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  1. Took a ride on Big Dipper a few days ago for the first time, and yes; the rattle was very noticeable. It did not coincide with track joints.
  2. It's helps that it's also substantially more substantial than storm.
  3. I'd just be a bit careful what grade of room you get there. Their oldest rooms are absolutely rank and are frequently the cause of walkouts. The newest rooms are furthest from the action, the mid-range rooms are fine.
  4. I'm not surprised you're into it. Common misconception in the marketing community. Marketing exists to serve the business (in this case by driving attendance), not just numbers for the sake of the marketers.
  5. Yeah, but like, is that really the type of callback to history that Movie World is crying out for?
  6. Then I'd say you honestly need to harden up. There's a whole wide world of actual scary out there.
  7. The only thing I can think of is that they are trying to represent "a day in the life" on set. And, I think it largely succeeds at that; it's boring, tedious, repetitive, and largely has you wishing nonspecific harm upon everyone involved by the end.
  8. I have it in writing from the park that it's not. So there's that I guess. You'd be surprised. Here's that technically complex process happening at Darling Harbour on a public thoroughfare in 2013 at midnight.
  9. I think the issue is Showtime. They are a bunch of revheads, and as such everything they do seems to revolve around that.
  10. @New display name C'mon buddy, the ops are like watching old people f**k. Cringeworthily slow, and you know by the time it's you on the loading platform you'll probably be 80 too.
  11. No hate, just observation. Gut feel is they'd happily leave up an unlaminated A4 sheet for six months without batting an eyelid, so when they are willing to go the extra mile on a for-real sign then you know they are all-in on it taking while.
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