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  1. jayw

    Tower of Terror 2 closing

    Well I made it down on Sunday and managed to get through the queue and onto the ride in the hour that I had! As mentioned already - shout out to the staff - operation was smooth and the kept the line moving and made the ride an experience!. I've never been that attached to the tower of terror as far as rides go mainly due to the low capacity and short ride duration but I have to admit it stands out in regards to the force experienced and certainly was "park defining" for dreamworld. I suspect it closure and the rides that open might be an opportunity to do the same. I'm glad I managed to get on it before it closed for good! That said, my 4 year old will be happy to see the end of the roaring noise rattling through the park every 5 minutes! Jay
  2. jayw

    Tower of Terror 2 closing

    Anyone at dreamworld today? I didn't have any luck yesterday...was in the queue when it closed in the middle of the day and had to leave before they seemingly got it up at the end of the day. Got a 2 hour window this afternoon!
  3. jayw

    Tower of Terror 2 closing

    Keep the updates coming. If they get it off the ground, I’m planning on trying to get down there today.
  4. jayw

    Fright Nights 2019

    We made it there last night as well. Attempted to buy fast tracks online on Thursday night but both options were sold out already and hoped we would be able to buy in the park but got in just after 5pm last night and all the outlets we saw had SOLD OUT signs up on both rides and mazes. Did you see anywhere actually selling them last night? That said, we did ok without them - managed to get to IT at rope drop and only waited 20 min or so to get in. Went to check out Doll House next but the line looked long so jumped into Zombieland next and waited about 40min. We checked doll haus again and it was now overflowing onto the footpath so headed to DCR. Main queue was 75 minutes at this point (just before 8 I think) so our group of 3 decided to try out the single rider line. The first of our group was on the ride in less than 75 seconds so this was a massive win. We all rode this twice in about 20 minutes. We went back to the western grill for food and gorged on the bacon and corn. This has to be some of the best food in the park for the price. We went back to the mazes and dollhaus was just as long so jumped into the Leatherface queue at around 9pm and only waited 11 minutes. We ducked back to the spaceshot single rider queue and got on that in about 25 minutes and figured we try to get into the dollhaus queue before closing but they had closed the queue already so finished up doing house of kain and making our way out via main street. Getting 4 mazes, 3 rides and dinner at a fairly relaxed place was a pretty good outcome I think. Disappointed to not check out dollhaus but figure we will see it next year. IT theming was amazing but didn't get as many scares Zombie was real generic and straight forward but we had it stacked with actors and got some solid scares Leatherface and HoK both middle of the range I think with our runs of Leatherface having more actors and scares. General presence of actors roaming and precincts I thought were good and we all enjoyed ourselves. The fright night virgin in our group had a great time. Hoping to do our first terror tour next year.
  5. That sums up things from the year fantastically! Nice Work!
  6. jayw

    Fire near Dreamworld

    The thing is though that Big Brother was axed, dreamworld didn't do anything with the land. I doubt that if it was axed again that it would be much different. If anything it being axed would probably cause them a loss in revenue not give them more money to spent on said coaster Jay
  7. jayw

    Shanghai Parks

    Hey Guys, I'm in Shanghai with a few days free and i'm looking at what theme parks I can visit! I am planning a trip to Happy Valley and also possibly Jinjiang Amusement Park. I'd be interested to hear if anyone has been to either or others and will post back some images and info after my visits! Jay
  8. jayw

    Movie World's White Christmas 2012

    I attended last night (Wednesday Night) and really enjoyed the evening. Overall, the park to me didn't feel as full as the previous years sell out white christmas events and while it was busy, largely it didn't detract from the event or experience. The theming, roaming entertainers and parade were all great and for me continue to cement this as a great family event. I've expanded on the trip below. Arrived at 4:40PM and they were just setting up the segregation zone. This for me is probably the worst part of the night only in so much as communication as to what is going on is limited and there seem to be a number of people confused as to why they were in a tightly packed, non-moving crowd. I don't realistically think they can avoid the situation, and what appeared to be a separate exit on the other side of the green lantern seemed to help things but communicating that the "holding pen" is only for 30 minutes or so while they clear the park would help, even adding to the voice over they were running announcing the park is closed with more clear info regarding the situation and white christmas starting at 5:30 could help. I quite liked the small opening item they did with the fairy and host / elf thing, it kicked off the night nicely, though a raised position for him would have helped. The first thing I noticed and loved seeing was all the street performers this year! The different elves getting around with various props such as giant paint buckets and brushes and an oversized "santley" spanner were great, as were characters such as scrooge etc. We didn't hang around for the first couple of show items and decided to grab a couple rides as we didn't have any children with us in the target age bracket. Superman was first up and essentially a walk on! Can't remember seeing a queue so short with the park so busy and it was great to see it running two trains. We then headed to the green lantern which had maybe a 15 minute wait. On a side note, I have never had a ride with audio on board including this occasion and noticed the train in front had it turned off. We were then going to try justice league but the cue was considerably longer, at least 30 minutes and we decided to pass as it was approaching 7PM. I think the JL queue length demonstrates nicely the target market for JL and it's popularity with that target market which they seem to have hit well. It is unfortunate, but not a deal breaker, that it doesn't quite translate so well across all ages quite like the buzz lightyear or toy story attractions. We then hit main street to see the lights turn on with the snow, I think it's a great moment for Kids and Adults alike. They didn't seem to run the snow has heavily throughout the whole night. i've seen in previous years enough "snow" to essentially wet the street so I think the lighter approach works well. We then wandered down to the WB kids area for a quick run on the road runner coaster. I seem to recall that area not operating on white christmas nights a year or two (or three??) ago, but I could be mistaken however it's great to see it operational and is obviously popular with all the families in attendance. We managed to squeeze a run on Arkham Asylum with only a 20 minute queue (I really quite like the lift hill audio and am continually amazed at how fun this ride is now with the new train and the new lease on life it has been given in its refurb) and got out just in time to catch the return run of the parade which was great like previous years (love the inflatable frosty) and jumped into the last ice age show to wrap up the night. I didn't think the ice age film was as good or widely appealing as the polar express last year. Here is a couple of images (just from my phone) caught from the night. Jay
  9. jayw

