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  1. The location was only one of the problems. There were far more; Pricing was far too high for what any locals would consider paying. It was stationed in the middle of what is basically a future dead mall. Parking around it turned into reasonably expensive paid parking, and when that turned out to be a stupid idea nobody got the memo when it changed back. Full of pretension about doing "flights" on the wheel that didn't land as marketing. It did practically nothing to appeal to the locals. Beyond this, I considered that for travellers to Melbourne the wheel
  2. I mean, you could go the route of truth and advertise "visit now, or miss out later!"
  3. I found it interesting that they pick out that their major attraction count has been "right-sized for current demand" during a pandemic with international and domestic border restrictions, when we are talking about permanently closing attractions rather than mothballing them. I'd imagine some parks would enhance their major attraction count to generate demand (and, to be fair, they talk in those terms of Steel Taipan), but this just reads like Dreamworld-speak for "achieving the average by lowering the average". The document seems littered with examples of them talking out of both si
  4. The only one in a coin flip between the two portfolios? No, there's lots of people in that boat. For me, the tie-breaker was I had another reason to roll my eyes at Dreamworld this week which tipped it. Look around - lots of people visiting the GC ask which park they should visit. Who is the type of person in their social circle they usually ask? I'd suggest the type of person who frequents Parkz is often near the top of that list. How many people do you think will ask me which one they should go with, and which do you think I'll tell them? I'm sure you've been asked plenty of times
  5. Doubt it, but when you're struggling for attendance as much as the parks are in general, and DW specifically you'd be a foolish businessperson to willingly forego any gate revenue. Often when making decisions like this as a business it's hard to quantify in dollars what your marketing decisions make or cost you at the gate. On my part it may only be ~$600 (which, technically is worse given that $600 not only doesn't go to you, but goes into your competition), but even if only one other family made the same decision as me you're already into a four-figure revenue loss for no benefit.
  6. Well, allow me to send one of my own to Dreamworld. My family and I are attending the area reasonably soon. We have young children and have been trying to determine whether we give DW a run or go with VRTP. My message to Dreamworld; petty crap like this loses you revenue, and you can chalk mine up as a directly attributable loss. We're going to go with VRTP.
  7. It's almost like chasing the international tourist dollar and forsaking your local market has a downside.
  8. It also does not photograph spectacularly well these days...
  9. I think he considers the treat to be the sum of the parts.
  10. So you're saying Dreamworld should be looking for a concreting company that's also in the market for a slightly used thrill attraction?
  11. Who gives a shit? You're not a party to either side of the NDA, so it's not up to you to enforce it. Kindly stfu and quit gate-keeping. If they want to talk and/or believe they can then that's on them and we are the beneficiaries.
  12. "Due to Covid this", "Due to Covid that". I don't think the public is going to keep tolerating Covid being the excuse for providing a shit customer experience for too much longer. I especially think that Dreamworld telling guests about pushing back maintenance is not the smartest PR they could be doing.
  13. Yeah, nah, sorry - if there's one thing these parks have taught us it's that you can't just give them benefit of the doubt that they will make an effort where that's all it takes. You also can't with a straight face justify such terrible customer experience as "claw back some profits after Covid" as if that's something people should just accept without scrutiny.
  14. TBF, Shockwave's daily capacity is probably only around 80 riders anyway...
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