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  1. Thanks. I know we did 12 out of 14 days of the flex tickets in the parks. $300 USD each for full flexi, and the wife wants to do discovery cove this time ( ekk $200 for the day ). Its not going to be a cheap holiday.
  2. Normally stay opposite wet and wild. Both the rodeway and movieland do a free bus to universal, and its still walkable if you want to stay late. Off there for the 20 days in december. Thinking about not getting a car this year, and just using the buses as cars appear to be getting much more expensive, and you still pay car parking. What did everyone do about ticketing. Think about just get the 14 day orlando flex, but wondering where to get it from.
  3. Gwazi - If you want the credit, then then end of the day. One nasty shaker, and for some reason my daughter likes it. Off for 20 days to orlando myself in December. Last trip was 2005 , so I guess a couple of new rides, and harry potter world for the kids. Tend to stick to universal/ busch/sea world myself as I hate the huge queues that disney has. Time to see what skeikra is like ( compared to Oblivion ), and now my daughter is tall enough to ride all the big rides 14 day flexticket unless someone knows a better deal at the moment. Anyone got any ticket outlet recommendations that are n
  4. Openning dates and details have been released (18th of March) http://www.rwsentosa.com/language/en-US/At...tudiosSingapore Not sure how soft an openning it will be
  5. Pricing has been announced. http://www.rwsentosa.com/press/2009/Pressr...ickets18Nov.pdf SGD ( 1.3 to AUD ) Adult 66 weekday , 72 weekend, 118 two day So family of four ( kids under 13 ) for two days is 412 SGD or 316 AUD
  6. Facebook people can join 'Resorts World at Sentosa' fan group. Lots of info and pics get published
  7. Halloween Saturday 10 October 2009 is now 9.95 for myfun members.. won't last long.
  8. Some are impacted by events rather than attendence for the rides, but gives you a chance to see what are the world's most popular etc. http://www.teaconnect.org/etea/TEAERA2008.pdf
  9. Ask at http://www.coasterforce.com/forums/ which is the UK equiv of this site. Myself between alton and thorpe. As Chessington and thorpe are owned by the same group, the faster rides that could move have move to thorpe so making Chessington the family park, and thorpe for the teenagers. Thorpe has saw, stealth, Colossus (ouch my neck ), Nemesis, rush (large power swing ) etc which are all good if you are used to Oz only coasters. Alton has rita if you like speed, air for a different ride, Olbivion (still good) . Both have the flat rides etc, but I like speed over something that makes me
  10. No report on Thorpe and blackpool ? Thorpe park was my local park (5km) in the uk, did you get to ride SAW ?
  11. preshows are generally about convincing the people that they are still not in the queue. Sure there's atmosphere, but with good throughput you don't need them.
  12. AVPX was ok, went 3 times today. Pretty standard laser quest type layout, and the guys are still learning there lines, but at least its another attraction. Kids loved it , and its better than paying $30 a go at some local laser quest. Not popular yet, so a max of 30 or so in the queue, and they take 30ish per game. It was pretty empty today. River rapid is still down, but most queues were short except for the log ride. Also went to WWW which was a relaxing afternoon if a little cold.
  13. I think most people go to disney for disney rather than the rides. If its the rides, then look at the other european parks instead.
  14. Lots of bad queuing, and generally pushing in, or standing in front of you at the parades when you've waited an hour in place. Expensive, and strangely the longer of queues are the kiddy rides.. Peter Pan is always bad.. get a fast track, dumbo is long. Big ride queues can be small, and go during the parades if you can, or stay late as lots of the coaches leave b4 the park closes. Watch out for pick-pockets ( we lost a camera ) Ride rock'n'coaster if you go to the studio. If you stay in the hotel , then I think you still get early entry. ( the cowboy one is the cheapest/decent one ) Food i
  15. Like the look of the cars, shame they didn't go for a lowered front set so that the second row could get the front row view. Basically it all about power like the tower of terror was 10 years ago, however I'd love to see some more S&S rides in Oz, perhaps a nice large screaming swing for the gold coast.
  16. http://www.nuerburgring.de/fileadmin/2008/..._Legende_OG.jpg The purple line. Pics for the german readers http://onride.de/viewtopic.php?t=28726&start=475&u-1
  17. After the passengers enter through a railway station in the new indoor attraction, Racecoaster's launch runs parallel to the Grand Prix stretch on the race track, with its starting point aligned to the starting line of the track. Here, the vehicle accelerates to its top speed of 217 km/h, travels 480 meters (1574.8 ft) along the race track then sharply curves to the left. The coaster's route leads back through the Boulevard and ends again in the railway station. Each of the coaster's two four-car vehicles is capable of transporting eight passengers. Altogether, the coaster travels 1.2 kilomete
  18. Went Sunday. It was pretty empty. Only went to pick up our 2 year max action passes. Strangely thunder river was moving quickly, I think there was about 5 boats last time I went. Motorcoaster was broke, which is good as its about as real as a 50cc scotter with my mum driving. Went on cyclone for the first time.. don't they have smooth coasters in Oz ? As usual specs off in case I notice how slow it is. Honestly tower of terror is the only ride I really like there, but its the local park and get take the kids for a few hours of fun whenever.
  19. Hmm, when I save up enough cash to fly a plane back to the Uk, it looks like I'm having to do the complete world trip rather than flying east to LA/Florida. Lovely the spiderman ride, the missus thought it was a real coaster the first time Hey Gazza, I see you hanging out in my old UK coaster forum haunt... Going to miss thorpe park fright nights this year ;(
  20. Well after living here for a year, and having a movie world season ticket last year, I thought I better try out dreamworld. Sadly I was pretty disappointed as I'm used to US and European parks. Dated and poorly maintained theming in most places, and the queue management was pretty poor. Tower of terror I thought was the best , and thats 11 years old. Motocoaster. Queue for an 1 hour to ride a 50cc scooter, 2 operators , 1 car running. Most rides like that have 4 operators. Claw- was so much smaller than I imagined. Cyclone. Looked ok but not running, 9 yr old daughter said it was slow when
  21. Hmmm, pretty poor but at least I didn't have to wait. You should try frightnights at thorpe park UK. 5 large theme mazes, dark, smoke, mirrors, bright lights... The whole theme park has miminum lighting due the frightnights, and the rides all change their music etc. i.e. the drop tower changes to a spooky version of humpty dumpty, and it drops on humpty had a great fall.
  22. http://myfun.com.au/MyFun-Tickets/99-MyFun-Annual-Pass.htm Want a whole year of fun for just $99? For a limited time only, Australia’s Best Theme Parks are offering MyFun Members MyFun Annual Passes for just $99! You can get 12 months unlimited entry to either Warner Bros. Movie World, Sea World or Wet’n’Wild Water World for just $99. This offer is available for a limited time only, so don’t miss out! Join MyFun now and purchase online, call 133 FUN* or buy at the front gate. It’s real value and real savings! * A $3.95 booking fee applies to all telephone bookings via133 FUN.
  23. Perhaps the ABC will pick it up and put some jolly decent people in it, and we could have a rounded discussion on education standards
  24. Go for the big boys then .. SE 0-100 in 2 secs Stealth UK 0-130 in 1.9 secs Kingda Ka USA 0-206 kph in 3.5 secs
  25. Yup, get your arms in the air , and forget about breathing.. Live for the Thrill
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