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  1. ERR..... Guys, and Girls- There comes a time in the life of an attraction at a themepark where it is just not possible to continue. This is not because the attraction is unserviceable, or unpopular, but because the world moves on. The health and safety requirements of a ride in a themepark have come a very long way in 20 years. The 20 year old rides have not. Way back when the first ever double loop fully welded roller coaster in the southern hemisphere was built.............It was at Dreamworld. 20 years later it was a question of ..... Do we want to spend $5,000,000 to bring this thing up to modern safety standards and continue operating it?.. or do we want to pay an extra gazzilion dollars every year for insurance?... or should we scrap it, and buy a Cyclone? It's not that hard to figure out, and change is a good thing, especially when that means people will be safer.
  2. See here:- Over at the Dreamworld equivalent forum. The Dreamworld what's new forum
  3. Yep- you all get the idea. I would recommend a near vertical drop from a respectable height but instead of a corkscrew you have a simple small negative G wave/bump on the way down- just so everyone gets a damn good and terrifying look at the ground coming up without the persons head in the car in front getting in the way. Then it's oh S..T! where did my visual of the ground go? Gotta be heart attack city Thanks Gaz and Tony for the pics, but to me the concept could be taken to a much greater level of fear. I think the Hades concept is a fear of running into a stone wall and gazzas pic shows a ride that for my money has far too many visual clues for the riders as to just where the ground plane is. Detracts from the terror I think. Mind you and I hasten to add............. there is no bloody way I would ever ride on it
  4. I want to see a huge drop roller coaster somewhere in the world that plummets you down into an underground tunnel. If the claw makes you think your face is going to be planted into the ground, then imagine what your heartrate would do if you actually did intersect the ground plane at speed. Probably it would kill people from heart attacks, and be shut down.
  5. Err- I believe the concept is to be able to open a portion of the park to after normal hours trade. Within a short distance you would have a movie theatre, food outlet/restaurant,bowling alley and whatever else you want as an entertainment precinct for the locals. It's indoors and weatherproof, and doesn't create an undue noise problem for the neighbors at night. They don't call Coomera "Boomera" for nothing. The local population expansion is just nuts, with the Gold Coast now Australias fastest growing city, and tipped to be bigger than Melbourne sometime around 2020. The nearest bowling alley that I know of is at Ashmore, and there are plans for a biggie at Nerang too I think. I don't think you can deny the locals the chance to go have a beer and bowl, or go to the movies of an evening. It would not be such a great leap to make use of the studio facilities to televise a competition either. I could imagine a national league competition final being hosted and televised from there, or even an international one for that matter. Lets face it- If big brother works from DW studios, then why couldn't an international bowling competition with megadollar prize money? It only takes a bit of vision.
  6. Any idiot or social psychopath can extract short term gain for long term pain. Welcome to the pain Maquarie bank.
  7. Any idiot or social psychopath can extract short term gain for long term pain. Welcome to the pain Maquarie bank.
  8. Nah. They're just after someone to work in their games arcade.
  9. Any idiot or social psychopath can extract short term gain for long term pain. Welcome to the pain Maquarie bank.
  10. PA is great. Why spend money to fix something that isn't broken? Because it could be sooo much better. If PA were enclosed with a roof, and air conditioned, then you could do some theatrical lighting and extra stuff to really focus the experience. It could be an all weather venue- and a most attractive place to be in a January thunderstorm, or a January hot as Marilyn Munroe day. PA licensing fees to WB would have to be a factor in the mix as well. Quite frankly it's a no brainer to me. You only have to look at the success of Outback Spectacular to cop an inkling of where this is headed. But hey what would I know. I'm just a fly on the wall
  11. What Richard says = Ditto. DW= Maquarie Bank. WVTP's= John Menzies. Personally, I choose to back the man. John Menzies is in my view "The Man" with a capital "M".
  12. A.B.S. picture of Australian population distribution How many of these dots are people that live anywhere near an arcade? As to the themeing and lack thereof:- Watch this space in 2008. I suspect that John Menzies will take a personal interest here, and I look forward to seeing what he finally gives the nod to. The guy has high standards and he doesn't stuff around.
  13. To answer some questions, and questionable statements made here:- Why have an arcade? .... Because it's fun. Not necessarilly your idea of fun, but not every one is old enough, or tall enough to enjoy what you may define as fun. Arcade Games help to fill that gap. Bumper cars are cool. The new bumper cars are so cool that in the mornings almost everyone that is on duty are "testing" them. On a setting of 5- The maximium- it is possible to continuously power slide these things in a doughnut. This is due to the cars having steel wheels at the rear, as opposed to the rubber wheels on old model stuff. *Points finger at old stuff* There is no overhead power pole or overhead power grid. All the power is done from the floor. How ever- For some PPl, bumper cars mashing into each other can be intimidating. You may like this- (I do) but many people don't. For these people suitable entertainment nearby is a good thing. I think Intencity is where it is for that purpose, and you can't blame them for that.
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