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  1. 1. Velcro straps are on board to promote passengers to stay seated, they are not a safety feature. You're expected to remain seated at all times as per signage plastered everywhere. If a raft were to tip last thing you want is people restrained with lapbars. 2. During a pump failure a loud alarm sounds and the operator initiates an emergency stop which will stop all pumps, conveyors and close all jacks. 3. "18 year old operator, first day on job" - Not possible, this ride required you to be a senior/experienced operator. It was one of the second last rides you were trai
  2. Impossible in the unload area. The conveyor system would have the force to do so if there was a jam, then comes the question of why were there so many rafts before the unload jack, as well as why the conveyor was not stopped by the system or operator. We don't know yet.
  3. Long time viewer, rare poster here. I worked at Dreamworld for many years in operations and did in fact operate this ride. All my opinions are expressed personally and do not reflect the values or represent Dreamworld in any way today. 1. The media is enjoying the bait with this story yes but that is expected. If your wanting real facts without being superstitious you will need to wait for a full report to be released from the investigative team. 2. In my years with the company safety was incredibly important and we were pushed to write and submit reports of anything we saw or
  4. As a previous Senior Ride Operator for many years at one of the Gold Coast parks I want to add in my two cents. Regarding sensors on the ride it seems logical that either one of the operators heard or saw the part fall off the ride causing an all too common "hit on the estop". But judging from where the cart has stopped it looks like it has hit the brake run in a way where it has either destroyed the sensors going through (causing the rides computer to estop) or the car (due to being partially derailed) caused a block time alarm which means it didn't make it to the next set of sensors causing
  5. I rode Pandamonium today. Was really fun! Don't ride with a hangover though! The area looks fantastic. Still minor touches being done though. The shops arn't open yet. Soft Opening this is. The park is quiet! and I mean quiet! 10 minute wait for pandamonium. It's normal though just before Christmas. Boxing day onwards it will pick up.
  6. Most Zamperla rides are built to be transported, even park versions. The structure is up, they are doing all the electrical/ride control stuff now and the landscaping around the ride
  7. As you go up the conveyor you can hear jack the ghost say something following by the buzzsaw spinning sound continuously going while the ride is in motion. The speakers are mounted on the access stairs in twos on each side of the track. It can be hear throughout the park in the morning. It must switch off after like 12. It's interesting to hear when you are at the front entry.
  8. Just a few things I've noticed around the park. 1.The Dreamworld Tower has had its Tower of Terror letters painted. Looks like new! 2. The Claw has been repainted, the floors and concrete have been repaved and the roofing has been replaced. Looks like new! 3. Main Street buildings are currently getting a coat of paint. 4. Alot of much needed repaving is going on around the park. 5. A large facade "chinese" themed entry has been built next to gamesite and the toilets. 6. AVPX has been repaved out front and the storage box has been moved. 7. Buzzsaw queue line is closed off leaving a simp
  9. http://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=364060537020403&set=a.101698629923263.2644.101696389923487&type=1&theater ZAMPERLA AIR RACE!
  10. The area already looks promising! Most of the facade work is complete now it's just a matter of putting the rest together, The new thrill ride is classed as big number 8, The ride footprint is also quite large! Also a trench has been dug up next to the tea cups ride in wiggles world for the new attraction. It's right next to the SS Feathersword so maybe it's themed around that? Dreamworld have quite a lot lined up for this holiday season. I think they are waiting to let all the news loose just before holidays to get the public excited. Not too sure what village have planned for the holidays bu
  11. I assure you, there have recently been a few shifts in the direction of the park. Hopefully positive! Alot of money is being spent to "refurbish" the park. Po's Garden is going to look really good! Todd is a decent man, we have had a few chats and he has idea's!
  12. Wow, a lot of people are getting angry over something there most likely not going to change unless you actually get off your bums and send in a email with a few hundred signatures. Has anyone done that yet?
  13. How hard is it for them to turn on a dvd player and put the thing on repeat. :l I Went last week and i noticed alot of things with the ride. - In Room one before the lift i noticed that lights have been turned up. Was it always like that or is it just me. It wasn't "Scary" at all, You could see the tracks in areas where it was ment to be dark. - Lift was fine - Wow The main room was just nothing lol. No smoke Whatsoever only 2 lasers where on and the music was muffled. I swear they have put wood or something over the speakers. Its practically un hearable. - Nice addition was the spider
  14. Yeah. See If I can't get into film then I'm just going to continue with my business and do filming for people until i "Get big". But yet on the same note I have always wanted to work at movie world if i could not find a sufficient job in the industry. Oh what a lovely film industry us Aussies have. Its probably the same over seas too ay.
  15. I'm watching behind the scenes now and judging by your Forum picture i think i saw like a 2 second shot of you. bahaha
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