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  1. Jordan M.

    Japan - Fuji Q

    I visited the parks you plan to in May last year, Nagashima Spa Land was easy with a Train to Nagoya Station and a Highway Bus from there.
  2. Jordan M.

    New bins in Wild West Falls queue

    My 2 cents is that the recent changes/additions to the disco room turn it back into a "must ride". Can other areas be improved, certainly but the ride is the best it has been for a while, the disco room is better than it was prior to the removal of all the theming.
  3. Jordan M.

    Dreamworld’s biggest prize pack

    It's not? This promotion has been running since November 28. Although it has only recently been added to the main website, previously being on the advertised/targeted They are doing some great things regarding the fires listed here - but it has nothing to do with this promotion.
  4. Jordan M.

    Fully6 - WhiteWater World's new slide tower

    I have only ridden number 3 (steep) but I didn’t find it uncomfortable. Was pleasantly surprised at the speed.
  5. Jordan M.

    Sea World Carnivale 2020

    The 10th/11th/18th are all sold out, will be interesting to see if it is truely packed or if they are capping the crowds much less than they used to. I still feel the majority of guests would be One Pass redemptions. Fast Track is also now for sale @ $15 for one ride on Storm/Sky Flyer/Jet Rescue.
  6. Jordan M.

    New VRTP App

    Fair point 😂 Even if it is an off the shelf system (the Virtual Que aspect certainly is) evidently there is still work to be done with some One Passes and Memberships not working. Have yet to hear of anybody being able to add memberships to the system.
  7. Jordan M.

    New VRTP App

    Imagine you are a family on holidays about to visit Sea World, knowing it is the busiest time of the year you want to be prepared so you google "Village Theme Park App". The top Google result brings you to . This page advertises "Reserve your ride ahead of time so you can fit even more fun into your day." . You scan/manually enter your ticket details and are happy your visit will be somewhat less stressful being able to reserve your ride and view wait times. When you arrive at the park the app states everything is closed or full, another part of the app says wait times are only 5 mins. You go to enter the ride and it is in fact an hour. Are you happy with VRTP at this point? Would you be more understanding if the app was advertised as in testing? The app isn't restricted to enthusiasts, I saw many tourists using it at MW and some staff are even proactively telling guests about it.
  8. Jordan M.

    New VRTP App

    They should advise as such, in the app store description or/and on first launch. Just as soft ride openings are often advised as such. I have taken advantage of the Virtual Que a lot at MW and am certainly happy the app is available "as is". However it should be noted that it is not 100% functional or else they risk people being unhappy the app is "broken". This includes some people unable to use Virtual Que whatsoever as their pass is unable to be added. Other than MW's response to a single Facebook post they have not said the app is in testing.
  9. Jordan M.

    MW Fast Track price dropped to $99

    I visited Movie World briefly this arvo in between Fun House and Summer Slam. Rivals was a posted 120m wait (running one train), Fast Track was a half hour wait (sold out) only just made it with the 30m allocation of the Virtual Que.
  10. Jordan M.

    New VRTP App

    VRTP kinda botched the release by publishing it to the app stores when it is supposed to be in testing. Virtual Que is only at MW currently, WNW is doing a test early in January.
  11. Jordan M.

    Superman Escape’s Anniversary

    If memory serves correct there also used to be another vehicle in the crash scene prior to launch.
  12. Jordan M.

    MW Fast Track price dropped to $99

    Fast Track has increased again for the peak, they are trying a slightly cheaper cost ($125) for the second half of Jan. Has also returned to SW after a very long break.
  13. Jordan M.

    White Christmas Parade 2019

    A great 4 min video of the parade has been uploaded to Instagram by the songs producer.
  14. Jordan M.

    WNW - GC upgrade ideas

    I did notice shoe storage boxes near the splashdown of River Rapids but didnt see them at any other slide. Have to agree some different slides and a water coaster would be great. My biggest annoyance with Wet n Wild was the wristband/barcode technology for lockers and ride photos. Having experienced the NFC equivalent at the park formerly known as WNW Sydney I missed it. Was unable to get any slide photos either with the camera either missing us or the scanning failing.
  15. Jordan M.

    New Dreamworld Annual Pass 2019

    Fairly sure the family pass option is new... good to see