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  1. Our curve supposedly more closely matches that of Italy, just a few weeks behind. Unfortunately not enough being done here until it's too late. A school in my State had a teacher who tested positive so they shut it down for two days to clean, during that time a pupil of that teacher also tested positive. and yet they still went ahead with reopening the school? The measures being put in place WRT state borders closing should have happened a month ago. It's going to be a very isolated winter by the looks.
  2. So how did the conveyer even stop then? The ride op claimed to have pressed the button 2 or 3 times, did he press the wrong one? EDIT - Found it towards the end: How awful for him, ridiculous that this wasn't foreseen given that the Main panels conveyer stop button takes 8 seconds, which is controlled by a primary ride op who has their attention constantly switching between loading guests and controlling the entire ride.
  3. So at what point did the main operator actually hit the primary E-Stop? The documents timeline doesn't specify and also seems to imply it wasn't pressed until after the rafts collided?
  4. diesal11

    Would it be worth replacing the Tower of Terror 2?

    I went Ferrari World a couple of years ago now. Turbo Track is fun but lacklustre especially when you've ridden it's older brother! But Ferrari World also has Formula Rossa (Fastest coaster in the world) and Flying Aces (A Hyper with the tallest non inverting loop). So anything is going to be lacklustre compared to those!
  5. diesal11

    Ardent Poaches New Dreamworld COO

    Yeah those over the shoulder seatbelts on the Shockwave are atrocious. I can't imagine how slow load/unload must be during busy times. Very little value added in terms of safety too really.
  6. diesal11

    Ardent Poaches New Dreamworld COO

    Not sure why this thread doesn't have more attention? This is very exciting news imo. This shows that Ardent are truly committed to fixing Dreamworld and they want to do it right. You would think that someone like Greg wouldn't join unless he was promised the funds and control required to turn the place around. Why leave Village otherwise? But perhaps i'm being naive in my optimism....
  7. diesal11

    Wipeout Removal

    Hopefully it's just a quick removal of the ride rather than the whole area, would be nice for them to reuse the wave, shack/station and old surfboards that went missing a while back in the seating area. If you're not going to give us anything new then a reminder of what once was is better than nothing
  8. When I went in June I had this exact issue at the end of the day. Not enough for a final run so we missed out.
  9. I would have thought given the 20 person minimum for Wipeout they're just trying to stagger guests across the cycles. If you have 30 guests lined up and the park isn't very busy, it's better to put 20 on and leave the rest to help fill up the next cycle rather than have guests waiting around forever for the minimum to fill up. I remember when i went earlier this year Wipeout took the longest to get on, purely because of the 20 rider minimum. I didn't realise until I arrived in Brisbane but my trip to the parks this year was the same week as the inquest. Was very unsettling driving to DW while the morning radio reports went over the previous days inquest findings. Although a smarter man would have just switched the station.
  10. diesal11

    Scooby Doo Spooky Coaster refurb

    Like they did with Lethal Weapon/Arkham Asylum?
  11. diesal11

    The Off Topic Topic

    After my Trip to Dreamworld on Monday I don't think i'll be rushing back until management changes. Too many rides down but most importantly I couldn't believe the state TOT2 was in. Issues all morning, saw them testing it throughout the day. Went for a ride on it later in the afternoon when it opened and it was an incredibly rough ride back into the load/unload station, felt similar to a manual car bunnyhopping. After that it overshot the station and they had to back it up and retry 5 times before it parked correctly. They continued operating it after this so I assume it's a known and common problem which isn't a risk. It might be a minor issue in the grand scheme of things, but ride staff said NOTHING to us during or after any of these problems, i was fairly confident it was just a parking issue but other riders were obviously distressed and worried as it clearly wasn't standard procedure.
  12. diesal11

    The Off Topic Topic

    Yeah it sits in the maintenance bay which is visible from the queue
  13. diesal11

    The Off Topic Topic

    The Adelaide Mad Mouse was a death trap from memory. I was only young when it was removed. My dad took me on a ride in it's final year of operation. I still remember seeing the track lift off while waiting in line. Scary to think it lives on overseas.
  14. diesal11

    Recommendations for a Europe Trip

    I totally forgot about Parque Warner! That's why i had Movie Park Germany on the list too. Unfortunately though, all closed during the week in November At least I'm building a good list for my next trip!