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  1. The thing that screams at me here is how often I am reading the words "short term". I would suggest that if he is hitching his wagon to a park full of low-brow simulators and upcharges coupled with crass and forgettable licensed brands then his line of thinking may not be the only thing that is likely to be "short term".
  2. So, having read this now there's a couple of observations on my part; If the conscious decision has been to take a hit on the presentation of the park while attendance is down; what would the conscious decision have been had the events at TRR not transpired? Many restuarants when trade is down go into what I would term a 'death spiral' whereby they cut back on staff numbers and/or food quality to reduce operating costs until trade improves, but that trade never improves because poor service and food exacerbate the operating conditions. I would wonder whether Dreamworld is in the same condition - trade is down because of consumer confidence; so the strategy is to present a park that looks tired and unpolished? Yeah, I'm confused. The Mine Ride is something that has been talked about in earnest since 2015 - but somehow we don't yet know the state of the structure of the ride, nor what sort of lifespan or ROI it might offer? Sorry, that just doesn't sound reasonable. I keep hearing all of this "part of our history" talk at Dreamworld and am starting to wonder what the heck is going on. So far we have talked about the Mine Ride (1988), Log Ride (1981), Wipeout (1993) explicitly. Are we operating a museum or a theme park here? The 'Big 9' are now HWSW (1995), Buzzsaw (2011), MDMC (2007), Pandamonium (2012), Tail Spin (2014), The Claw (2004), The Giant Drop (1998), TOTII (1997), Wipeout (1993). Average year? 2003. How about we stop worrying about the history for just a moment and wonder about the future? What do we want it to look like? I doubt five years from now anybody is going to be heralding the resurrection of the Mine Ride (and little else since that time) as what's set the park up for success for the next decade. It's great that they will be looking at fixing up a mess of pathways and removing SBNO infrastructure - but what good is that when areas of the park are crying out for basics like lightbulbs and paint?
  3. Spoke to Craig last Thursday? Approximately how many minutes elapsed between hitting the 'publish' button on the (spot-on) article and the phone ringing? One might think you struck a nerve.
  4. Justice League effects stop before ride ends

    I couldn't even hazard a guess at what my score would have been. I have no confidence that the gun and scoring equipment would have worked even remotely accurately. One of our guns certainly didn't work.
  5. Justice League effects stop before ride ends

    Although, in reality we are talking about a ride that is very low-thrills and limited in re-ride value. Rode it once about a year ago with zero line. Didn't bother doing it again.
  6. In truth - he's three; he wouldn't even know that there's parks there if I didn't tell him. Trouble is at Movie World there's not a heck of a lot for him to do. The one saving grace is last time we were there we came onto Main Street to find Batman kicking some bad guys - he thought that was pretty great and is now obsessed with Batman. So there's that, I guess.
  7. As the dad of a three year old I'm faced with a similar choice next February; go to Dreamworld which by all accounts seems to be a park that is struggling and not getting any better, go ride a hyper at MW even though I last visited there a year ago, or skip the parks altogether.
  8. Let's be honest about Top Golf

    As someone who has seen the TopGolf built in Las Vegas I can comfortably say I'd be interested regardless of who is building it.
  9. Superman Escape dark section

    Well, yeah. That and even if such an effect was installed are we confident the powers that be would have maintained it all this time? I'm not.
  10. Thanks for the insight @Spotty, interesting to hear a perspective from the other side. Would it be normal for Skywalker to e-stop mid-ride like described? I also find it interesting that Worksafe would clear a ride to operate - are these guys domain experts on the attractions themselves?
  11. Looks like trouble for the operators of the Skywalker at the Royal Melbourne Show: http://www.theage.com.au/victoria/royal-melbourne-show-show-ride-for-real-thrillseekers-shut-down-over-harness-issues-20171002-gysmng.html Here's the referenced Facebook post: As I read through the comments others are sharing their own stories, and they seem like a cut above the "it was going much faster than normal and I felt like we were going to die" standard stuff and paint quite a troubling picture, eg;
  12. Oh, I'm sure one of the execs has a kid with a GoPro that they will cable-tie crooked onto the front of the coaster pointing down at the track. That's totally the same thing, isn't it?
  13. Talks Underway For New Amusement Industry Laws

    It's always a worry when you get reports and Governments talking like this because you end up with regulation for the sake of having regulation. When you've got a report asking why you need a ticket to operate a forklift but not an amusement ride then you've clearly got decision makers asking the wrong questions. Who the fuck cares if you need a ticket to operate a forklift? The actual question is whether there's some level of critical training that operators are not getting that we need a licensing system to be able to track compliance with. If so, what is that critical training? We're not talking about mistakes here (they will happen, and the method of work should explicitly allow for this) - we are talking about a system of putting people in charge of machinery that they are missing critical information to allow the safe use of.
  14. https://www.liveleak.com/view?i=5c5_1502534350 "About 20 Palestinian kids were lightly injured yesterday in Ramallah as the merry-go-round had a malfunction. This isnt the first time there is such failure at this amusment park. The place was temporary closed." That's just a tad scary...