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  1. All comes down to number of people painting as to how long it would take. Can't see it taking longer than a week or two. It also wouldn't be the first ride the contractors have repainted so they'd be able to get it done in a month easily. Biggest thing that could delay it is weather.
  2. Don't get the hype of buffets. I do feel I don't fit into their target audience though as the idea of going somewhere and eating a stupid amount of food to get "value for money" isn't high on my list of places to go. A decent priced restaurant will get me any day over "I cbf choosing so this will do"
  3. Do you work for the Courier Fail or GCB as suggesting things like that has you right in their realm of fact checking.
  4. Parks have closed the gate in the past. White Water world and Wet'n'Wild Sydney have both done this. It might not be the most popular of things but it shows some level of care towards those in park already. If you're going to get in the park then do almost nothing all day versus coming back another day I know I'd rather wait for another day when it's quieter. Single day tickets should be flexible with dates for this reason.
  5. They are once per ride now so you won't see people requeue off one.
  6. There was a time I would refer to Movie World as Six Flags over Oxenford but wait times like that are an insult to Six Flags operations. The parks lack a sense of urgency when it comes to loading and unloading a ride. Sure there are some exceptions but it is a shame. Heard they sold out of the now single use Fast Track in minutes so it seems all that matters is the money and not guest experience on a day like that.
  7. A queue wait time that rivals any other ride in Australia. Wonder how much they made from the "pay to win" queue jump option today.
  8. "iT mAdE iT eAsIeR tO pIrAtE" Umm, no. People will go out and pay to see decent movies. I'll admit to watching it on HBO Max but honestly don't feel like I'd have gone out and paid to see it in cinemas. It wasn't that good tbh.
  9. Christmas 2023 would be a safe bet given the timeline so far.
  10. Yes, multiple times. Don't let travelling solo put you off having a good time.
  11. Can't blame them, it is something I will be doing myself once I am allowed out again.
  12. Something like a pirate ship style ride would do great at Sea World.
  13. They look to have just bought new track so if they were going to move it they would have done so. Can't see it leaving the park anytime soon.
  14. Can't charge people $20 to skip the queue if there is no queue.
  15. You're essentially comparing a Commodore from the 80s to a Tesla. You couldn't be more wrong if you tried.
  16. No reason it can't be added in the off season. Priority for them would be getting the slides open.
  17. It isn't a boring figure 8 with nothing special to it so I think you don't have to worry about that happening.
  18. I'd be hoping the crates are opened before Boxing Day
  19. Blue slide was having issues opening day so could be from then.
  20. ftfy Got as close as purchasing, the ride closed before my timeslot.
  21. The Flash looks to have let himself go a bit.
  22. Honestly seemed the most logical otherwise I'd have gone with the Thursday/Friday to lead into the holidays.
  23. I'd say this pricing is a joke but I'm not laughing.
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