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  1. Kinda ew mentioning the water level safety sensor. But nice to see some steps to address issues publicly.
  2. Please don't think I am clueless as to how social media works in regards to trolls and complainers. As above, one the only official words Ive seen from Movieworld that has been made publicly was basically 'dont like lines? Don't come' I also want to reiterate that I only wish the best for all the parks. The worst outcome to any of this situation would be the closure of Dreamworld or VRTP as their would be no drive from the parks to continue to make changes for success. Movieworld was my first employer out of school and my go-to park because of the 'escape from the everyday' that it offered. Perhaps I hold them to a higher level of professionalism and conduct as I still see it through the eyes of a wide-eyed kid on the gremlins ride, or walking into the batcave for the first time. What's on offer now? Half-assed theming, a stunt show I can see at the showgrounds on a Saturday night and rides which are shells of their former glory. There has always been a slight (possible unconcious) bias towards VRTP on these forums and in some of the reporting in news items. I will be the first to put my hand up and say MW deserves my money again - but at the moment I can get a better experience elsewhere for less. Has Movieworld lost the mantle as best theme park on the coast? IMO, yes. Therefore in my eyes, yes... Movieworld has declined.
  3. Any official word from Movieworld to the hundreds of disappointed / pissed off commenters on their socials? Or is it still just the 'don't come in the holdiays' reply?
  4. Bloxy not super fair for me to compare it to the dreamworld incident as in the end it wasn't VRTPs fault, but a manufacturer issue. (Someone correct me if wrong) I'm sure there will be a thread somewhere on here about it all. It got a ton of press at the time... All I'm saying is that VRTP (and those riders) got very lucky that day. Even if this incident had resulted in deaths, unfortunately who knows if it would have been enough to save the lives on the river rapids at dreamworld a year later or if we would have had two tragedy's in the space of a year. Edit: found the thread https://goldcoastbulletin.com.au/news/gold-coast/investigations-into-movie-worlds-green-lantern-ride-accident-found-a-bolted-joint-failed/news-story/009e76cbe1a1ebf99ca37e0c9feb8610
  5. Blah.. call me a fanboy idc πŸ˜‚ Yes, Dreamworld has a lot of work to do to rebuild the public's faith but I think the word of mouth after this recent holiday debacle will be helping. In my few visits over the holidays I saw nothing but smiles and happy familys.... An electric atmosphere only made better by the smaller crowds. I think we will see a much more competitive Dreamworld come September. Thank god the general public don't realise just how close Movieworld came to a catastrophic disaster with Green Lantern or the past few years would tell a very different story.
  6. Lots of passionate commentary on this thread and now it seems to be going in circles. One can hope VRTP have the time and resources to fix these issues come the next big capacity days. They need a people eater... Bring back a basic studio tour and link it to Paradise country. Even if it's just a shuttle between the two using the back roads with a brief overview of the studios. Increase visitation at PC and shuttle a few hundred people outta MW every hour. Shuttle station between Arkham and Superman. Looks like a great experience for guests but really just getting them to the least popular park in the group. Upcharge at PC to enter if you must. I'm interested for those that know the answer, how many HWSD shows were there daily during this busy Easter.
  7. Have seen quicker... But still a very short (less than a minute wait) in final break run before moving forward to unload. Considering this is currently the only smoking section in the park. I do agree that opening it now is a bit more difficult than just unlocking the padlock.
  8. What a great day! The positives: DW passed the vibe check. Good solid crowds but not insane. When it's difficult to find seating at lunch with all the additional seating atm for the food festival that's gotts be a good sign. Park very clean and DW should be proud as punch. So much easier not to have to check in anymore and perhaps why the park was busier today then I've seen it the last few times I've been (about weekly for a while now) Crocodile feed was awesome. Didn't realise DW did like a proper educational talk and stuff prior and during so that was cool. Noticed the speakers have been turned off at the memorial... Broken or actually taking on board suggestion I made a couple weeks ago. Either way, much better. Saw some roaming entertainment into the street stall section... But it was a bit random... Like an escaped old school prisoner like you use to see on the Paddle steamer .. it was a choice but good to see some roaming street performers out and about. Needs improvement: Slow ops on most rides... Really just no urgency at all in pushing people through. Old passage between WWW and DW should reopen for guests to pass between the both freely. (Yes I smoke) and the few times I was there today I saw quite a few people walk towards the old entrance thinking it would be open and turning around upon seeing the locked gate. Having to leave the park and reenter at front gate for WWW is a bit silly. The rides Giant Drop needs some music in the queue line. Kinda awkward not having some background stuff going on in that indoor queue. Sky Voyager still my number one ride on the GC. next time you're on take a quick glimpse at the faces around you. Kids beaming... Parents loving it... It truly is the best family attraction if not the best attraction full stop anywhere on the GC. Steel Taipan. Rode spinning seat for the first time with a friend and nope nope nope. Ride it solo... You get a much better spin. Saw most trains going with people using spinning seat so price point must be pretty enticing. Two trains operations all day. Panda ... While waiting in the longgggest queue of the day.. saw quite a few full figured guests be turned away from riding. I'm not sure if that ride has a test seat but if it dosnt it desperately needs one. Verdict Go. Yes a lot has changed and been removed. Some rides are sorely missed but with a visit from 10am-4 today we still felt like we hadn't done everything we wanted to do. A mixture of wait times contributed to that but honestly... enjoying the atmosphere and the really solid vibes going on there ATM is well worth it.. so if you havnt been in a while - give it a shot.
