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    Scooby-doo spooky coaster

    When they do daily checks on the cars, is it still possible that a screw or bolt could come undone on the car during a sharp turn or something and on the lift elevator part, its so synchronized and everything, if the synch had a fault, what would happen? EDIT: Video of scooby-doo done in night vision by a person called Deano in 2004.. i found this video off of a forum and uploaded to youtube.. link:
  2. Rollercoaster13

    Movie Premiers

    When you go into Movie world on the day there is a movie world premier (Today there was Get Smart) do you get to meet anyone?
  3. Rollercoaster13

    Rides in Wet Weather

    I don't think Superman Escape or Batwing Spaceshot operate during wet and windy weather, other than that theres nothing else i can think of. Ring up Movieworld or go on their website
  4. Rollercoaster13

    Attraction Maintenance Request

    Scooby-doo and Superman escape seem to break down the most
  5. Batman – Shadows of Gotham is a heart pumping action stunt show featuring all your favourite Batman characters from the blockbuster film – Batman Begins. Witness the ultimate battle between Batman, Scarecrow, Ra’s Al Ghul and his evil ‘League of Shadow’ Ninja’s, daily only at Warner Bros. Movie World! The Western Comedy Show is a fun filled, action packed story set in Johnson Town in the heart of the Wild Wild West. Be enthralled as the bungling gun wielding outlaws - Black Bart and his dopey sidekick Jose, challenge the Sheriff of Johnson Town in the final showdown for honour, pride and the love of one woman – the beautiful Belle.
  6. Rollercoaster13

    Has Dreamworld lost its 'Magic'?

    Perhaps a fresh coat of paint?
  7. Rollercoaster13

    Work at Movie World (or Sea World)

    Why did you drop out in the first place!
  8. Rollercoaster13

    Hollywood Stuntdriver

    I think they should because every year on the school holidays more and more people are going to movie world
  9. Rollercoaster13

    Batman Ride POV

    So it was created by blur studios? cool
  10. I googled everything to do with wet'n'wild and cade's country waterpark but no results The advertisement is no longer existent
  11. Rollercoaster13

    ANZAC Crowds

    Very awesome! I had the chance to do it on last years halloween night
  12. Rollercoaster13


    Can they not theme it to one of the hundreds of nickelodeon movies they have?
  13. Rollercoaster13


    Thanks for that rude translation that wasn't even close to what i was getting at. I am talking about an adventure ride that has props, animatronics that goes for atleast 1 minute and has a storyline behind it e.g Wild west falls with a nice thrill in the middle and at the end or just at the end look at Movie world they have at least 4 rides with a pre-show sort of thing Dreamworld needs to at least make one (river rapids isn't even close to being a thrill ride)
  14. Rollercoaster13


    What dreamworld is missing is an adventure ride that actually is worth going on not just for the thrills
  15. Rollercoaster13

    Annual Pass Prices dropping over winter ?

    I was just joking you just have to get my sarcastic weird humour
  16. Rollercoaster13

    Annual Pass Prices dropping over winter ?

    Which they can use for cholesterol-based heart disease foods, and thats a whole days pay for him so please don't say "only" joking
  17. Rollercoaster13

    ANZAC Crowds

    I want superman back! the forum is so boring without him
  18. Rollercoaster13

    ANZAC Crowds

    Ring them up, none knows better like WVTP (do i hear a KFC catchphrase)
  19. Rollercoaster13

    ANZAC Crowds

    I dont think they're allowed to run WWF because of noise complaints beyond 6pm
  20. Rollercoaster13

    What's next?

    This is a dumb question but do wooden-coasters have the wheel bearrings on the top side and bottom or just bottom and side
  21. Rollercoaster13

    Eureka layout

    If you look at scooby doo from the turn-table onwards, i think its pretty much the standard layout
  22. Rollercoaster13

    Eureka layout

    The roll eyes thing doesn't even look sarcastic its looks like a smiley face for god sakes lol
  23. Rollercoaster13


    For that type of ride it looks very well themed
  24. Rollercoaster13


    If this is marketed as the 7th Thrill ride, then movie world should market their loony tunes river ride as one. I hope they theme it well enough As long as it does Not look like this:
  25. Rollercoaster13

    Superman Issues

    There really is only one type of problem there could be and that would be the launch Please correct me if i am wrong