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  1. Hello all, My wife and I are heading to Dreamworld in the first week of March, 2008 and were looking into the Tiger Island photo experience. We found that it costs $495 and that is the set price for up to 4 people. I have contacted Dreamworld about maybe getting a lower price because it is only myself and my wife doing it and they have told me flat out, NO! We have both always wanted to cuddle some tigers so this experience would be fantastic but the price is way too much. I was wondering if maybe there is another couple heading up there about the same time who would be interested in splitting the cost with us so we can get 4 people in the group to do it and only have to pay half each. If there is someone out there interested, please send me a message or reply to this post. The sooner the better because I will need to book the photo times with Dreamworld asap. Regards, G-Man
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