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  1. what is your source for this information?
  2. cant do it - can only make it run once every day
  3. How do i get my lasers in RCT3 to perform around the clock for scenery items for rollercoasters
  4. Purity

    Spooky Coaster

    remember in RCT2 you could place doors that opened when the car came close and shut be hind it i saw a youtube video of it but he said somthing about custom ride events and i dont know where to get/make them.
  5. Purity

    Spooky Coaster

    thanks Adam and rob. btw rob i do have soaked - thanks for you concern thanks also for the map and music rob but does the pic come in a higher resolution?
  6. Purity

    Spooky Coaster

    Does anyone have the following for the Movie World Spooky Coaster in RCT3: Ride layout or blueprints Coaster Music / Scenery Way to make tunnels dark Coaster Type in RCT3 etc... Thanks you...
  7. on RCT3 you can open any ride if it is not a compete circuit. but on rct2 it has to be a circuit. unless it was a shuttle coaster
  8. I am not saying that it starts with an extra 600 -- It might be that the peeps are multiplying in the park without the guest counter knowing as it only increases - decreases as the peeps enter - leave.
  9. 26 degrees is not as warm as you think. And besides that being close to the middle of Winter now, they heat the water going from the filters into the main pools to 26 degrees which is injected into the pool, and being Winter, that cold air hitting the water all day is cooling it down. So you got a water treatment system trying to warm the pool and Australia's cool Winter air trying to cool it. And besides all that if you going to go to a Theme park that is water based the best time to go is Summer.
  10. Purity

    Extensive theming

    so there are viruses and worms, but you have had no problem with them?
  11. (this is just a guess) maybe the game had put in a few peeps, like 600 of them, but without putting the guest counter up because it goes up when they enter through a main gate, so when 1200 peeps left it took 1200 off 600 leaving you with a number in the negative. (but I could be wrong -- as a programmer myself, that is my educated guess. I don't know why Atari would place peeps in your park for no reason though. Maybe because you left it for so long)
  12. I was wondering if there existed a patch for RCT3 (including soaked) for the Billboard function in Wild! Because I need a billboard for my Wonderland Sydney Recreation. Any help if appreciated.
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