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  1. L_A_U_G_H?

    Tornado! What's it like?

    So Pure speed and Pure fun Cool My sort of thing
  2. L_A_U_G_H?

    "Butterfly Feeling" A.k.a Weightlessness

    I went on my the corkscrew roller coaster wehn I was 8, 10 times in a row however 5 years later...Na uh wouldn't get me on it again; and the corkscrew roller coaster was the one in Rainbows End in Auckland. I have full confidence in the saftey of rollercoatsers it has nothing to do with that for me; I love looking into Theme Parks and learning about RollerCoasters and things, I was up to date with the progress with such rides as Kingda Ka, and I have an interest in the Pyhisics at work in Thrill rides so I know in simple terms how things work. I'm not a roller coaster person in the sense of going on them mainly because of the butter fly feeling and this hasn't been a child thing either as I said, I went on the corkscrew roller coaster 10 times in a row when I was 8 went back again when I was 13/14 and refused to go on it. I admit I'm a wuss...my 12 year old sister and father try everything out for me. However there has been a few occasion where they have been things that they haven't liked that I loved. I love the Scooby Doo Coaster, they hate going backwards, I love it! My Cousins are coming over, from NZ, which is where I have moved from and I intend to go on everything with them So my fear is going to be cured soon They normally convince me to do everything lol I watched the Batwing space shot for ages and I notice when you reach the height of the launch there was slight paus. I watched a video I tookin slow and noticed that nearly eveyone raised into the top of the harness. My Dad and sis said the weightlessness was nearly non exsistent (There sense must be dulling hehhehehe) so in saying that watching the ride to see what your in for is a good advice, if you watch very carefully you can tell when certain things happen. Ps. Forgot to add that Even though I was told that the Batwing didn't have much weightlessness because I watched the video and saw this pause at the top I had to ask!
  3. L_A_U_G_H?

    Tornado! What's it like?

    Oh cool I've been told by a mate if you're not a thrill ride person the water rides should be fine So thats good but I really can't wait to go on a huge slide !!!
  4. L_A_U_G_H?

    Batwing Spaceshot

    Hey Y'll I've been to warner bros with my family like nearly 10 times now lol. Now, I really don't like the weightless feeling on rides.... (The one you get at the top of the drops on the flumes) or going upside down. I really like going fast though and being smacked into the seat and going backwards! YAY! But My Dad and Sister have said that the Spaceshot is my cup of tea. Is this true? They say that you just get this intense feeling of being pushed back into your chair? Or they just trying to get me on a ride I won't like ?
  5. L_A_U_G_H?

    Tornado! What's it like?

    I have only actually recently moved to Australia. So I haven't been to all the theme parks yet, actually just not Wet'n'Wild and White Water World. But I'm going to be going soon, and I was wondering what the intensity of the Tornado was like?