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  1. VTP Annual Pass Changes

    A three day ticket and 4 Pack Super Pass offer is now available.
  2. Theme Park Maintenance Schedules 2018

    Visiting today, Carousel was listed as a closed ride out front
  3. The Off Topic Topic

    Not sure how new this is, but the Dreamworld LEGO store now has a loyalty program.
  4. Dreamworld Annual Pass Pricing

    Have heard there will indeed be a June 2019 (expiry) Season Pass released.
  5. VTP Annual Pass Changes

    The "4 Park Pass" has been added to at $189. Worth noting that excluding this pass all the Groupon "deals" for park entry are the same price as as savings are based on the gate price. Can be a better deal when using 10-15% off deals Groupon frequently run however.
  6. The Off Topic Topic

    I visited on Tuesday, two trains on Superman but only one on Rivals.
  7. Dreamworld Hotdog stand

    It appears to have very recently had a paint job, don’t think it’s going anywhere anytime soon.
  8. The Off Topic Topic

    Happy to report it appears the era of laminate paper passes being issued appears to be over. Mega/Super/VIP are all being issued on this plastic card stock now, One Pass has its own. If like me you can’t wait until your pass expires to get a new one replacement is $5
  9. Movie World's New Website

    More than just a UI update, they have moved over to the accesso Platform as previously announced.
  10. Gold Rush demolition at Dreamworld

    They have also demolished the cave/waterfall near Billabong restaurant in the last few days,
  11. Dreamworld Annual Pass Pricing

    Dreamworld Annual passes have been at that price point for a few years, the cheaper season passes (currently until December 24 2018) are still at $99 and cheaper through RACQ/Entertainment Book ect.
  12. The Off Topic Topic

    Not entirely new, but yes a great initiative. Got this one during FN 2016
  13. The Off Topic Topic

    WBW Abu Dhabi has recently launched a new website with some concept art for the new park, the bus stop signs look familiar!
  14. Sea World - Castaway Reef 2017

    Was open today
  15. While it has not been publicised yet and it still appears to be a work in progress, the website has been updated with some details for 2018. Dates - January 5th, 6th, 12th, 13th, 20th, 21st. Pricing - $30 Adults, $20 Kids Looking forward to seeing this and have high exceptions, hopefully they take all the feedback from last year onboard and some better food options are also on offer.