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  1. Jordan M.

    DC Rivals Hypercoaster Climb

    Now operating sporadically with appointments and a group of at least 4 required
  2. Jordan M.

    DC Super Heroes & Super-Villains 2019

    Essentially, yes. Here is a direct link to the ticketing page. The main website/event page is live now as is the show schedule. The email link for the terms of the costume comp still links to the 2018 terms at this stage.
  3. Some packages for the DC event have gone on sale on So whilst not yet officially announced we have confirmed dates. Not entirely sold on the escape room 😕 June 29 - July 13
  4. Jordan M.

    Dreamworld Winterfest

    I doubt Greg would have left VRTP without firm assurances as to what change he will be able to lead at DW, especially considering he would have been involved in the planning of Atlantis @ SW.
  5. Jordan M.

    Sea World to reveal $50m spend

    Seems to be incorrect.
  6. Jordan M.

    Sea World to reveal $50m spend

    What is the current plan for SW’s entry, from the GCB. Part of the Spit’s master plan now to be called “Gold Coast Ocean Park”
  7. Jordan M.

    Dreamworld passes - Cheaper at the park. Renewal price is also available online, when it gets close to expiry you should receive an email. It actually has gone up (used to be $79).
  8. He isn't the only one, many pages speak as though they represent the parks. Ride Update - They have updated the sponsor's logo 😀
  9. Jordan M.

    Movie World Maintenance 2019

    Had one broken gate (3) when I visited during the first week of the school holidays.
  10. Jordan M.

    The Off Topic Topic

    As has been mentioned many times before the parks do actually monitor these forums from time to time. As I mentioned in my first post I doubt they will take action.
  11. Jordan M.

    The Off Topic Topic

    Whilst against Copyright I doubt (and hope) Dreamworld will take issue with it.
  12. Jordan M.

    The Off Topic Topic

    Either that or people had entered the lines for rides prior to 5:00PM and they were still cycling through. Great new TopGolf ongoing offer for those that want some weekday morning golf.
  13. Jordan M.

    ABC Kids Month @ DW (2019)

    Since you are aware of it (I wasn’t) feel free to yourself
  14. Dreamworld are once again doing ABC Kids Month Full details @
  15. Can we just try and stick to the community Guidelines people? It's quite simple (not that I have always followed them). Back on topic... This seems to serve as fairly good confirmation that issues are being rectified in order for the ride to be signed off.