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  1. Jordan M.

    The Off Topic Topic

    I heard 130-135 most recently. First TopGolf deal/discount I have seen available to the public at large through ExperienceOz (TicketMates). Essentially unlimited soft drink and some wings/pretzels for the usual 2 hour rate.
  2. Jordan M.

    The Off Topic Topic

    I completely agree, and they originally did have “Thirst Quencher” when they introduced Hunger Buster. I think if there was a yearly option the amount of soft drink theft by locals would drop drastically. Every visit I see people with the old blue sippers (a lot missing the rfid sticker). Regardless of this current family offer it’s cheaper to buy a new all day sipper with One Pass ($7.99) then to reactivate an old one ($8.99).
  3. Jordan M.

    The Off Topic Topic

    A bunch of offers available for One Pass and membership holders too. Including B1GOF on Tropical Reef Snorkle, DCR Backwards, Sky Coaster and Flowrider
  4. What is even funnier is if you are not local and missed the TVC they are showing it on the big screen in main st ;).
  5. Jordan M.

    The Off Topic Topic

    For those interested in providing feedback to VRTP I was recently emailed this link requesting it for MW and SW.
  6. Jordan M.

    Aquaman – The Exhibition at Movie World

    How about an A-Frame
  7. Jordan M.

    Aquaman – The Exhibition at Movie World

    I honestly don’t have issue with the entrance, it is well done, despite being dressing as such on the existing infustructure. I have seen plenty of guests work out where the entrance is.
  8. Jordan M.

    The Off Topic Topic

    Can confirm
  9. Jordan M.

    Dreamworld General Park Update - 21/01/19

    Tractor derailment confirmed? 😛
  10. Jordan M.

    Sea World Carnivale 2019

    Top Terrace - Same as daytime, with the addition of ice cream in a watermelon. Dockside Tavern - Same as daytime Prime Burgers - fish and chips, tray of fries, cheesy bacon fries Island Noodle Hut, Po Boys, Pulled Pork Burger, Ribs and Southern Fries Chicken. Pies at Village Bean and the Beer shipping container previously seen at FN and Afterglow migrated to the plaza. It really does feel low effort and simply exists mostly to make the one pass better value. They are not even doing lemonade anymore and the Carnivale Souvenir Cups were only available from the Frozen Coke Outlet. I had multiple guests stop me during the night and ask me where to get it.
  11. Jordan M.

    Sea World Carnivale 2019

    Visited on Friday, same event as last year essentially. Food remains poor in comparison to Movie World's. Have to agree that Aqua-colour remains the highlight, but not worth visiting without inclusion in the One Pass. ,
  12. Jordan M.

    Dreamworld / WWW Update

    Any chance you can share a photo of the times, considering the old one was supposed to be until the 18th I wonder if they have simply decided the 13th is now when they wish to end the peak entertainment schedule.
  13. Jordan M.

    Summer crowds at theme parks

    It really depends, I often use single rider on DCR and it saves a ton of time. But with groups choosing to use it because they will get on faster it can be longer (depending on the ride op). Just prior to christmas running two trains the general que was just at the bottom of the ramp, whilst single rider had 8 people, got on much faster using general.
  14. Jordan M.

    Alleged Attempted Abduction Movie World

    Yeah, I highly doubt this story