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  1. Jordan M.

    ABC Kids Month @ DW (2019)

    Since you are aware of it (I wasn’t) feel free to yourself
  2. Dreamworld are once again doing ABC Kids Month Full details @
  3. Can we just try and stick to the community Guidelines people? It's quite simple (not that I have always followed them). Back on topic... This seems to serve as fairly good confirmation that issues are being rectified in order for the ride to be signed off.
  4. Jordan M.

    Someone is coming to Dreamworld

    A staff member told me 900, second show is fairly full too.
  5. Jordan M.

    The Off Topic Topic

    For those that want the wacky inflatable arm flailing tube men at Sea World they back! (Photo taken yesterday)
  6. Jordan M.

    Luna Park Sydney's expansion

    You can register for a free ride on Volare on Sunday the 31st, very nice initiative of LPS.é-free-ride
  7. Jordan M.

    The Off Topic Topic

    You can now pre-purchase Ricks for 2 online with a fairly good discount, still hoping a bulk hunger buster or Ricks Season Dining pass returns (10 pack hunger buster was discontinued in February)
  8. Jordan M.

    The Off Topic Topic

    Broadbeach Carousel is undergoing removal
  9. The victim's families probably told Dreamworld no, if I had lost my loved ones due to the park's incompetence I wouldn't want them building a memorial there.
  10. Jordan M.

    The Off Topic Topic

    Never has been an upcharge, SkyCoaster is, Zip Line is gone.
  11. Likely entertainment too considering all live singing shows were cancelled late feb.
  12. Jordan M.

    Dreamworld March Update

    I am referring to the audio onboard the train, to be clear. Not the audio as part of VR. It certainly has not been functional for a long period.
  13. Jordan M.

    Dreamworld March Update

    I actually enjoyed the audio, and to be fair it is not only Dreamworld that has issue with audio on coasters Arkham was originally due to debut with onboard audio, however didn't appear until much later and that didn't last long.
  14. Jordan M.

    Dreamworld Neon Nights Returns

    Perhaps try and look at it logically, if the park was getting enough visitors for the events to be profitable why did they discount tickets drastically and stop putting on further events for a whole year?