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  1. diesal11

    The Off Topic Topic

    Yeah it sits in the maintenance bay which is visible from the queue
  2. diesal11

    The Off Topic Topic

    The Adelaide Mad Mouse was a death trap from memory. I was only young when it was removed. My dad took me on a ride in it's final year of operation. I still remember seeing the track lift off while waiting in line. Scary to think it lives on overseas.
  3. diesal11

    Recommendations for a Europe Trip

    I totally forgot about Parque Warner! That's why i had Movie Park Germany on the list too. Unfortunately though, all closed during the week in November At least I'm building a good list for my next trip!
  4. diesal11

    Recommendations for a Europe Trip

    Yeah, it really makes you stop and think how lucky we are down here. On the plus side, now i have an excuse to come back via the Goldy and give Rivals a go
  5. diesal11

    Recommendations for a Europe Trip

    Thanks for all that @CaptainLazerGuns, although upon further inspection it seems Germany & UK shut their parks for Winter. So looks like just about everything's gonna be closed. That sucks. At least Efteling is open.
  6. Hey Guys, I'm heading over to Europe in a month with friends and i've decided to stay on for a week or so by myself to check out some parks! I've never really keep up to date with the theme park industry outside of AUS. I thought this would be a good place to ask what I should check out. We're already doing Disneyland in Paris for a few days. All I really know outside of that is Movie Park and Europa Park in Germany. I've heard of a couple in Switzerland and the UK. But i'd rather recommendations if anyones done a similar trip Im way more a Thrillseeker than a general park lover. So i'd be more interested in parks with bigger and more interesting rides/rollercoasters. Please merge or move this thread if i've posted in the wrong place. I wasn't quite sure where to put it. Thanks!
  7. It died because it was a poorly executed novelty which wore off quick. The noise of Dazzleland drive shoppers out just as quickly. So it was binned. Also, people shop horizontally, not vertically. They still struggle to get people onto anything past the first floor. The article mentions the 4th and 5th floors are currently closed, but even the 3rd floor is full of a VFX School & Gym. So it's really only the Underground, Ground and first two floors in use by shops these days. I think Myer still goes to the 4th floor maybe? I have some very fond memories of Dazzleland as The "Jazz Junction" was my first Rollercoaster. But after the launch hype I don't remember Dazzleland being anything spectacular. Bit of a shame really.
  8. diesal11

    Are coaster enthusiasts being frowned upon?

    Was it an exec or was that @The Original Belinda Brown? It's a real shame she left.
  9. diesal11

    DC Rivals HyperCoaster - new trailer/TVC

    That's sick. But my only gripe.... "The most advanced roller-coaster in the world" "The biggest, the fastest, the greatest thrill ride EVER built" "The world's BEST" Really? The blatant lies just make me cringe.
  10. Haha, not quite I was thinking more the installation of the joker head as part of a launch ceremony. Something like crowning it complete? Perhaps not though, also depends how quickly it can be installed & how quickly they can run it afterwards.
  11. Right before school holidays. I think the Joker Head has something to do with the launch
  12. Well if the track & supports are made & installed to spec it would be fine in theory. You would notice pretty quickly during construction if something didn't line up. Although we had that exact scenario with the Stengel Dive support? I thought the pull through was to check clearances anyway?
  13. Looks awesome, would be interesting to ride and see how it compares to it's older brother. AW has been growing a decent lineup of rides too. Might be time for a trip to Perth next year 🤔
  14. diesal11

    Dreamworld grass fire today

    It's already beyond that. 🙄
  15. diesal11

    Forum upgrade

    Speaking of reactions, looking a them this morning they seem a bit unbalanced. Would be nice to have one or two other positive options than just "Like". Wow, Shock, Excite, Heart/Love ect. Actually, didn't we originally have "Haha"?