  9. Couldn't see anywhere relevant to post this in the past few pages but let's talk about Pandamonium for a second... Does this ride have the worst downtime between cycles? Sat here watching it for the last hour timing downtime. From unload of previous passengers to start of next cycle ... The ride is averaging 8 minutes between cycles. Six cycles an hour with 24 on each cycle makes it 144 capacity an hour. Anyone know what the manufacturer stats are for this model? 144 seems quite low and alternating between slow and fast means the slow lane is maybe waiting one cycle for a ride... While those in the fast lane are waiting 4-5 cycles.
  10. Reduce the price...$19 sounds better than $25. Make it $10 for AP except during historically busy periods. Better to have four people ride for $40 then one for $25
  11. What I see as someone not associated with the parks at all is a park doing its best to rebuild after horrendous neglect resulting in the death of guests .... And a park in cruise control with dilapidated surroundings with no love or care for the guest experience. It's my opinion and I know I'll hear shouts of 'dw fanboy'.. but as a complete outsider with no ties to either venues all I can say - dreamworld deserves the praise it's been getting and Movieworld needs to stop taking its guests for granted. Dreamworld is screaming at me 'look we are putting in the effort'. Movieworlds just like 'hey we didn't kill anyone - come on in ya suckers' IMO
  12. We were there from 11am - 130pm. Whole park quiet and really disappointed DW arnt getting more love atm. But in saying that, quite a few big busses parked in the carpark today and a bunch of big school type groups about. Sky Voyager walk on (both levels working - and still the best ride on the GC imo) Taipan walk on. Only real queue was for Gold Coaster and Vintage Cars. Wiggles world looking extremely sad and needs some desperate attention. Park clean and beautiful looking. Gardens well maintained. Staff experiences great as usual. External Food vendors looked a little bored when we past through at 11. Dreamworld not doing much wrong atm imo. An updated kids area for the tiny ones would be a good investment given the really poor showing gold coast wide for the little ones and could help bring back the family's.
  13. Spent some time here in the garden reflecting today. I think it is tasteful and (for now) well maintained... Imo the speaker near the space should be turned off to allow those who want a quiet space to pay their respects needn't put up with Aussie bush music. I don't think it needs any more identifying information.
  14. Pictures from 4th April . Edited to add more
  15. Over the past few months I have been pondering the question...When did Movieworld lose its magic' Was it the closure of Police Academy for the bogan-fueled SD? Was it the lacklustre 'improvements' to Scooby? Do we even go as far back and say the magic ended with the literal closure of the Special Effects show? I remember recently travelling by bus to the park... And a family of tourists were sitting close by excitedly talking about what they were going to ride when they got there while I silently ticked off the rides in my head that were closed and thinking of the disappointment they might feel when they discovered the truth. I guess your pictures put into words the general feeling I have towards MW atm. All substance, no style.
  16. Have an awesome holiday and congrats on the wedding 😊 At Dreamworld, The Claw and Giant Drop will be your big tests. The Claw is the least friendly ride for bigger guests but does have a test seat out front. They also have a 'reported' weight limit on Sky Voyager but in all my times there Ive never been weighed in and never seen my other full figured pals be weighed either. Scooby Doo at Movieworld is a Scooby don't for those with large thighs and waist. You're best attempt to ride Scooby will be in the back seat. Those are the only ones we usually come across with difficulties that I can think of BUT the staff are always extremely accommodating and will do their best to help you ride safely... So I say give them all a go and have fun!
  17. Agree solo spinning Taipan. Assuming you are a larger build as well due to your harness issues on other rides.... But that solo back seat on Taipan.... Amazzzzzinnnggggggg
  18. Totally off topic πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ST was a walk on yesterday for the most part. When I left around 1230, both trains still being used but we're being sent with only 4-8 riders each train. Sky Voyager had a two cycle wait but enjoy the indoor queue and the video featuring the woman I havnt seen before in the second preshow. Also I remember some talk here of a weight limit in SV. noone was questioned in our party and we had some big builds there πŸ˜‚
  19. Same size you'd expect in the pub
  20. Dreamworld Kenny's Chick 'n Wings Hawaiian Parmigiana $19.50 Pretty damn tasty and good value. Coleslaw underseasoned and dry but recommended if you're looking for something thats not a burger or hotdog. 4/5 noms
  21. Spinning seat solo ... Most intense and exhilarating experience I have had on a rollercoaster in my life
  22. Interesting. Have never had it enforced with my party .. and some of us like to eat
  23. I was there about a month ago and no weight limit was enforced on voyager. Bit disappointed if that's the case now. I take groups to the parks... and voyager was one of the only ones we could do comfortably with everyone
  24. Because im in the mood to split hairs.... are they counting each individual slide of a setup as a single slide? Aint no way vrtp have 115+ rides, shows and slides (unless they count each individual slide i guess) 42 open today between wnw, mw, sw. Didnt bother with PC. Not counting meet and greets as a show or upcharges πŸ‘Œ also does a walkthrough animal exhibit count as a show? I didnt include them πŸ€·β€β™‚οΈ
  25. Really nice day today at WWW. Park is looking really good and very very busy. All staff we interacted with were awesome
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