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  1. Journey to the Centre of the Earth 4D is now open, interestingly with a few new caution A-Frame signs out the front. This movie definitely throws you around a lot more then the previous Shrek movie (hence the caution signs out the front), and uses the water spray feature a lot more also. The movie seems to just be a 20 min narrated version of the actual Journey to the Centre of the Earth movie but was enjoyable (I haven't seen the full length cinema version so this might have impacted on my enjoyment.) They also use new Real 3D glasses - the same ones you get when you see a Disney 3D movie at the cinemas. The pre-show room theme is no where near as extensive as the previous Shrek movie, which is a disappointment. There are basically three pockets of theming in the corners of the room (which are nicely done, and well lit, but I would have liked to have seen this continue around the room and on the walls) and a projector screen for the pre-show movie. The back wall is painted but the front wall is just black. Its nice to see a new attraction at Warner Bros. Movie World and was definitely enjoyable so go down and see it, the only disappointment was with the limited theming in the pre-show room compared to what was previously there. I have attached a picture of the front and a dodgy picture I took on my phone of one of the corners of theming.




  2. I just wish that their 4 biggest rides in terms of crowdsoakers (SE, LW Batwing and WWF) were open all night and not shut at 9pm... cause that only leaves batman, and Scooby plus the Looney Tunes area, only if its open! And a lot of people in main street!
    The purpose of Halloween events tho shouldn't be to ride the rides that you can ride any day you go to the park, it should be to experience all the exclusive attractions the night has to offer. I'm guessing the main reason the rides close at 9pm would be council noise restrictions.
  3. that's true, but what about the stripped down white one? did they have some kind of major accident that required a repaint oh 90% of the car?
    That car isn't like that because of an accident.
    I also just noticed what appears to be 2 old style (model-T?) cars just behind the unpainted one. from the PASS?
    They use one during the Batman street show, they might use them at events aswell maybe?
  4. So here's a special treat for nostalgia buffs, its Jackie McDonald's tour of Sea World video from 1994
    As always when being nostalgic, try not be depressed by seeing how much more awesome things used to be, like the fact there used to be a Carvery in Dockside.
    I wish there was more then just the split second of that serpent slayer show. It seems pretty good, especially compared to the ski show they are getting rid of on july 20. If they could do that 15 years ago, it will be interesting to see what they do with this new show. I love the helicopter involvement.
  5. WWF does rotation with superman staff only like you mentioned because of uniform change.
    the ride staff are rostered on one ride per day, the only reason you would change is if there is a shortage on another ride, or your ride has to many and they don't want to send you home. The only exception is the village area and dodgems they are treated as one ride and supervisors. You change positions within the ride tho.
  6. With the exception of Sea World, which is too far, all of the WVTP photo outlets in WnW and WBMW are linked to a central server wirelessly. You can get a photo from any attraction at any other kiosk.
    You can get the Sea World photos at MW and WnW now too. Also thanks to who ever split this into a new topic :)
  7. The roof out the front of the ticketing booth will be very arched by the looks of the framework that I caught a glimpse of when I drove past MW today. Also this has nothing to do with the roof but it is a change in main street. The shops in main street now do not open till 11:30. Apparently its a cost cutting procedure but i can't help but feel its a bit tacky especially since I've heard that guests knock on the doors of the store asking why they can't come in. When the park is officially open, should it not be that all aspects of the park are now open also? On another note the Lethal Weapon store is now closed. If you want the ride photo you need to go to Superman and you exit the ride through the gate that was on the side of the store. Prices in the park have also gone up. Most things only 5 cents but somethings more. For example a bottle of soft drink is now $4 and a hot dog is $5.50 when they use to be $3.70 and $4.95 respectively. I would think this are changes brought about by the new COO. (A bit off topic but i wasn't sure if that last note was worthy of a new topic or not.)

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