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  1. steve123

    MLO Staff

    My younger brother has recently scored a job with AMF bowling, along with that came a MLO Employee benefits card. 50% off single day and world passes! Has anyone else came across this before, I'm quite suprised nobody has ever mentioned it before Seems like MLO treat their employees pretty well !
  2. steve123

    What's next?

    Mabye the existing buildings and structure of Batman Adventure Ride could be incorporated in a possible new coaster
  3. steve123

    Wet 'n' Wild Trip

    Trip Report Time! Got there around 9:45 as the website stated that the park opens at 10, there were allready open when we got there. For about the first hour we just walked straight onto rides as there were little to no lines. First ride was the Mamoth Falls, we did that twice without any line (throught the day it hardly and line, probably a 2-5 min wait). Decided to head over to H20 Zone as the lines were small. Went on Mach 5 a couple of times. The only problem with this ride is there is only one set of small stairs for both the raft slide and the body slides, we got a couple of dirty looks from people as they thought we were trying to cut the line, but they eventually realised we were heading up to the next level. Noticed that the lines for the Surfrider were huge for this early in the day so decided to wait a bit. We made our way over to Terror Canyon as the lines were small, about 5 min wait and a 10-15 min wait at the top. I noticed that the Fake Mountain/Volcano had been replaced by a wooden shack. I don't understand how that fits in with the terror canyon theme. The next two people who went after us came down sliding behind the tube, they must have fallen out or something. Walked onto Super 8 racer for a few races. Nothing much to report there. Decided to go for a dip in the wave pool which was rather crowded. Had a quick snack break and then decided to brave the lines of the Surfrider. Was about a 30-45 min wait. It really picks up speed quickly and takes off!! Was a good ride but the actual ride wasn't very long at all, maybe a 1 min tops. They need to get more water shooters going as we hardly got wet at all which was a disapointment, But a good ride and a great new addition to the park. By now the lines for the Tornado and Black hole had increased considerably, kind of regret not going on them earlier in the day. Lunch for about 30 min. Another ride on Mammoth. Then gave into the temptation of the Black hole as the Tornado looked kinda boring. Bout a 30 min wait for Black Hole, was a good ride. About 1pm now, park was quite full. Was time for another dip in the Wave pool again. One more ride on mammoth later and decided to start getting ready to head off. As lines for most of the rides (except mammoth) were huge. Overall: Good h20 zone takes large numbers of people away from main part of the park. New rides are good Bad Some parts of park look old and worn Mountain gone at top of Terror Canyon In conclusion it was a good day with some quality tail! (Those girls promoting h20 radio, Damm!)
  4. steve123

    Wet 'n' Wild Trip

    As i am going with a group, do i still have to go to that gate at the back there, does it open the same time as the front gate, is it still even there?!
  5. steve123

    Wet 'n' Wild Trip

    Yeah unfortunatly they don't do the Dive in Movies on Sunday nights I didn't want to go in the holiday period because of the crowds, but i expect them to be quite large anyway
  6. steve123

    Wet 'n' Wild Trip

    Last time i went to WnW was in 2002, so obveously have noticed there's quite a few new rides Any idea were i head first?
  7. steve123

    Take 2 Pass

    My brother is unable to use his It says photo i.d. is required How strict are they on this? Can i use it?