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  1. pin142

    The Off Topic Topic

    Quite a few years ago I heard 130km/h in an interview for some kids show that was being recorded when I was in the park. Wouldn't be surprised if it is less now.
  2. pin142

    Sky Voyager Discussion

    It's clearly Harry Potter that is being referenced!
  3. Think that is their plan, an attraction like this then another ride.
  4. pin142

    TPR's CoasterPoll returns

    It's a shame it is the only option these days. Maybe someone could come up with their own poll, with blackjack and hookers!
  5. pin142

    The Off Topic Topic

    Honestly don't get why the parks don't offer a yearly sipper bottle. A new one each time severely defeats the purpose of getting one in the first place.
  6. pin142

    Cedar Point trip 2019

    Steel Venegance and Maverick are the two to do first, both easily get queues of over a hour. I had a platinum pass which got me 1hr early access and a free Fast Lane upgrade. If it is within your budget I highly suggest the pass for these two perks as when you do get let into the park those two rides will be already at 40-60 minutes. Use the water park entrance as it is the closest to those two rides. Top Thrill Dragster, first signs of it testing get in queue. Transport to and from I can't comment as I had a hire car. Accommodation there are a fair few options around 5-10 minutes from the park.
  7. pin142

    Sky Voyager Discussion

    Tell that to Village!
  8. pin142

    Sky Voyager Discussion

    Cool story bro, needs more Dragons!
  9. pin142

    Dreamworld Maintenance 2019

    I wouldn't be surprised if there was another re-routing reason for the train not operating.
  10. pin142

    Sea World Maintenance 2019

    At least it will be open in winter to make up for battle boats being closed.
  11. pin142

    Dreamworld Maintenance 2019

    Three months downtime for the "train"? If only they had a highly reliable option instead of what they are using now!
  12. pin142

    'Big Brother House' Vandalised

    I believe it is commonly known as "Dreamworld"
  13. pin142

    Village theme parks extended trading hours

    Comes back to other parks being able to handle crowds better than Movie World does. Park layout can't be used as an excuse for entry gate speed especially when bag checks are involved. Most US parks you pass through a metal detector and bag check then move on to ticket/pass scan. Two separate checkpoints with security being the slowest. Some parks have even looked at speeding it up by x-ray scanning bags.
  14. pin142

    Dreamworld / WWW Update

    Umm... wow? Whilst I understand what they are trying to do with that it comes across to me as "How not to design a showtime guide".
  15. pin142

    Sea World Carnivale 2019

    The problem with the aqua colour show is there are so many other free events with something similar on now. Brisfest and Vivid are two examples from last year of something as good as if not better than what's being put on.
  16. pin142

    Village theme parks extended trading hours

    They can't trade any later than that on a weekend or people will have something potentially better than Carnivale to attend!
  17. pin142

    Sky Voyager Discussion

    Guessing they have a calendar and darts and that's how they will be deciding the opening date if the ride is in fact complete.
  18. pin142

    Summer crowds at theme parks

    I will say thanks for sharing a photo and not a video. As good as videos can be when it comes to theme parks if they aren't a POV or an interview with someone major (eg company rep) then they are a poor substitute for multiple photos.
  19. pin142

    Dreamworld / WWW Update

    Given the fact they have sold off all the things that were making money I would go further to say they have no idea how to run a company.
  20. pin142

    Summer crowds at theme parks

    If you're going to post photos from Dreamworld why not post photos from Movie World or WnW for comparison? Hardly fair to say one park has nobody there if the others are similar.
  21. Because if people wanted click bait shit with little researched facts or information they would go to fine places like The Bulletin or one of the "big two" Gold Coast TV news. This kind of post reminds me of the scaremongering certain storm chasers do when it remotely looks like there are going to be storms in a few days time just without the "subscribe for detailed reports" part.
  22. If all you have is people arse kissing and saying everything is perfect when it isn't then how is the park suppose to know what they need to improve on?
  23. pin142

    Dreamworld’s new marketing campaign

    This ad has me going "Yeah, nah. Let's do something else". National Tiles do a better ad than this.
  24. pin142

    'Affinity' Animal Rights Protest

    Here I was thinking gift cards to pay for alleged tax bills was the worst scam I had heard of this year.
  25. pin142

    Parkway Mexican Menu

    Must be a French take on Mexican food with a name like that!