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  1. If anyone's interested, I have just posted a POV video on You Tube of Abyss at Adventure World with the maintenance lights on in 2013 just after it opened. The Video is not the best quality while on ride at speed outside, as it was shot on a small handheld compact camera (Sony HX-30V). It was taken after the park had closed and it does show pretty well what is inside the building which is normally in pitch black when the ride is open. Pete.
  2. petestrash

    Adventure World New Coaster - Abyss

    Video of the first "official" ride with the "Chosen ones".
  3. petestrash

    Adventure World New Coaster - Abyss

    Some photos from the VIP night last night.
  4. petestrash

    Adventure World New Coaster - Abyss

    Not long to go now.
  5. petestrash

    Sea World Storm Coaster construction 2013

    Here's an aerial photo of construction taken a few weeks ago.
  6. petestrash

    Adventure World New Coaster - Abyss

    Cool didn't know that.
  7. petestrash

    Adventure World New Coaster - Abyss

    A little late to reply, but i'm just catching up on this thread. I agree the rant is pathetic. Many roller coasters have been built (not just assembled) in Australia over the years, I believe the last coaster manufactured here that is still operational is Cyclone currently at Dreamworld. It was manufactured at factories in Newcastle and Melbourne before being assembled at LPS. Also lots more photo's posted today Peter.
  8. I have a little more info/rumours on the B&M dive machine under construction that I posted about earlier. This should be taken as heresay for the moment, but makes sense. It may not be heading for downunder...the rumour is that it was ordered for ASW, as it was expected to be fast tracked by the Victorian Govt. But there are issues blocking this from happening, and it is up for sale. The current rumour is that it may now be heading for China. I don't know how much of this is true, but thought I'd post it here as it made sense. If I hear anything more concrete I'll post to a different thread, as it is now clear that regardless of where it's going It definitely not going to Sea World. Sorry for the assumptions.
  9. As for the TV show Discussed. It was called Supercoasters: The Sheer Thrill. It was made by Indigo Films for the National Geographic Channel in 2006 (Same company also made Megastructures: Ultimate Coaster - Kingda KA for Discovery Channel). It aired on Channel Ten in High Definition on Monday 2/6 at 3:00pm. More info here. If your into torrents then try google, plenty of links. Peter.
  10. I have worked on and off in the amusement industry for over 20 years. I have dealt with the person who told me this for over 15 years, and based on past information has been very accurate. When I know more either way I'll visit back here. I think that this is a likely scenario, just very strange to have something worth millions, sitting idle for a couple of years. I'm heading back overseas tonight. If I find out more, and it's ok to pass on I'll post back here.
  11. Smart a** Yeah the idea of a closed rectangular or square coaster tunnel made out of concrete (as opposed to the more common inverted U shape) is unthinkable. Just as a unthinkable is coaster passing through a water logged area. But as I have said, I was only told that it is on it's way to Oz. SW was just my assumption. The water table and height restrictions are not really issues. But the footprint may be. How about we all just hope the information is true and somewhere in Australia there will be a B&M coaster soon.
  12. Harder agreed, but technically not that difficult these days. They just build a concrete pipe rather than a tunnel. Nothing, other than it's the only park currently undergoing site works. The only reliable info I have is that this coaster is headed down under. SW is just speculation. Though it wouldn't be the first time a park has said that it's getting one thing and instead installs something better This makes the most sense, except the time frame. Maybe they will put it somewhere else first? Wherever it goes, it will be great to have one in Australia. I have been on a couple of them, and sitting out to the side without any tracks above or below waiting for the drop is a great feeling.
  13. Ok, now that you have a photo. All that I have been told is that the dive machine in the photo is headed for Australia. Again, I only assume that it is for Sea World. Alton Towers in England also has very restricted hight allowances, and they have had a dive machine for years. See the attached photo. Well anyone local to the park, keep an eye out for big holes being dug. That should be a good sign it's coming here. I do agree African Safari would be a good alternative location especially since they are trying to emulate Busch Gardens in Tampa which has SheiKra. But I don't think planning permission has been granted, so it would be unlikely to expend that sort of money without a place to put it.
  14. Can't say any more... I believe that a B&M Dive machine is coming to Australia. I have made the assumption that it is for Sea World as they are the only park with a new project under way. It doesn't have to be high to be fun. Time will tell.
  15. Sorry, been away from the boards for a while. The New coaster at Sea World will be a B & M Dive Machine! Peter.