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  1. ads086

    Walt Disney World Holiday

    Thanks for the info guys. All suggestions are basically what I was expecting to hear. I probably will end up visiting Universal - I’m staying at the Holiday Inn opposite on my non-Disney nights.
  2. Hi All, I decided that for my 33rd birthday I'd take myself to Disneyworld. Then in my searching discovered that my birthday falls on Memorial Day long weekend, so decided to go just prior to that, and then visit Disneyland Paris for my actual birthday. My 60 days in advance Fast Pass Reservation date is fast approaching, and having never been to Disney World before, I'm interested to hear what previous visitors to the parks would recommend as selections for the initial 3 fast passes for each park. For those interested in the itinerary, I arrive in Orlando the day before I'm booked at Disney, so I intend to do hotel check-in and head straight for the park. Magic Kingdom is open until 11pm that night for hotel guests, so that's my day 1 park. Day 2 I'm thinking Animal Kingdom, Day 3 at Epcot, Day 4 is Hollywood Studios. Day 5 and 6 are open at this stage. I haven't bought Park Hopper and will add the upgrade on for those last 2 days if I feel the need to hit up more than one park per day, but that's a play it by ear decision. I'm staying at Pop Century, and secretly hoping the Skyliner will be running by the last half of May. I then have two more nights in Orlando before I fly out again. Am considering Universal tickets, but nothing confirmed for those days yet. I've been to DLP before, so am pretty set for how to handle that one. So, what would you be selecting for your first three fast passes for each park?
  3. I really would like to see a Freestyle installed in this country.
  4. ads086

    Scooby Doo Spooky Coaster refurb

    I think they need to decide if they want to be fully immersive like Universal attractions are, or if they want to hold onto the Movie Studio identity and let it look like a sound stage.
  5. The thing I’ve found that enthusiasts tend to love about woodies is the rickety nature of the support structure. Given the current climate that doesn’t sound ideal from a PR perspective. Id like to see a California Screaming style ride - steel track on a trussed support giving it the Older style appearance, particularly if the board walk goes ahead.
  6. Maybe Village can pick up Dreamworld and use it as a car park, then build a monorail or use buses to shuttle people to the park. They can then expand into their current car park at Movieworld.
  7. ads086

    Disneyland Paris - Tip and Tricks?

    If the hotel you’re staying in is officially Disney you can get your shopping delivered there, otherwise you can usually get it sent to the gate for you to pick up on your way out
  8. ads086

    Disneyland Paris - Tip and Tricks?

    Head to Studios first. Grab a fast pass for Ratatouille during the early hours then line up for Crush’s Coaster. Standby queues for Tower and Rock’n are usually pretty quick. Once in Disneyland Park grab your fast pass for Big Thunder (best version in the world IMO) then go ride Space Mountain as long as standby isn’t too long. Most everything else has reasonable lines. Earl of Sandwich is my pick for breakfast at Disney Village, or McDonalds has some tasty options. Make sure you’re in Disneyland park for the castle projection/fireworks show too!
  9. ads086

    Superman Escape: Third Train

    What if you duplicated the stations? You could place a rotating or sliding track section leading from each station into the subway tunnels, and the same after the trims at the end. I can’t see you ever getting 4 trains running then, but you could definitely get 3.
  10. My tip for DCA is to head for Cars and grab a fast pass as the first thing you do. We missed fast pass on it the day I went and the standby queue was well over an hour, and that's at its shortest. We had a meal reservation for 4pm which then scored us a private viewing area for World of Color. Definitely the way to go. Be sure you wear comfortable walking shoes to the parks too. The Incredicoaster is loads of fun, be sure to get a go on it. I felt Soarin' wasn't worth the amount of time we had to queue for it. Indiana Jones at Disneyland was the must-do attraction but it was up and down all day the day I was there. I would recommend a fast pass on that as soon as you arrive. Also, find a wait-times app for your phone, and bring a power bank with you. I haven't been to Universal so I have no tips - I do hear the VIP is worth the cash just for the front-of-line though.
  11. ads086

    Singapore trip - planning tips?

    I’ve been three times and here’s my tips: - Stay close to an MRT stop. I stayed at Ibis Novena the first time, Swissotel the second trip and Hard Rock Sentosa the third - the proximity to MRT is important - There is a tourist MRT pass you can get which allows for unlimited travel. Just remember to return the card at the airport station before you leave to get your deposit back on it. - I used Uber in Singapore, so it did/does exist. - the Night Zoo was overrated. They keep the park in a state of twilight for the hours that it’s open, and we walked out feeling really tired as a result of it. - try a McGriddle from McDonalds breakfast menu if you haven’t before - I found little at Orchard Road that you couldn’t find elsewhere. Also, when I went they didn’t carry a great deal of large sizes, so unless you’re a 28-32” waist in men’s, you’ll struggle. I ended up buying from Marks&Spencer (a UK brand) - Mastercard is/was the preferred card for Sentosa and you could score discounts by using one. Universal is a single day park, and Transformers needs to be the thing you hit up immediately, the lines for everything else are pretty good. - buy your duty free liquor in Singapore airport before returning to Aus, but make sure you leave plenty of time - there is a cutoff of 90 minutes I think it is - if you haven’t purchased 90mins before your departure time then you can’t purchase - a lot of restaurants will have crazy wait times for walk ups, so do try to book in advance if you can. - pretty sure that all prices included sales tax, and tipping is not the norm. - they use a lot of Turkey Bacon. If you want the real stuff, there’s an Aussie style bar/restaurant along Clark Quay
  12. ads086

    Japan rollercoasters

    If you can only spend one day at Disney then do DisneySea. I found Tokyo Disneyland was very lacklustre, was just missing the magic. DisneySea also has Fantasmic and they do a great job of it. The Disney multi day tickets don't allow park hopping until Day 3 or Day 4, just be aware of that when visiting. We spend a Sunday afternoon, Monday and Tuesday there, and we found that crowds start thinning out at 4pm and beyond. Leave the park and head around to Ikspiari to grab lunch though, we found the food in park was really not value for money. Tower of Terror fast passes were always the first to go on the days we were there, followed by Pooh's Honey Hunt. 20,000 leagues was fine to line up in standby, but Journey to the Center of the Earth was definitely a fast pass ride. If you head to Universal, then Harry Potter will be the biggest wait for the day, so head there first.
  13. What's to say it's not Village Theme Parks?? They already have SeaWorld out on the spit, and the article didn't say anything about a NEW opportunity. Perhaps Village are angling to get some changes to the master plan so they can make investments in the park. I'd be pleasantly surprised if it is Disney, but if they're only going to spend $1b here then I fear early failure. Tokyo DisneySea cost $4b and isn't a whole day park. Tokyo DisneyLand is closer to a full day park but needs about the same amount spent on it to bring back the Disney magic - it was very lacklustre after having been to LA and Paris.
  14. There will be a trim brake (probably magnetic) to bring the speed down, followed by a block brake (mechanical) which is capable of actually stopping the train. Once a train enters this block brake, the chain lift will be declared empty and allow for the train in station to depart. Once the station train has departed, it marks the station block as empty and the block brakes release the train to roll around into the station. The station is now occupied, the chain lift is occupied but the block brake is empty. Only in these conditions will the chain lift take the train entirely to the top and allow it to crest the hill. Once this train reaches that block brake again, the chain lift is then declared empty again and the cycle goes on...
  15. ads086

    The Off Topic Topic

    So Universal Studios Orlando is ditching Dragon Challenge. Does anyone think they'll relocate them to another Universal Park, or put them up for sale? Could be a cheap(er) way for a local park to get a (first for Aus) ride...