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  1. Big Splash was fantastic! It's a quick ride and also has a large capacity (ie. about 500-1000 persons per hour). Even if the queue is at MAXIMUM (100-200 people in line) you're only waiting about 5-10 minutes. SO an excellent addition - very pleased they brought this one in for the holidays! Hope they introduce a ride like this or a new coaster and make them permanent.
  2. Yeah I went yesterday (Friday 23rd January) and the park was absolutely packed. Queues for many of the rides were 10-15 minutes, and the Wild Mouse was 30 minutes (which isn't THAT bad - considering many of the QLD parks have queues of an hour or longer during peak periods). The Big Splash was a fantastic ride - and you're only waiting about 5 minutes even if the queue exceeds the length of railing (ie. 100-200 people in line). It also does diversify the park which is excellent. I hope LPS introduce some new rides - maybe a new "Big Dipper" or create a permanent log ride. Of course, the prob
  3. Well I certainly hope the park does not shut down - its a shame that all of the amusement parks in Sydney shut down (Sega World, Wonderland, LPS multiple times, etc). I think LPS should buy some more land (I heard that they were in talks to buy some of the apartment blocks and use that land for further rides). Its a real shame that Luna Park Sydney is so small - my brother has been to Luna Park Rome (Italy) and it has 3 roller coasters, a river rapids and log ride - etc. What ever happened to the "Big Dipper"? Dreamworld has got it now renamed as the "cyclone". Wish we could have that back
  4. I went to Dreamworld with a mate of mine this Tuesday (2nd December) and it is interesting by your experiences, because our's were very similar. To make this short, I was not very pleased with the rides and attractions at Dreamworld. I have to admit, it was my own fualt because I planned my visit during 'schoolies' (forgot about it until I got there!) and the queues for the attractions were 3 hours for each ride. I spent a whole day there and got on 3 rides. My mate and I were so cranky we actually gave a 2-world pass away to our hotel staff because we were adamantly sure that we will neve
  5. Well with virgin blue on a return flight Friday night the cost was $180, and then if I was carrying luggage I have to pay an extra $8 so in total $188 airfare for Gold Coast - Sydney on a Friday night. Getting there on a Thursday morning costs me about $80-100 so that isn't too bad. Weekend flights are always expensive. And I find that if you don't book flights months - and I mean MONTHS in advance you will have to pay premium prices for them. As my schedule changes quickly I don't have that option - I usually book, at the latest - 3 or 4 weeks in advance. Does anyone know why the prices f
  6. I agree - theme park tickets are expensive and I have cut back on my trips to the gold coast due to increasing prices of air travel. It costs me and a mate $700-800 for a night in the gold coast (and that allows two days at the theme parks). The flight is the killer - sometimes as high as $200 ONE WAY from Sydney. I actually discovered recently that it is cheaper to visit Dreamworld and WhiteWaterWorld ($79) than Movie World and Wet and Wild' ($115). I know I sound like a cheapskate - but every dollar counts these days! That being said - and in all seriousness - theme park tickets are not ov
  7. I agree with the OP here. The NSW Government should really get something moving in regards to entertainment facilities in New South Wales. It's ridiculous - seriously - the amount of park closures in NSW - we had Wonderland, now gone, sega world - now gone, Old Sydney Town - now gone. And the list goes on. And whats worse is that the government here in NSW does not fight for more entertainment venues. Granted, we have Jamberoo Action Park (which is fantastic by the way) - but for Sydneysiders Luna Park is a joke. It's ok, but incredibly expensive for the rides it offers and does not really c
  8. you can download the Wonderland music from this website: Definitely brings back some memories! Wonderland Music
  9. Yeah I know it is shocking. However, that article was rather misleading. The fight did not involve 100 people as it suggests. Instead, the 98 people just watched the fight take place. Newspaper articles here in Sydney suggested that it was a brawl - brawl or not - this antisocial behavior at family events such as the Easter Show is unacceptable. Something has to be done to stop the ever increasing violence in and around Sydney. More and more people do not feel safe in their own neighborhood - which is a sign that something is terribly wrong.
  10. I have some unfortunate news regarding this project. Here is an article from the HERALD SUN, printed April 7 2008. -------------- Super safari park in doubt Ashley Gardiner. Herald Sun. Melbourne, Vic.: Apr 7, 2008. pg. 9 ZOO management has said no to a $220 million plan for a large-scale theme park at Werribee. Entertainment giant Village Roadshow yesterday announced plans for the park, to be known as African Safari World, winning the support of the State Government. Village Roadshow theme parks chief executive John Harnden, who ran the 2006 Melbourne Commonwealth Games, heads the proposa
  11. I agree Gazza. This is definitely good news - airfares from Sydney to Melbourne are cheaper and more reliable than those from Sydney to the Gold Coast. It is also great news that this park WILL NOT be in Queensland! No offense to Queenslanders, but it is an utter pain to have to plan a whole trip every time I wanted to go and visit a theme park. So this is fantastic news - can't wait!
  12. Awesome stuff! At least the airline tickets from Sydney are cheap so I can go on a regular basis (if it does go ahead)! But seems really cool - hopefully they may unveil something for Sydney too...
  13. Goodness, just imagine... thousands of adults and children enjoying their Friday night at the Easter Show... to witness a stabbing at 8:30pm. Has it really come to this? I think it is disgusting. No wonder people complain of their fear walking around at night - because things like this happen. I hope these delinquents are charged and taught a very harsh lesson. Here is the story: "An 18-year-old show worker is in a stable condition after an alleged stabbing at the Royal Easter Show overnight. The carnival ride operator is believed to have become involved in an argument with several me
  14. Yep, literacy - please! I could barely understand your post. As Gazza accurately stated, Jamberoo owns their land and are moving along their plans to create a Wet n' Wild style fun park here in NSW. The Eddy family have written up (or are in the process or writing up) a deal with American slide manufacturer proslide (www.proslide.com). The deal, from what I have heard, involves the masterplan of rides being constructed over a period of 5+ years. This is because Jamberoo will rely on its profit from the seasons over the next few years to finance these new rides. They envision a new tornado
  15. Hey everyone, just thought I'd post this news up if anyone is at all interested in NSW's largest water park: Jamberoo Action park. The articles below appeared in the last month in the local Illawarra newspaper and make for an interesting read. Police were called to Jamberoo Action Park about a month ago to quell the traffic queue which was almost up to three kilometers long - all the way back to the F6, or Princes Highway (and Freeway). The local council is also considering banning all future construction at the park until all these traffic issues are resolved. Read below for more detailed in
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