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  1. Play School Wheel announced - Dreamworld

    Yeah, it's tricky to see. This might help:
  2. Play School Wheel announced - Dreamworld

    A smile is often a giveaway.
  3. Play School Wheel announced - Dreamworld

    Gosh, don't the kids/parents look thrilled in that social media photo!
  4. To be fair, given you know Google pretty well you probably also found this link: https://www.sitepoint.com/most-popular-frontend-frameworks-compared/ ...which is the top result on Google for "bootstrap framework popularity". From their notes: "The main strength of Bootstrap is its huge popularity. Technically, it’s not necessarily better than the others in the list, but it offers many more resources (articles and tutorials, third-party plug-ins and extensions, theme builders, and so on) than the other four frameworks combined. In short, Bootstrap is everywhere. And this is the main reason people continue to choose it." Although, you've been having a tough week here so I'm not going to rub it in. Some of what you've been saying I've agreed with, but now it's just turning into a bit of a shit-fight. Just giving you a stir on the Google thing.
  5. We were last at SW just over a year ago, and AFAIK there's not much doing there since. The thinking on DW is that there's enough there to also keep mum and dad's interest as required, whereas at SW he doesn't recognize much in the way of their licenses and if he's in a bit of a mood and therefore decides no rides then it's a pretty ordinary day ahead. MW has rivals, and the little bloke is Batman-obsessed, but outside of a chance encounter with a character on main street there's not a lot doing for him.
  6. You got me - I was being unnecessarily vague to avoid asking you the question directly about Dreamworld in case you didn't want to be that specific. So, I have a family and will be visiting the region in under a month's time. We had planned on visiting Dreamworld because we felt their ride offering better targets my 3-year-old kid, rather than visiting Movie World (mostly because mum and dad want to ride Rivals). Would your advice as someone who has claimed previously (and credibly) to have access to inside information be that we reconsider our travel to Dreamworld at this time?
  7. Fair call, happy to admit I just Googled it. I was not aware the site had stepped back from it, although it would have been interesting at the time if you'd been as public in doing so as you were in starting the campaign. Can understand why you wouldn't. Would you still stand by the claim that the parks are safe and responsible today?
  8. In light of Alex's spirited response to the article I found it interesting to reflect upon that text and wonder if this marks a departure from that campaign.
  9. Our theme park industry is under attack by the media and fringe groups. The media is misrepresenting normal procedures, generating alarmist content for the sake of clickbait. Fringe activist groups are spreading misinformation and pseudoscience in an irrational vendetta against world-class animal exhibits and facilities. The constant, dishonest media coverage and social campaigns are hurting our theme parks. Our theme parks are safe. They are responsible. Help us spread the truth!
  10. Looks cool. Video could do with a bit of an audio/video sync though!
  11. Dreamworld - 2017 Log Ride reopening

    Agreed fellas, I'm just clutching at straws like most to try and understand the thinking on this.
  12. Dreamworld - 2017 Log Ride reopening

    Does it mitigate the risk of rollover?
  13. Gumbaya World, the New Kid on the block!

    I was thinking the Geelong -> Melbourne -> Lakes Entrance day was... aspirational
  14. Draculas Haunted House Walkthrough closing

    Maybe something like Artvo (http://artvo.com.au/)?