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  1. You seriously want to see the camel ride pics? haha
  2. I have some pics from late 90's but they arent much.. just the old chair lift and some of me riding a camel i think lol
  3. Weird I thought a forum is basically where you "discuss" stuff.. I dont think forums would exist if everyone on them just kept saying stuff like.. uhh go look on youtube or wiki Everyone is so serious on this forum Just chill
  4. You'd think the turbines would be more suited to the cyclone.... =\
  5. Up.. down circles and circles and more .. circles lol Honestly I dont know either, all dark and stuff but goodluck with your recreation.
  6. Haha weird But yes I agree waterparks are the safe bet with all money considered. Im just glad Sydney gets a new ANYTHING!!! I'm already planning to be there on the opening day!
  7. Actually... I dont think jamberoo is that much of a threat .. they probably just looked at how much money they had to spend.. and what would bring in enough profit to expand it maybe later to a traditional themepark without much outlay for employees, maintenence etc. But I dont think $80M wouldnt make a very good traditional themepark so sydney got a water park. I dont know.. just my thoughts lol
  8. I was just thinking its a bit strange that the most sucessful themepark etc company in australia has decided to throw a water park in western sydney when there is already jamberoo in nsw?? Why not a traditional theme park first?.. what sydney really needs! Then I thought, I bet Village Roadshow has just quickly put the plans in etc for a waterpark first so jamberoo doesnt have time to up the ante. Like if it was plans for a normal theme park, jamberoo would see some form of competition but not direct competition, so they would have time to compete with VR, knowing that they may build a wat
  9. awesommmeee im like 10 mins down the road haha, its sad how wonderland was just down the road =[ now all they need is a non water park ajacent lol haha jamberoo can now no longer boast to be the largest park in nsw bahaha >_< theyre probably going to go bust haha so far away
  10. Ive lived in campbelltown my whole life and have never been to it haha nor has my family been. I keep saying we should go but never happens, maybe this year I should check it out. I think its a great town celebration and a great story behind it.
  11. Sydney is cursed. So sad to see everything fail. I thought it would be easy to open a park like that where there is such a shortage. But I guess wonderland took them all out aswell as itself lol
  12. What is the legal age for getting a job in QLD? In nsw its like 15 and so many months. Thats slack, wish people could find an honest way of making money, not off the sucess of others.
  13. Yeah same haha, my dad still pays me out about it because as soon as the ride started i kept saying.. okay thanks dad i'll get off here etc hahahah memories I thought the taipan was thrillseeker.. good educated guess ay?
  14. "Fear"- Another fail ride from the o'neil gang. Maybe they called it fear not for the thrill but rather the structual and mechanical reason lol
  15. Ive given up even going anymore. Even though entry is free .. the rides,food etc are so expensive and not even that great. Its a shame there's really nothing to do in sydney anymore... even the easter show is too expensive. Just wish some developer or whatever will realise one day that sydney is a prime location for a new theme park.. THEY DONT EVEN HAVE TO TRY THAT HARD! there is no competition hahaha But yes LPS is a disappointment to sydney siders.
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