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  1. Jordan M.

    How Long Can Dreamworld Keep Dreamworks?

    Depends on the existing contract, and if Universal is happy with how Dreamworld is representing the brand. Trolls was apparently delayed because Universal was not happy.
  2. Jordan M.

    Dreamworld General Updates 2018

    There were definitely some seats out of order during my visit last week but not that many.
  3. Jordan M.

    Outback Spectacular show ends 10th November

    I have been told that the new show will commence on the 27th.
  4. Jordan M.

    DC Rivals Hypercoaster Climb From the FAQ
  5. Jordan M.

    DC Rivals Hypercoaster Climb

    It’s on the accesso booking site here, or can be found under Movie World > Experiences. First bookings are for the 23rd and dates are available into October for Saturday mornings so far. I actually am happy with the $100 price tag, I expected more. For comparison the cheapest Skypoint Climb is $74.
  6. Jordan M.

    Fright Nights 2018

    Taken today, seems to be just concrete works.
  7. Latest Airport/Westfield update..
  8. Jordan M.

    Wet 'n' Wild Gold Coast - August 2018

    Part of the reason I think WNW Gold Coast has been neglected (especially in regards to new attractions) is because it still performs great and has no real compition from WWW. With the departure of WNW Buggy I would love to see that plot finally built upon.
  9. Dominos is now “The Pizza Shack” and Creatures of the Deep is closed.
  10. Jordan M.

    Fright Nights 2018

    Online now
  11. Are people not aware Main St. Deli/Ben & Jerry’s/Sweet Treats all do post mix?
  12. Jordan M.

    The Off Topic Topic

    ^ Same blue as Pyjama foundation, could be to promote that? VRTP are now selling 12m Fast Photo Passes as an add-on to the One Pass online for only $19.99 online. If you already have a One Pass you can add both a new pass and the add-on to the cart then remove the One Pass to get the $19.99 price 😉.
  13. Jordan M.

    The Off Topic Topic

    Fans of Coca-Cola freestyle may be interested in this... Currently at the Australian International Movie Convention, Coke are showing off “MIXD” which is basically the frozen coke mini version of Freestyle. This is the first machine in Australia. Base flavour of frozen sprite with the option to mix in Mango, Vanilla Lime and Raspberry
  14. Jordan M.

    The Off Topic Topic

    New “express booths” for those purchasing a three day pass. Stage set up, possibly for FN TVC filming? New Superman 80 years merch.
  15. Jordan M.

    VTP Annual Pass Changes

    Hunger Buster (in general) does not include a Sipper, but the one included in the One Pass renewal offer actually does, hence the staff confusion. See the terms I posted back on pg 3. $8 for an unlimited sipper is actually an ongoing inclusion of the One Pass as mentioned in the terms, not that it is well advertised or all staff are aware. New One Pass and Generic Cards (used for Memberships) also have RFID.