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  1. No, it is not taken from the Southern Cafe Deck. It looks to have been taken by someone climbing Orphan Rock. There is no other place it could have been taken from to give that perspective.
  2. No idea, i assume the winch they installed a few months ago, is able to drag and lower the train with ease, therefore eradicating the need for the Counterweight, but that is pure speculation.
  3. As you can see laurie, hardly anybody is taking this seriously. There have been far too many rumours over the DECADES about the completion of the Orphan Rocker and still nothing. Sorry for the downbeat comment, but that is the fact of the matter.
  4. I will believe it when i see it (SERIOUSLY). We spoke about this topic a couple of years back on this forum. This project has attained mythical status since the early 1980's when it was first built. The track which twists it's way around the top of Scenic World was first installed circa 1982 and has sat untouched for the past 30 years or so (for those who don't know, the track is still there). I saw it as a kid in 1983 and hoped to ride it the next time i was at Scenic World. I'm still waiting to ride it. There have no doubt been millions of tourists since who share the same thoughts.
  5. I may indeed need something, as the Scenic Railway Counterweight is NO LONGER in service as the equipment they are using now does not require the Counterweight to help haul the train . I am heartbroken. Thanks to everyone who has contributed to this topic over the past few years it has been great. Thanks
  6. Guys !! Someone please tell me, did they keep the aerial counterweight system or did they get rid of it when they installed the new scenic railway ? i cannot find any recent uploaded pictures or photos etc etc on the internet anywhere that indicate they are still using it. PLEASE LET ME KNOW ?????
  7. Did they retain the old Counterweight operating system, as i was (personally) concerned that they were going to remove it and install something else to counterweigh the train ? Let me know. Thanks
  8. I envy you counterweightrider (seriously) having the opportunity to work at Scenic World and have the chance to maintain the Scenic Railway Counterweight. As you can read in earlier posts on this topic, i absolutely love the Scenic Railway Counterweight and it's operating system etc etc, and have for over 30 years or so. I would love to be given the opportunity to have a go at greasing it, that would make my year.
  9. I have heard that the Scenic Railway is going to be totally upgraded and will be up and running in December 2012. The current Scenic Railway is still in operation. I was writing in to ask anyone out there if they happen to know if Scenicworld are planning to retain the current Counterweight operating system ( i really hope so), or are they going to adopt some other method of transporting the train up and down ? Hope to hear some thoughts. Thanks.
  10. Gazza, i am guessing (as i do not know for sure) that the counterweight barrel was more than likely custom made for it's frame and not a boiler. I read somewhere (i don't recall where) that the weight barrel they currently use is filled with "steel cannon type balls" but, i just read that somewhere so i cannot confirm it.
  11. This is a photograph taken of the Scenic Railway Counterweight as it appears in it's top position up near the cliff face. I suspect the person (thankyou whoever you are) who took the picture was probably a rock climber as the height and angle of the photo suggests that, but who knows ??? This is the first photo (to my knowledge) ever taken of the Scenic Railway Counterweight from this position and it certainly looks very impressive. To those who are unaware, don't be fooled by this shot it is very deceiving. That counterweight may appear to be just hanging there, but it is actually "hanging th
  12. This photo was taken on the 30/9/08, showing the counterweight as it appears from the walking track that leads off the Scenic Railway overpass bridge towards the Scenic Cableway. It was taken from behind (as you cannot read the signage attatched to it) the counterweight as it travelled up towards the cliff face. Enjoy.
  13. Another forgotten photo i just came across, taken on the 30/9/08. This photo shows the original counterweight that was in operation from 1953 - 1974. It was much easier to obtain than the other pictures i have uploaded for the forum - believe me !! I assume it has sat in that position since it was left there in 1974, but who knows.
  14. Finally something to satisfy my curiosity (and anyone elses) . It's taken over 30 years to see, but better late than never (for me anyway). This is a photo taken of the top anchor point for the Scenic Railway Counterweight. It's not very good quality but better than nothing. It shows the old anchor point in the foreground (hence all the rust) and the current one in use behind it.
  15. This photo was taken (i assume) from the front section of the top platform of the Scenic Railway. It shows one of the iron wheels that deflects the towing cable (which you can see) that connects onto the front of the counterweight. This wheel is located (from memory) above and to the left of the cave entrance that the Scenic Railway passes through at the top. The counterweight towing cable does not have a straight up and down travel path (if you know what i mean). It travels down the left hand side of the Scenic Railway top platform, then deflects at the iron wheel (the one in the photo) turni
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