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  1. pin142

    The Off Topic Topic

    So it's a standard waterslide only with a launch instead of walking up a hill? Cool...
  2. pin142

    When Ibis Attacks... DCR Fabio Moment

    This is the post with the video footage, surprised nobody shared it earlier 🙄
  3. pin142

    Old themepark merchandise

  4. pin142

    Wet n Wild GC - November Update

    In Sydney yes, Queensland no. For some reason they are less popular in Sydney than Queensland.
  5. pin142

    The New Atlantis - Construction Updates

    You haven't been around any apartment buildings in Sydney of late?
  6. pin142

    The New Atlantis - Construction Updates

    Guess this means Wet'n'Wild Gold Coast will be getting some deep sea creatures now?
  7. pin142

    Steel Curtain at Kennywood - first test

    One of our parks has gone for a "new" S&S design in the past so I am not sure our parks will go for one based on the history of that. Maybe they'd consider something from the Vekoma side of things.
  8. I am more likely to visit Raging Waters this summer than I am Wet'n'Wild Gold Coast. As mentioned above WnW GC needs something new. I last visited in October 2015 (after visiting the Sydney park a few days prior) and wished I went to White Water World instead (main reason for visiting was Aqualoop but they were closed at the GC park. A friend I went with wanted to go on them but we failed to check the maintenance page before leaving). If they do redevelop the Xtreme H2O Zone they need to put a damn conveyor in for the Tornado. People may say the GC park has a lot of slides but it is missing a lot of them that the Sydney park has as well as a few since that park opened.
  9. pin142

    Dreamworld Maintenance 2019

    They might as well have left Tower closed today as it was down more than it was operating.
  10. pin142

    'Big Brother House' Vandalised

    There's a main stage at the front of the park? I personally would prefer to see them use the amphitheater for shows but given they now have a shed near HWSW they seem to be using for shows the odds of that happening now are low.
  11. pin142

    DC Super Heroes & Super-Villains 2019

    Guess I'll cancel my plans to dress up as Harley Quinn then
  12. The chances of them taking an upcharge and adding it for free to another are extremely low. If anything I would see them potentially adding it as an additional slightly reduced cost.
  13. pin142

    Volcano Bay - Electricity Pun Olympics

    Surprised this topic hasn't been short circuited yet
  14. I did the same for my first ride and even with two beers it was still a major embarrassment to what it used to be. The ride itself is still fun just they have managed to install theming that makes the ride worse and into something I'd expect at a Chinese knock off park not an officially licensed by WB park.
  15. I've done Wonder Woman and it is an amazing experience. What it lacks in height it makes up for ride experience. You don't need height for a great coaster and the raptors are proof of this.
  16. pin142

    Tiger Cubs for DW

    Clearly going to be more seating replacing trolls, there isn't enough in that part of the park.
  17. pin142

    Consentino Live at Dreamworld

    Aside from the gates I don't think they have changed much when it comes to the carpark recently so that should be expected.
  18. pin142

    Wipeout Removal

    The park maps being handed out still have Wipeout on them and Sky Voyager listed as a new open attraction so the job ad is about as accurate.
  19. pin142

    The Off Topic Topic

    Never heard of them which I guess could be another issue aside from the aforementioned cost.
  20. Why not take a page out of the Carowinds book and have a new coaster dive under an entrance path like what Fury 325 does?
  21. pin142

    Dreamworld April Update

    You really lucked out with the nbn, at least I got ADSL2+ from the rollout where I am!
  22. Think if they do have a map they are using it would be based on the first release of Apple Maps.
  23. pin142

    Consentino Live at Dreamworld

    No, the most difficult thing will be keeping them there and not having them disappear again.
  24. pin142

    Sky Voyager Discussion

    The picture above to me looks like someone threw darts at a calendar. Going to agree with Slick in saying chances of it opening while the magic guy is there are as high as a new coaster appearing.