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  1. I find this idea crazy by DW. Gives more credence to the fact that they dont put much thought into the bigger picture. They just throw attractions in willy nilly.
  2. A lot of rides go MIA in February as its just after school holidays. The parks deem this to be the most suitable time to do a lot of their maintenance work. I know they usually drain the river rapids at DW then because of the work out it gets over the summer.
  3. I hope not. I agree that an indoor / outdoor type ride is in order as they now have no such type of ride in the park. I think the attraction to Eureka was that it was quite original, certaingly for its time. I always loved that kick in the back as your car appraoch the first ascent...
  4. Begs the question, what now? Knowing DW they will put a space age ride in the gold rush country...
  5. Agree, the few times I have been on it I have had to endure huge wait times.
  6. Hi All, This is my first post here so thought it would be a good place to start. I have not been to Dreamworld for a couple of years but went a number of time as a child. In my view Dreamworld has become a mis mash of rides and attractions. Management have clearly placed an emphasis at accquiring rides on a budget and with a certain thrill capacity. While this is very important, it needs to be done in context with the "theme' of the park, hence why its a Theme Park. Dreamworld has lost that. I recall as a kid going from one them to the next and wowing at what i imagined Disneyland to be like and after finally getting their 2 weeks ago i can say that my thoughts as a child were correct. This is not about comparing Disneyland with Dreamworld as thats not fair. However I feel the theme aspect is very important and what makes a park what it is. I first visited Dreamworld in 1987 and it was when the park was at its best in my view. The Eureka Mine Car and Thunder River Rapids wer brand new and the log ride barely 5 years old. But more importantly the park had distinct themes that let you escape reality. Dreamworld needs to get that magic back and theme their rides and attractions better. Some of the rides are in desperatre need of rework: * The log ride needs a overhaul big time. It should be rethemed with use of animatronics and the descent reworked to make it steeper and faster. They could use the exisiting framework thus cutting down costs. It would not hurt also to make the ride a little longer. They could slow the ride down in parts with the added theme work and vary it up a bit. * The river rapids just are not that rapid any more. A couple of suggestions would be to add some climb and descent tracks to make it a bit more alive. The rapid ride at California Adventure Park is a good example of how it can be done. The infrastructure is there so costs could be kept down. It would not cost much to spruce it up. *Eureka is a shame is it was a great ride. However while I understand that it was old and parts are an issue, they do need to do one thing or another with it. Having it sit there gathering dust is really not good enough. Rework the ride or scrap it totally and start from scratch. * Wipeout was great for the time and was the start of the whole ocean theme however it was not capitalised on enough IMO. * Dreamworld desperately needs a world class roller coaster. This is the one area it lacks. It has nothing that could come close to that claim. When they ripped down Thunderbolt they should of replaced it with the coaster it needed. Not that has been from Luna Park. Worst mistake ever... Anyway that my view on Dreamworld. Is it a great park? Of course it is and it has a lot to offer. I just think that it has lost the magic it once had. While it is not as bad as it was in the early 90's before Wipeout, it could be so much better...
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