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  1. My family hired one of the Cabanas for the day today. I think they are a great idea. What do others think? Have you used them before? any problems? I do however have one complaint.... We had to hire the ones at Bucaneer Bay as we had young children with us and we had to be close by them. But the Cabanas adjacent to the wave pool are definately nicer, not to mention waterproof roof if it rains. The B/Bay ones look in desperate need of replacement or upgrade. They only have a canvas roof which would do nothing in the rain. I like the idea of ordered meals delivered to your cabana...if you are silly enough to buy food there. They are great for when you take your own food. A lot more secure to leave your things there. Just my 2cents worth. I am interested in hearing the comments of others on these Cabanas.
  2. I can confirm that the Big Brother House is still intact. I went on the Giant Drop and made sure I was on the end seat just to have a look. It's still there for sure!!!
  3. Oh my God!!! I had trackys just like those...what a cool memory trip back to the 80's
  4. Thanks to all those who responded to my original post. The agency I was with back then no longer exists. Both my parents and I can not remember the name of it. We were given a tape of the ad along with all the "wildvision" (unedited footage). It has long since been lost. Luckily I still have copies of several Tv ads and a segment of "Wombat" I was in back then. I was a bit of an 80's TV star. No-one at WetnWild have been able to help. Not one person I spoke to could suggest anything. My only hope, i guess, is to advertised to see if anybody has a copy.
  5. Anyone remember the early days of Wet n Wild in the 80's. It was called Cade's County Waterpark. I was in the TV commercial back in 1985 as a 12 year old. I am still trying to trackdown that ad. Hunting on you-tube etc. Would love to get a copy if anyone happens to have it. Will pay!!. I was the boy coming down the speedslide, running up to the camera and saying "Cades county waterpark..the coolest place to be this summer!!" How embarrasing!!! Still, would love to see it again. Does anyone remember the ad??
  6. I was at Movieworld Saturday 16th Feb and Superman Express was close for "Refurbishment". I wonder what they are "refurbishing"?
  7. I have read with great interest the posts about Dreamworld being in need of upgrading. I wonder if anybody who is in a position of power from Macquarie Leisure Trust Group or Dreamworld itself actually read these posts. I have read many posts and the majority of comments made are valid and quite constructive. I just wonder if all these great comments are falling on deaf ears. Maybe someone should email DW or MLTG and notify them of this forum. Or has someone already thought of that? Would they even be interested in this forum?
  8. Exactly, it's one word!!....I'm sure people still understood what I meant. Why be so picky about it and start going on about it. Surely there are better things to talk about on here than a person's spelling. Why is it that there are some people on these forums who have nothing better to do than pick on someones use of language and find fault with what someone says. I suggest you get over it. We are not perfect and it's not your job to go around correcting peoples spelling. Contribute something worthwhile, instead of creating friction and discourse. I'm sure you'll have some clever, mature and intelligent response to this. Something tells me you won't be able to resist the opportunity.
  9. Sorry about that. I will go and write it out correctly 100 times. I will also go and stand in the corner. I didnt realise the grammar police were out in force.
  10. Have you noticed the "bouncers" at the entrance who are practically frisking you as you enter the Superman Escape ride. You mustn't have loose items such as hats, glasses, etc....fair enough, understandable. You mustn't have anything in your pockets...hmmm maybe. But even if your pockets close completely??? I got stopped because I had my Mega Pass card in a ZIPPED UP pocket in the back of my trousers...which i'll be sitting on during the ride. Then they make you hire a locker...which you got to pay for..which can only be used for the duration of your ride..you can't even continue using the locker for the day!! So basically, you have to pay to use a locker in order to ride the superman escape rollercoaster. Safety is one thing, but this was an obvious way to squeeze more money out of you. You dont have to do it for the other rides, such as the lethal weapon which is more likely to rip things out of your pockets. I watched them stop people and make them buy a locker for the most ridiculous items, such as park maps, hankerchiefs, and even a receipt!!! I saw one attendant forbid a rider from leaving the area to give it to a person outside, they were MADE to hire a locker. Anyone else got a comment?
  11. I bidded for it..I won it...I got it.....I got the pass...No problem....I upgraded it to the Mega Pass...I love it.!! WHAT A BARGAIN!! I am being serious here too. That was me who won the auction. As for it being non-transferable...there are no names on the ticket. The ticket is produced at the ticketing booth and you go to guest services and they make the pass with your photo on it. It may be non-transerrable, just dont tell you bought it on ebay.
  12. I scored a Movieworld annual pass off ebay for $65. Two months later I upgraded it to the Mega fun pass for around$150 - what a bargain - I Love it!!
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