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  1. That's very harsh and uncalled for. Plus why even reply to this thread if all you're gonna do is engage in a pointless rant?
  2. I remember, the only real good series and the last to have the original and the best producer. I thought that between that series and the 05 series were totally rebuilt houses but as it turns out, the production company that produces BB have been squeezing pennies and keeping the old house "shed" for seven years, I guess they thought that exterior facade changes and interior knockdowns were the way to go. They haven't changed the house since it was first built on that land and not that they have to either, but it would be nice if they rebuilt the house in the lead up to the totally revamped show.
  3. As far as I know, they have kept the same external structure since the series began! and have been modifying the outside to make it look different as well as moving internal walls, it's amazing how people can do it, but then again it's just a TV studio, what do you expect.
  4. Has the main building changed it's shape or form? It might be possible they're still using the same studio building within but backyard may have changed. If anyone can share any photos and/or information will be MUCH appreciated.
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