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  1. I guess it depends on how well they display them, and Sea World is usually pretty good at making there animals interesting. Apparently in Toledo Zoo where theres 700 different animal species, the hippos are the most popular. Sea World might be able to make this work.
  2. gho

    Sea World Resort Renovation

    I realise this will never happen, but it would be great if Sea World bought the Sheraton building (theres a rumour going around that Sheraton may possibly move to one of the buildings in the Dolphin centre redevelopment) and move the resort there, of course changing the monorail path to connect to it. Then they could demolish the current Sea World Nara Resort building and expand the park, imagine the possibilities if that land became available, orcas may become a reality. Side Note to the person in charge, your registration form cuts off halfway horizontally, making it hard to register to the forums, the site looks good though, one of the most aesthetically pleasing forums ive seen.