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  1. Are we thinking an enclosed escape ladder? What are the legalities around such an idea?
  2. I don't think lights need to be left on in hallways that are emergency escapes. The office I work in has evacuation stairwells on each end of the building and the lights in those corridors are off unless the fire door is opened and a button is pressed to turn them on. Also, exit signage doesn't have to be the giant green signage, it can be a black sign with green text. There may be more regulations around this than I am aware of, but I have definitely seen such Exit signs.
  3. The logistics company will definitely be getting this containers out of their yard as soon as possible, and I would imagine they charge storage fees if the containers are still on site beyond when they're required to be (AQIS/ABF inspections). We will be seeing more track as soon as it can be released.
  4. Imagine if you saw an ad for a Hotel that showed Pools outside and a spa bath. You then book that hotel because of how good the hotel looks in that ad. When you arrive, you discover the pool does not exist yet and none of the rooms in the hotel have spa baths. I think you would rightly complain and request compensation because the advertising was misleading and you purchased the stay based on invalid information. How is Dreamworld advertising experiences it does not offer differ from this situation?
  5. So the track is likely to be shipped in using Intermodal Transport Containers, given thats why track sections and support beams are the sizes they are. I'm intrigued as to how they get it out of the container, given the weight. Does anyone know?
  6. TopGolf will be primarily a night-time and weekend venue. I would imagine for the majority of cases the water tank would get used during business hours. I don't see there being an issue. If there were a big scene coming up that required the water tank during the evening to the point where the noise from Top Golf would be a problem, they could arrange for Top Golf to be closed for one day. Film shoots are planned out well in advance, so there really wouldn't be a problem with notice periods of an upcoming one-day closure.
  7. From observations of the general public's parking habits at Westfield Chermside, people will gladly drive underground and pay for Valet parking if it means they can avoid parking out in the sun. If you ever can't find a park in the underground, head for the roof - there'll be parks available right next to the entry doors. Other than that, I do agree with making the free parking further away than the paid parking.
  8. I wouldn't be opposed to the introduction of paid parking, so long as they maintained a free parking option also. If you had a multi level basement style, then leave the surface level as free parking out in the sun, with the sub levels being charged. I'd also consider introducing a Valet parking service. Once the hotel is built, I'd also look at Airport shuttle services.
  9. Apparently I didn't ride anything at all this year. How did that happen??
  10. I'm guessing the wifi is for the video cameras on the Batwing to upload the data when it parks and lets the guests off. There's already a power rail for the carriage so no issue there, but connectivity is a different story so I would presume they chose Wifi
  11. I believe I was reading somewhere that the reason Disneyland Paris is no longer called EuroDisney is because the Disney name was synonymous with Americana - if you go to Disneyland you expect Main Street USA and Corn Dogs - not Croissants and Pastries as EuroDisney had when they opened. I would love to have a Big Thunder Mountain-style ride, a Universal Singapore-style Mummy ride, a cross between Superman Escape with the pre-show and Jet Rescue with the low and twisty layout, and a Stunt Show as a start. I'd love a California Screamin' style long ride. I'd love to see some a la carte restaurants in my park to give a revenue stream from Annual Pass holders. A light show of an evening would be ideal - why not model off the most successful parks out there? I'd build around Byron Bay region (to take advantage of NSW trading hours laws meaning late nights is workable) and run a shuttle to Coolangatta airport, and have an on-site Hotel. The advantage is that Coolangatta Airport does not have restrictions on the number of flights operating between it and other international ports in the way that Sydney and Brisbane both do.
  12. Possible re-theme on the cards?
  13. I would think now would actually be a good time to announce you're building something new. What better way to show faith in your product and that your procedures are up to scratch than to be expanding? I see that the new Wonder Woman movie is due for release in June 2017. If this coaster was taking on a Wonder Woman theme, perhaps the timing of the announcement is being scheduled around the press for the movie...
  14. I thought that drones weren't permitted to carry loads other than securely affixed cameras and that was the issue with the Bunnings Sausage Delivery
  15. I'd love to see all of the concrete replaced with the carpet type material, or have all footpaths turned into shallow troughs with water in them you can walk through so your feet aren't out of water, or both. Never gonna happen though.