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  1. I’d suggest re-theming the Doomsday area to be Western themed again, maybe go with a water pump or windmill for the ride. Woodie in next to WWF. Let’s re-theme Gotham City area to something more in the Scooby Doo universe. That then keeps DC to the front corner. Dirty Harrys needs to change too. Next, let’s turn the Intencity building, plus the stage-right area of the stunt show space into a ride building. Make it two storey like Transformers or Rise of Resistance to get more ride for same space. Stunt Show space gets properly enclosed and air-conditioned (hot and wet isn’t going away), and this becomes a theatre with stage, flys, lighting rigs - let’s find a way to use the talented performers already employed for more than just a parade. If there is scope to move administrative functions away from the park proper, let’s do that and then move the All Star diner (which was AP processing last time I went) back to that now vacant admin space near KidsWB, it can share kitchen with the buffet, and then we have space for another attraction to run along the fence on Main Street.
  2. I do wonder if any licensing has been paid to MGM? If so, I could see a small track ride like Pinocchio at Disneyland based on the Merry Old Land of Oz sequence from the movie. They did mention bringing the Movies back to the park, and they have paid licensing fees in the past (eg Harry Potter).
  3. Unless you can find a way to shoehorn a Disney animated character into it, from a ride perspective it won’t happen.
  4. Traffic through the Coomera/Helensvale stretch during morning and afternoon peaks gets very busy. Any chance to take some of that off the road would be a positive.
  5. I feel like it wouldn’t be overly difficult for VRTP to gain permission to build a cable car system from Westfield Helensvale across the motorway and along Entertainment Rd, stopping at Wet n Wild then Movieworld. It would mean less buses, which I’m sure GCCC would be keen for to try to bring traffic down where they can. It also gives hotel guests connections to public transport and a shopping centre.
  6. Florida was booked for June, but refunds and credits applied for that. i think 2022 is probably the earliest I’d venture back to the US, just to give the new administration time to roll out the vaccine, and educate the populace enough for that to be effective (and potentially similarly here). If borders were open now I’d head over to Japan and/or Singapore without hesitation.
  7. Just not in Orlando due to licensing with Universal.
  8. What if the Wild West show building was turned into the station for a mine train coaster utilising some of the space AA took up? Big Thunder Mountain is one of Disney’s biggest attractions with a version in every park (I think), and it’s certainly not their tallest or fastest. This would mean a second attraction at that end of the park, and then what was the courtyard can be remodelled to Metropolis, enhancing the theming of Superman. You’d then also have space left for another attraction that can be themed in the DC universe in the appropriate part of the park.
  9. 6 foot. I couldn’t get the restraint down far enough for my belly to be a problem
  10. I tried to ride the B&M invert at Knotts Berry Farm and couldn’t bring the harness down low enough to even find out if I couldn’t fit, it was hitting my shoulders. Also had trouble with fitting inside the Hollywood Dream seat at Universal Japan. As a result I just didn’t bother going to Universal Orlando when I went there later. Didn’t see the value for money if I couldn’t ride many of their attractions.
  11. The way you do it is build a clone. Village gets cooperation from SeaWorld Orlando to build a clone of Infinity Falls at Sea World GC, do a big media effort about it including clips of the overseas model along with behind the scenes clips of this one. To the general public it appears less risky because another park did it first and the runs are on the board. A few years after that Dreamworld could build one. I’d recommend they don’t use the same theme or location of TRRR if they decided to.
  12. I’ve seen a significantly large one built in around 4hrs. And that included the winch getting stuck and needing a reset. They’ve got a roof there, why not just fly it up and out of the way for the day times when it isn’t needed? I just feel like everyone has settled for “it’s easier/more convenient” as being acceptable without any attempt to preserve guest experience and thematic integrity. It’ll obviously never be a Disney level experience, but is that an excuse to not even try?
  13. So we forego the guest experience and authenticity for the sake of the corporate market? Might as well just throw some roller coasters in at the convention centre and call that a theme park. Screens can be put up for the night and then removed again. If the current roofing can’t be supported while hiding the structure, then change it. Make it glass or perspex and let some light in. At the very least, get rid of the icicle fairy lights. It looks tacky!!
  14. Install truss towers to support the lighting trusses - this is meant to be a Hollywood movie set after all, and lighting rigs are part of that. If they must persist with a roof, do the engineering works to have the supports coming out of the buildings so they’re hidden. The fairy lights have to go. Anybody with a sufficient budget and a few trips to Bunnings/Big W could achieve that result - it’s not special enough. Either get RGB pixels or install fibre optics in a black fabric to fake the night sky. You could even draw characters in it if you did that. Then since you’ve ditched the fairy lights on the roof, lose the ones on the buildings. Projection mapping is the solution here. Tokyo Disneyland does the expertly. Screens need to go. Unless your parade requires CGI VFX, you don’t need a screen. Design your shows to be on a stage or in a theatre.
  15. Do we know that the tower was engineered to stand on its own? I’d love to see the tower solo, I just question if it was built to do that.
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