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  1. The domain is registered to Ardent Leisure so it is run by the park as such. Makes sense to establish a seperate brand in my opinion since no rides/attractions are operating.
  2. Website is incorrect, just called to ask. Didn’t query Sky Coaster but Surfrider “currently has no projected reopening”
  3. Never launched, not even sure if it ever had general public testing (certinally never saw it when visiting around that period).
  4. They don’t intend to bring back the Buffet from what I have heard. Last school holidays it operated as restaurant again.
  5. I walked past Dreamworlds Carousel yesterday and on the topic of this thread… This is how theirs is, doesn’t look new.
  6. Family Pass isn’t a bad idea but I would like to see Village offer kids pricing on the One Pass, say $159 rather than $189 in general. The only park ticket with Kids/Concession pricing are the One Day tickets and even then it’s only $10 cheaper.
  7. It’s not that VQ was not working, or that it was consumed. Have confirmed that it has been turned off during the holidays, bit dodgy considering it’s an advertised inclusion with tickets and One Shot was still available for purchase.
  8. Website has been updated again to no longer mention the discount entry for Evening Eats, don’t know if they have eliminated the option or they don’t want to publicise it.
  9. Full statement from Village Roadshow Theme Parks (via 7News)
  10. As someone who regularly visits both 100%
  11. Dreamworld have recently increased Locals Pass pricing, Saver $99 (No change) Value $109 > $119 Locals $119 > $129 Renewals are going from $89 to $99 too, absolutely no issue with it in my opinion and think its smart to retain the $99 (sub $100) budget tier.
  12. Evening eats info updated, Live Music & Entertainment as expected. They are now advertising you can enter the park for $5 Adults and $3 Child/Discount.
  13. I have considered making a similar thread for quite awhile, the Villains area is in particular need of attention. I have noticed a large difference since BGH took control, the parks have raised prices on everything but the quality/standard has fallen. I have no problem with a One Pass being $189 currently, but the park should be operating at the same or better standards than when they were at $139. For example it's near impossible to get VQ reservations for the major attractions now on a weekend only an hour after opening as the allocation is much smaller to push Fast Track/One Shot's. The only department I am aware of having staffing issues and are continually advertising for staff is Show & Entertainment, not surprising considering someone with strong vocal ability is only paid $26.69 an hour part time.
  14. Was most definitely a large corporate event (reason for the H&V props being around). I have to agree that I also feel that if it isn’t returning it does speak to the minimal effort management seem to be putting in lately.
  15. Yeah in my experience DCR has been running on minimal staffing (no dedicated sort) even on weekends lately. Both ST and Rivals were running with 3 staff (including supervisor) last weekend but with vastly different efficiency with ST smashing it out.
  16. Interestingly I commented that it would be good to see Scoob! 4D on their Instagram post announcing the closure. The comment has been removed
  17. I like the idea of the Food Festival overall and definitely think they have already stepped up their food offering over the last year I do find the decision not to operate a few rides (ST, Claw, Tailspin and Shockwave at minimum) very surprising during "Evening Eats". I assume they will have some roaming entertainment but will that be enough to keep people at the park?
  18. Dreamworld have updated their website header to confirm both parks are closed today.
  19. I reckon he fits in fine… Dreamworld have moved to individual ride themed maintenance signs (a-frames) I would like to see the same at minimum. I did like the DC/Tunes themed signs and I also felt that their size helped with a-frame fatigue.
  20. All seats operational today and One Shot/Backwards pricing has reduced from the peak of $40 down to $25 (One Shot) and $25 down to $20 (Backwards)
  21. Even prior to the event itself it was promoted as to be a new annual event. Not that long after the event the event page changed to "will return". I'm not so sure it was as successful as they initially hoped.
  22. Interesting development, the 18th and 25th have been removed from sale/the website.
  23. It's every boat, the front row boarding gate is currently blocked by a bin and the "ride is operating at reduced capacity" sign is out front. Not sure when it started but this was the setup on the 22nd of Jan.
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