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  1. ads086

    Walt Disney World for Newbies

    Just watch out for the Teirs. Magic Kingdom doesn’t have any, but all other parks have their rides in tiers. You get one Tier 1 and two Tier 2 attractions for your advanced fast passes. I found because of this I would pick 2, one from each, and then just go one at a time after that for some of those parks where the Tier 2 offerings are lacking
  2. I got my passport in case I was to ever win a radio competition (not that I entered any). It was then one less hurdle to overseas travel. Then Scoot launched Gold Coast to Singapore and you could get return trips for $350. I did exactly that and visited Universal Studios Singapore.
  3. ads086

    Walt Disney World for Newbies

    One thing I did think of this morning is with charging back to your room. For me, I have a Citibank debit card that attracts no overseas fees and just converts at Visa’s going rate for the day. It’s great, but because it’s not a credit card it behaves differently when it comes to holds at hotels. When I go back next I’ll be using a standard credit card for the hold, then I’ll call to reception every few days and settle the bill using my debit card - otherwise you end up at Disneyland Paris wondering what your last $10AU can buy you for dinner because your cash is on hold at Disney until the bank releases it.
  4. ads086

    Walt Disney World for Newbies

    I stayed at Pop Century. I went the forego room servicing thing and scored the gift card. Would’ve been nice to be able to select to get it serviced mid stay, but I was so eager at 7am to get over you Magic Kingdom I didn’t think to ask. With the fast pass bookings, they open 60 days prior to your check-in date for the entire length of your stay. This means anyone booking in for a 15-20 day stay can book fast passes essentially 80 days in advance so the rides you definitely want FP for are often taken. As has been said though, keep an eye on MDE all day and keep refreshing because things come up. Also, if there’s something you really want to get on, try to score a fast pass for something that has just broken. When operations update FP to the fact it’s closed you’ll be issued a park-wide (with some exceptions) fast pass. Usually what you want to get on is covered by this. I did this to get on Kali River Rapids. I bought breakfast in the food hall at the resort and paid about $13US. Quick Service meal in park around the same amount. Bottle of water is $3 US I think, bottle of Coke $4.50. Washing is $3 per load, $1 for laundry powder from the vending machine, $3 per dryer load. All payable by card. As has been mentioned, you can wear yourself out very quickly with early starts late nights and that Florida humidity and heat. Take a hat, because the parks lack shade, and an umbrella for the afternoon rain. i didn’t pin trade but I did start collecting pins during this trip. I did pick up one tip though - buy the starter kits with the less desirable pins, particularly in the multipacks or the lucky dip ones. Then trade them with cast members, because they’re not allowed to say no. If you want one they’ve got, it’s up to you which you give them in exchange, not them. They’ll often have more desirable pins you can swap the cheap ones for. Also, remember you only swap the pins, not the backings. I found the best pin choices were at the outfitters at Animal Kingdom. Mission Space orange is an evil contraption that should not exist. I wandered around feeling unwell for the next 2 hours after riding it. You can probably achieve a similar sensation by dropping a deadlift barbell onto your chest for 5 minutes. Also, Dinosaur is ROUGH and so jerky. So give yourself time to get through it all, don’t go too hard too fast or you’ll wipe yourself out - I did. I got a half day at AK before returning to the hotel and slept til about 7pm then felt too groggy to go do much that night.
  5. ads086

    WNW - GC upgrade ideas

    Change up Splash Cash to be like MagicBands with a link to a regular card, that way you’re not loading money on or having to recover what you didn’t spend when you’re done for the day. And maybe start trying to put a theme in to an area. Disney have a water park based on winter, Universal’s is based around a Volcano, so the net is pretty wide. I’d just like to see either some shade over the concrete footpaths, or misters keeping it wet so you don’t burn your feet walking between attractions.
  6. ads086

    The Off Topic Topic

    So take this with a grain of salt, but I got an Uber out of Disney World a few days ago and my driver was telling me that her husband had just retired. She also thought there was 100% a Disney park happening in Australia because they had been asking her husband to go. He was involved in the initial build at Shanghai and reportedly turned them down for the Aus trip to spend more time closer to home. I’m taking it as though they’re keeping an eye on things down here.
  7. ads086

    Someone is coming to Dreamworld

    Selling Houses....?
  8. ads086

    Wipeout is closed for good (retired)

    Pretty sure Wipeout was in fact a Vekoma Waikiki Wave, not a Top Spin. Also, sitting areas are supposed to be a selling feature on right? We’ll have a deck installed soon at this rate. Any thoughts on where you might situate a library? Tiger Island is probably a good tranquil spot for a drawing room...
  9. ads086

    Wipeout is closed for good (retired)

    The way they’re going they should switch to a pay-per-ride model, that’s how baby parks tend to work best IMO.
  10. ads086

    Someone is coming to Dreamworld

    Their real estate agent maybe?
  11. If Dreamworld were to hit the market, do you think Village would buy it? Just for the larger parcel of land with better proximity to public transport even?
  12. ads086

    Walt Disney World Holiday

    Thanks for the info guys. All suggestions are basically what I was expecting to hear. I probably will end up visiting Universal - I’m staying at the Holiday Inn opposite on my non-Disney nights.
  13. Hi All, I decided that for my 33rd birthday I'd take myself to Disneyworld. Then in my searching discovered that my birthday falls on Memorial Day long weekend, so decided to go just prior to that, and then visit Disneyland Paris for my actual birthday. My 60 days in advance Fast Pass Reservation date is fast approaching, and having never been to Disney World before, I'm interested to hear what previous visitors to the parks would recommend as selections for the initial 3 fast passes for each park. For those interested in the itinerary, I arrive in Orlando the day before I'm booked at Disney, so I intend to do hotel check-in and head straight for the park. Magic Kingdom is open until 11pm that night for hotel guests, so that's my day 1 park. Day 2 I'm thinking Animal Kingdom, Day 3 at Epcot, Day 4 is Hollywood Studios. Day 5 and 6 are open at this stage. I haven't bought Park Hopper and will add the upgrade on for those last 2 days if I feel the need to hit up more than one park per day, but that's a play it by ear decision. I'm staying at Pop Century, and secretly hoping the Skyliner will be running by the last half of May. I then have two more nights in Orlando before I fly out again. Am considering Universal tickets, but nothing confirmed for those days yet. I've been to DLP before, so am pretty set for how to handle that one. So, what would you be selecting for your first three fast passes for each park?
  14. I really would like to see a Freestyle installed in this country.
  15. ads086

    Scooby Doo Spooky Coaster refurb

    I think they need to decide if they want to be fully immersive like Universal attractions are, or if they want to hold onto the Movie Studio identity and let it look like a sound stage.