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  1. ads086

    Japan rollercoasters

    If you can only spend one day at Disney then do DisneySea. I found Tokyo Disneyland was very lacklustre, was just missing the magic. DisneySea also has Fantasmic and they do a great job of it. The Disney multi day tickets don't allow park hopping until Day 3 or Day 4, just be aware of that when visiting. We spend a Sunday afternoon, Monday and Tuesday there, and we found that crowds start thinning out at 4pm and beyond. Leave the park and head around to Ikspiari to grab lunch though, we found the food in park was really not value for money. Tower of Terror fast passes were always the first to go on the days we were there, followed by Pooh's Honey Hunt. 20,000 leagues was fine to line up in standby, but Journey to the Center of the Earth was definitely a fast pass ride. If you head to Universal, then Harry Potter will be the biggest wait for the day, so head there first.
  2. What's to say it's not Village Theme Parks?? They already have SeaWorld out on the spit, and the article didn't say anything about a NEW opportunity. Perhaps Village are angling to get some changes to the master plan so they can make investments in the park. I'd be pleasantly surprised if it is Disney, but if they're only going to spend $1b here then I fear early failure. Tokyo DisneySea cost $4b and isn't a whole day park. Tokyo DisneyLand is closer to a full day park but needs about the same amount spent on it to bring back the Disney magic - it was very lacklustre after having been to LA and Paris.
  3. There will be a trim brake (probably magnetic) to bring the speed down, followed by a block brake (mechanical) which is capable of actually stopping the train. Once a train enters this block brake, the chain lift will be declared empty and allow for the train in station to depart. Once the station train has departed, it marks the station block as empty and the block brakes release the train to roll around into the station. The station is now occupied, the chain lift is occupied but the block brake is empty. Only in these conditions will the chain lift take the train entirely to the top and allow it to crest the hill. Once this train reaches that block brake again, the chain lift is then declared empty again and the cycle goes on...
  4. ads086

    The Off Topic Topic

    So Universal Studios Orlando is ditching Dragon Challenge. Does anyone think they'll relocate them to another Universal Park, or put them up for sale? Could be a cheap(er) way for a local park to get a (first for Aus) ride...
  5. ads086

    Jobe's September Orlando trip

    Sounds good, although I would possibly consider switching up Animal Kingdom and Hollywood Studios - with so much construction going on at Hollywood Studios, and with Great Movie Ride being closed by then, there's fewer attractions there than there typically would be. Probably a better way to go your first day after arriving given jet lag will have some impact on you.
  6. ads086

    Dreamworld - 2017 "exciting" "experiences"

    I'm pretty sure you're correct here T-bone. I recall there being a run down shack over on the island roughly where it happens too.
  7. It's funny that when I read this, I immediately think of Disney Springs or Universal CityWalk more than the theme park itself. I think that concept would work better at the Village parks than at Dreamworld, but I guess they have to try something...?
  8. ads086

    Scooby Doo Spooky Coaster refurb in Nov/Dec 2017

    I suspect a spinning retrofit.
  9. I'm going to answer this question for the Village Roadshow Theme Parks, as I haven't visited Dreamworld in quite some time, and my preference for non-Spin & Spew parks probably clouds my judgement there. For MovieWorld, I think $65.00 is a good price point for a single day entry. For those locals who don't purchase a multi-day/multi-park pass, I think this price point is low enough to bring them back again but still high enough to make it an out-of-the-ordinary event. I would return to old-school pricing structures where an Annual Pass on a per-park basis were available, and make a Movieworld pass available for $160.00 (246% of single day). For Wet N Wild, I think $55.00 again hits this price point. Annual Pass at $135.00 (again at 246%). SeaWorld is a trouble spot for me - it used to be worthy of Movieworld level pricing, but with so much closed at the moment, I feel hard pressed charging that rate for a sub-standard offering. So, for that reason, lets put it at Wet N Wild pricing of $55/$135. I think $175 is a good level for a 14-day multi-park pass. I would imagine these are typically purchased by holiday makers visiting the coast, and these guests are probably more likely to spend in-park on food, beverage and souvenirs which will help bump revenue. I would think $350 is probably a good place to put the 3 park annual pass.
  10. There's a construction site in my suburb and they work from 7am-5pm Mon-Fri then 7am-12pm Saturdays. Might be a similar schedule here.
  11. ads086

    Ardent Leisure eyes Dreamworld sale

    Would the ACCC allow such a transaction to go through? The only way I can see them allowing such things is if there are guarantees it stays open as a theme park and the only other option is for Dreamworld to cease operating.
  12. I think you need to use other 4-across tracks when comparing to B&M. Vekoma's Battlestar Galactica is a great example of this. Even though it now longer runs 4 across trains, the engineering was done for that. While I'm a fan of the Cylon coaster, I'm not a fan of these track styles - I find the spine is too wide which makes the tie out to the rail distance quite small. It looks more like a ladder than a coaster. My favourite track style is the Intamin 4-tube style:
  13. Are we thinking an enclosed escape ladder? What are the legalities around such an idea?
  14. ads086

    What's going on with Scooby Doo themeing?

    I don't think lights need to be left on in hallways that are emergency escapes. The office I work in has evacuation stairwells on each end of the building and the lights in those corridors are off unless the fire door is opened and a button is pressed to turn them on. Also, exit signage doesn't have to be the giant green signage, it can be a black sign with green text. There may be more regulations around this than I am aware of, but I have definitely seen such Exit signs.
  15. The logistics company will definitely be getting this containers out of their yard as soon as possible, and I would imagine they charge storage fees if the containers are still on site beyond when they're required to be (AQIS/ABF inspections). We will be seeing more track as soon as it can be released.