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  1. I see Ch7 claiming Grant's 3 hours as a record this morning. Pffft!
  2. Nope! In 1992 SeaFM set the record for the Corkscrew with 110 consecutive revolutions, stopping only for the mandatory harness safety check on each pass. I was lucky enough to be participate in this event. The record only lasted 1 year however, when the volunteer Southport Air Sea Rescue (now Volunteer Marine Rescue Southport) staged a fund raiser on the 10 Sept 1993 and set a new record of 120, raising $15,000 in the process. If I remember correctly, the 120 revolutions took us around the 4 hour mark. (I say us, as I ran this event being a Snr. Rescue Skipper with ASR/VMR) I would l
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