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  1. webslave

    Rocky Hollow Log Ride officially closed

    You can just imagine the conversation at Dreamworld HQ: "Well guys, I'd like to continue developing new experiences for guests and take proactive steps to delivery a new generation of rides and all, but it's this log ride. The log ride is why I can't do anything."
  2. webslave

    New bins in Wild West Falls queue

    It wouldn't be Parkz if we didn't have people lording insider information over others, only contributing it when they think their authority might be challenged, would it?
  3. webslave

    Dreamworld’s biggest prize pack

    "If within the first year" hahaha. Way to back the house!
  4. webslave

    Gold Coast Parks in January

    Other option is to just do Star Tour. It's now my go-to for MW visits.
  5. webslave

    Movie World - The Next Few Years

    Also not helped by how it presents to the pathway. Easy for many to pass it by without even realizing it's something to see.
  6. webslave

    Dreamworld's $700k chill out zone

    These people know they are running a theme park, don't they?
  7. webslave

    Ideas to fix WB Kids at Movie World

    Pretty much this. It's not on the way to any other ride or attraction. It's not particularly near lockers (which is rather dumb). If you've got a (for example) four year-old and a nine year-old chances are one parent is going to be stuck down in the kids area with the youngie and the other parent is going to be up the front of the park with the older kid - the walk time there is 5-10 minutes, and it doesn't exactly make for a good family day out.
  8. webslave

    Ideas to fix WB Kids at Movie World

    I'd rather see the kids area developed into a standalone (not kids-focused) area with some rides relevant to multiple age groups, and then see kids rides integrated into the other areas of the park to spread them out a bit. Speaking as a parent, the kids area is frustrating because it feels miles from everywhere else in the park - so inevitably one parent is saddled with the youngest kid in that area and is isolated from the rest of the family as they do the rest of the park. An approach of integrating a kids ride into each area of the park allows families to stay together throughout the day, and to move together through the park from area to area without tedious back-tracking to a far-flung corner of the park.
  9. webslave

    Sky Voyager Discussion

    If DW had left you out to dry after you'd been giving them a sweet ride for years would you be in a hurry to play ball with them on their next ride?
  10. webslave

    Dreamworld Maintenance 2019

    One more outburst like that and he's going to send you to your room, mister.
  11. webslave

    Sea World - New Attraction 2019

    Yeah, a friend of mine who is on the large side couldn't ride it. I was fine. You didn't miss much. It was pretty crap.
  12. Buddy, it's called critical analysis and reporting - it's a good thing. When you're not doing that you're basically writing press releases.
  13. Well, it all depends on perspective doesn't it? What good decisions have Dreamworld made, announced and executed upon recently? I may have missed them.
  14. webslave

    New and very different attractions

    Are you sure, Push? After all...