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  1. I would be sad to see LW go, I reckon the roughness of the ride gives it a certain edge and uniqueness over the other coasters in Australia. This coaster is one of my favourite coasters, and the last time I rode it was when I was 9 or 10 years old! And its still a fave!
  2. Was at luna park today. The chairswing was working, the other two were not (do they open after christmas?). The disco thing looks great, and the top part of the rail is about 4 meters away from a window of one of the units. Those people are going to have a great christmas!
  3. I just noticed that a chairswing has been added to the 'new rides' section of luna park sydney's website. Does this mean new permanent ride, or holiday ride? Have i missed something? Wondercam
  4. I was there yesterday, and it looked horrible. It not like full on drop, it has something that slows it down untill it gets half way and then it speeds up to get over the loop. And it got stuck today, it was on the news. Got stuck going up the lift hill thing. The people on it got a long time to look at the sky.
  5. What? How does that work? SE not getting more votes than a kids roller coaster or a SBNO roller coaster? Wierd
  6. I still think that moving the little kids rides up next to the tumble bug would free more space in malony's corner. You could fit a huss rainbow or something eles in the space of the little kids rides. Wondercam
  7. It's been open for weeks, i was there on 16 oct and it was open.
  8. I always wear a rashie and i had no trouble getting down any slides at WnW. Actually, i loved the twister when I was there and went down it many times with no trouble. What do you mean "bad experiences"? Wondercam
  9. I loved Wipeout when i went to dreamworld in 2004. I came back to ride it several times. For some reason, it is my faveourite ride in the park. Is it the best in australia, no. In the world, Hell no....
  10. Oh, Boooo to that! Thats really disapointing.
  11. No, but the last time i went overseas (with the choir) we only went to chessington. This time, i hopeing for Alton Towers.
  12. Ive only (overseas) been to chessington so for in a different country, Dragon's fury. In australia, it's a clash between bush beast and wild west falls.
  13. Thanks Gazza, the photos are great by the way! Yeah, i have been doing some research for all these parks and Alton towers comes as the best theme in england and is also voted top on this poll. After being corrected about Blackpool, by three or four members, i think it deserves second followed clostly by thorpe park then chessington then oakwood then Legoland and all the others tied on last. So i have suggested Alton to the choir master and he also like alton so hopefully we could be going to what seems like a really good theme park! Only if we had of been going to america. Six Flags MM all the way!!!!!!! Thanks Everyone, Wondercam
  14. Thats really cool. Wild West Falls was the best!
  15. Hi all I would like to thank everyone for posting/voteing in this topic. I have seen how most people liked alton tower/blackpool pleasure beach the most and have taken that on board. Can i just ask (gazza plus others) how do you changle polls? Please keep posting/voteing! Wondercam
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