a change, however whether action is taken ultimately rests in their hands.
  13. Not close it as such, but Intamin did ask us to thoroughly safety-check the ride (which would involve temporary closure, yes.) As far as I'm aware, the management here insisted that the ride was safe and no action was taken to close the ride whatsoever. Keep in mind as well, thorough safety checks are carried out both before the park opens and after it closes.
  14. I admire your independence and I admire your hopes that Dreamworld is in fact bringing out this ride as a thrill ride. I'm not going to stop you having your hopes, however, the ride will be having a sidecar to suit younger passengers, and it won't be very tall at all. How do I know this? It would probably be that I work at Dreamworld and therefore I should be getting told these things HOWEVER; it's not. Just Google the ride and you will find that it is usually not a thrill ride anyway, it's just that Dreamworld's management have further requested that the ride be more catering to a younger generation (being childen between about 8 and 12). Press releases are on the way, however, you only need to take a look at the construction site or the ride details and I don't think you'll need any further proof that this won't be a thrill ride. I do admire your loyalty to the park though, thankyou.
  15. Althoug I'm not a member of Dreamworld management, I DO operate rides in the park and have quite a bit of knowledge on how the rides work. Kind of a behind-the-scenes Dreamworld worker, if you will. The paint was chosen specifically for the ride, but I will bring up your comment in meetings to come. Roller-Coaster members DO have the power to have a say and possibly make changes!
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