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  1. secki

    Wonderland Food Wrappers

    corner of newton road and bentley street at wetheril park, it could be bossley park its near victoria road. the burger shop is right on the corner of the abovementioned streets !
  2. I got some fast food from a take away shop in an industrial estate at wetheril park not long ago, been there about 3 times since and all tiems my hambuger has been surved wrapped in blue wonderland logo paper! They must have bought it off the food outlets when they shut down, must have bougth a heap if still using it !
  3. secki

    Old Sydney town?

    that old drunk dude scared me i thought he was going to rob my mum and dad !
  4. secki

    Wonderland Signs

    Lets go and raid them under the cover of darkness ! Where did they get these things? did the park have a huge sale?
  5. secki

    fantasy glades

    I remember the water spitting dragon, i think thats where i first said the words "ya bastard", and also the small dwarf sized house
  6. secki

    Old Sydney Town

    Oh i remember that scary dude, he used to hide in a cave like think there too, and was being chased by the red troopers! He scared me cause i though he was going to rob my mum and dad! hahahha i loved that place, would love it to reopen and take my son there, show the kids of today whats real Australian history is all about I found this site with heaps of pics