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  1. TBF, Shockwave's daily capacity is probably only around 80 riders anyway...
  2. You're very right. Surely though they'd have some recourse against the manufacturer for a ride to live such a short life span?
  3. Yeah, not a great ride. Precinct well done though.
  4. You're quite right in most respects here. The UX does indeed suck. The pricing on it is indeed inflexible. The sad fact is Village is hardly what any of us would call a 'digital-first' (or second, or third) organisation, and this is ably reflected in things like their web presence over the last two decades. These guys will always be chasing the train, but talking like they are driving it. Their mates up the road are no better either, and that's a large part of why it doesn't get any better.
  5. It works fine in Chrome. I guess the sub-4% of people still stuck with Firefox are going to have to miss out.
  6. If Dreamworld weren't negligent they wouldn't be paying anything...
  7. Expensive given the current economy, but a perfect spoil if you're worried about the guys down the road opening a new coaster and soaking up business for a while.
  8. It wouldn't say very good things for the people doing the contracting at Village in that case...
  9. Have a read: https://www.mouseplanet.com/10382/Who_Disappeared_Roger_Rabbit_From_the_Disney_Parks
  10. It's design by committee and career-men rather than passionate individuals. Most businesses do great early on when the guy with the money, wisdom and passion is running the show with a supporting cast - it's when the suits move in afterward that nothing much good happens.
  11. That's what I'm getting at. Hell, even a Disney resort would be worth thinking about.
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