    Theme Park food prices

    Not sure what you did wrong but we also renewed our Gold Passes this year for the same price as a standard renewal and on top of that got the buy 3 get one free..or in our case it was renew 3 get one free whilst that offer was available...and considering you had 3 renewals in total, you should have been able to receive 4 for the price of 3 if done during that time. It worked out for us at around $70 per Gold pass....which is insanely cheap. Really this year I think they have ditched the idea of Gold being a premium offering and used it simply as a way for VIP holder to get into FN & WC cheaper...especially since it wasn't even available for new purchases at the start of the "season pass year" and only made available as an upgrade once they started advertising FN. Jay
  10. Anyone happen to know if the ride is operating at all today (monday)? Planning on heading down this afternoon to check it out! Jay
  11. jayw

    no more dive in movies

    That's disappointing to hear...They always seemed popular, I wonder why they have been canned. I really enjoyed hitting WnW for the day, doing a BBQ for lunch and dinner and hitting the slides in the evening.
  12. jayw

    Constrictor for Wet 'n' Wild

    It's great to see an old defunct ride space (and one that has been that way for some time!) used for a new attraction! With the aqua loops as well it should balance things out nicely and add a bit of life to that side of the park! Jay
  13. jayw

    Superman Escape Loose Items

    I could be wrong but I don't recall the policy ever changing for Superman Escape. You can't have items in your pockets and you can't carry loose items on the ride (bags, sunglasses etc) They put someone at the entry telling people that, it gets mentioned every 3 or 4 minutes in the queue video and every 5 or 6 in the voiceover and still people are surprised or upset when they get to the front of the queue and a staff member looks out for items in pockets and pulls people up if they have something in their pocket?! Guests aren't smart....even with rules explained over and over again they have trouble...so while a fully zippered pocket with paper in it may be safe, it's not something that a ride restriction can be based on considering the trouble that the general public has with the simple rules in place now? Additionally it's not something that easily enforced or checked. Who make the call on if a pocket it secured and what is safe to be in it?? Which is why the restrictions in place as they are...not just to piss people off. Charging $2 for a locker however..... Jay
  14. jayw

    Superman Escape Loose Items

    Guests aren't smart - hence the rule and for the rule to work it needs to be blanket and without exception, otherwise where is the line drawn? Zips, Velcro, Buttons?? The rule is in place and it applies to everyone, if you tried to avoid following the rule and were caught out, that's your own fault. In regards to the provision of paid lockers provided for guests to adhere to the rule, it's unlikely to change. Although there are plenty of satisfactory free solutions, they choose to go down the path of charging for lockers when the ride first opened. Which brings us to the current decision to now charge $2 instead of $1. This is pretty low in my opinion and will ultimately take away from guests overall impression of their trip, doing more damage than the increase in profits are worth! Charge an extra $10 for the locals pass instead. I think it less negative to do that, than hit up guests $2 a pop to ride superman. But hey, maybe I'm just the exception and the average goest doesn't care about paying $2 for a locker while riding... Jay
  15. jayw

    VIP Pass is Back

    Interesting, So despite the apparent lack of opportunity taken by the park to up the perks and cost if nothing else, the fact that existing pass holders can renew, keep access to both night events, and at no extra cost over a normal pass is pretty darn good value. The gold passes were $129/139 originally I think and with Individual tickets to the main nights of each night event at $40 from memory that means that for an extra $9 you get access to the park for a year! One last question someone here may be able to answer, with the renew 3 get 1 free, I presume you have to find 4 GOLD holders to take advantage and you can't use normal pass holder and pull of a upgrade on the sly?? Thanks all! Jay