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  1. NatDog

    Mick Doohan Motocoaster construction discussion

    Hasn't DW only allocated about 6 mill for the year? If this is the case then can we assume that it won't be a big ride with inversions etc due to the small budget?
  2. NatDog

    Noticed that don't have anything regarding Batwing on their database.
  3. NatDog

    Future Dreamworld thrill ride

    When is one of our parks going to be the first to commit to a B&M???
  4. NatDog

    Superman Escape on No Limits?

    I did about three-quarters of the layout during it's construction but haven't completely fininshed it.
  5. Off topic here, Thats an interesting avatar you have there Gazza. What coaster is it? Never seen it before.
  6. NatDog

    Superman Escape Meet - MARCH 18

    Not everyone lives near the Gold Coast or in QLD & people do infact work so saying it's a pretty poor effort is poor in itself.
  7. NatDog

    Movie World by night

    Good pics?? You mean what pics!
  8. NatDog

    Superman escape review thread

    Saw a post earlier regarding video footage, would be fantastic if someone could put together something on video.
  9. Calm down mate, no need to bite.
  10. Whats with the "MRT" logo on the sides of the carriages and at the very front? Just noticed it from the pics have posted of the coaster in action.
  11. NatDog

    What are you more excited about?

    Hands down, without a doubt SE.
  12. Did anyone see channel nine's Today show this morning? They were broadcasting some of it from Movieworld, I only saw 15-20 mins of it as was wondering if anyone else saw it and if there were any glimpse's of SE?
  13. Anyone able to get some sort of video footage of testing?
  14. Same here, I'm wasn't a big fan of Storm Runner's trains and was hoping that they weren't going to be like them but alas they are exactly the same. Yellow just doesn't sit right with the overall theming of the ride.
  15. NatDog

    Agreed all, very cheesy indeed. Doesn't give much away regarding the actual ride. Dissappointing.