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  1. I think the belt will be a major cause to the accident with removal of 2 out of 3 timber planks creating enough room for the raft to get caught in the belt when it floated back.
  2. While on the Train today noticed a lot of survey markers round the Train shed area not sure if they have to do with coaster as couldn't see any in the plot of land it is meant to sit on
  3. Rode it today and yes have ridden Soarin SV is a good ride yes not up to Soarin standard but a good solid ride experience. Had a lot if tourist who loved it. Agree with others there are some small problems but think it is a good overall ride that will do well.
  4. yeah my bad thats how long since i have been there oh well it happens
  5. Shots from early this morning on way home from work. last of top supports also saw the lift hill chain on the ground on old road under track no sign of the joker face that will need to be added before the big Crain goes
  6. Happening now final piece topping out the coaster
  7. A couple of distance shoots from Kopps rd and one as I drove in
  8. Quick update first drop to top of supports next lift hill supports being installed may be lucky by days end to see full height
  9. Ok first drop being placed at moment more containers have arrived looks like rest of lift hill and maybe transfer track return run seems to be completed so just lift hill and rest of first drop to be installed lots of work happening at station area
  10. Quick up date airtime hill done major elements done now just for lift hill and first drop Start of lift hill on site
  11. Just dropped in on way to work getting ready to lift air time hill after first drop
  12. At Movie World today they have moved the crane to loop area looks like they may start on other side tomorrow.
  13. New containers arrived this morning waiting to be unloaded
  14. No canvas is going on container curved roof these are more permanent pieces
  15. Just noticed new containers are we getting a tunnel as there were curved galvanized roof panels being unloaded from said containers
  16. only jet ski rescue train second was no were to be seen not in holding siding
  17. Hi there sorry if this is the wrong place to post but went to Seaworld today and while waiting for Jet ski Rescue noticed they only had the one train, thought from memories they had two when it first opened. Wondering what happened to it.
  18. Just went past Movie World, they were testing looked like staff or friends on board were doing several cycles looked great going round with cars working as if was busy day
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