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  1. summerfun91

    Ocean rescue gone?

    Was just on the seaworld site checking maintenance dates.... Ocean Rescue is currently closed to make way for an exciting new attraction.
  2. summerfun91

    Scooby Doo Lately

    When I was there earlier this month... one day I went they had a problem with the lap-bars.. they weren't locking was opened one minute, closed the next for 5 mins then reopened again. They sent some carts through empty then started letting people back on... later that day it happened again to 2 carts, however the next 2 were fine and let them on. Does that happen often?
  3. summerfun91

    VIP Pass is Back!

    Mine is definitely good quality ID plastic.. got it in mid-late July.... The only guess is that the printer/s were broken down... I work with printers just like those (bocca printers) and they are pains! However if it was all of them then it must be a larger problem. I do know that dreamworld was giving the usual cardboard tickets for the 6month passes.
  4. summerfun91

    Tower of Terror Update

    My second win was the who screams the loudest question.... I remember putting something on the lines of they reach the same amount of decibels both are enough to frighten the birds and the grandmas away. I can't remember what the other question i won off was though.
  5. summerfun91

    Tower of Terror Update

    I've won 2 so far... if you really want to win you need to put the effort into the creativity, the more creative/ funny and the more unique the better the chance to win. It takes time to master them especially in such (word/character) limits, however once you know what they (competition judges) like you will keep entering and you will get hooked into entering more competitions... then maybe you'll see the prizes rolling in.
  6. summerfun91


    I think forget 20... Concentrate on the 21st... Its bigger and if they put to much enthusiasm for the 20th what will they do for the 21st?? I really do think they need to think ahead 21st is definitely bigger then a 20th, especially speaking on American terms, in which part of movie worlds theme is American based. Ok maybe one new ride/attraction for the 20th but they should stop at that...
  7. summerfun91

    VIP Pass is Back!

    It's valid for any Australian residents (excluding the family pass) not just Queenslanders/ northern NSW residents.... I'm definitely not complaining about that way better then the last Queensland only vip pass.
  8. summerfun91


    Maybe because of all of the forums i'm on this is definitely the rudest. To all the people telling people to shut up and prove it.... No other forums are that rude! To people complaining about spelling errors/grammar who cares get on with it like all the other forums do. Be more nicer then going oh look fail! You don't need to say that just politely address it as wrong no need to say fail. I know the difference between a nice group who are always happy and thanking each other to this group who just wants to argue all the time.
  9. summerfun91

    New Parks overseas and how it may affect us

    Um hello that's my opinion I never asked for yours. Woop di do I don't care if its developed or it has the same laws or its the same whatever as here. Not everyone will like all the same destinations, so what if I'm/others are against Africa, Asia, some parts of Europe and the middle east. I don't care what you think, I will never go somewhere I don't won't unless I get to go for free or have to transfer at the airport. Don't try to correct me as I don't care what you find (where you can drink water, food anything). My opinions of places will never change no matter what. Also don't tell me I can go and eat McDonald or HJs as I'll be surviving on Nuggets, mcflurrys for the whole time, subway is also a no-go for me and what the hell are the other places? I have never heard of them and don't say fail when I don't even drink water straight out of the tap here (actually I never drink plain water). So please don't ever correct me when it comes to what I eat or drink as that is up to me. I'm the worlds fussiest eater and a dumb blonde disguised as a natural brunette but I'm happy (not with this site but overall everything else).
  10. summerfun91

    New Parks overseas and how it may affect us

    Excuse me but some of us can't eat bloody everything, I said I will starve not everyone will starve. I will rather stay In my own country where I trust the food outlets, what they use and the Australian laws, then go somewhere in which you can't even drink the water.
  11. summerfun91

    New Parks overseas and how it may affect us

    I rather the Gold Coast. Even if you pay for cheap accommodation it will be decent. Stayed July- August last year for 2 people was $50 each per night 14th floor apartment (beach views)with kitchen and laundry facilities was definitely worth it. This year we have managed to book an apartment with river views for $900 each for 17nights, with the dreamworld $99 year pass. I also get a gold coast entertainment book so when I'm there we can save on meals and attractions. It is definitely worth it and I will enjoy the Gold Coast so much more then an Asian country where I'll probably be starving for the whole time. Gold coast is huge even though I have been there 2 years in a row I am yet to see half of what I want. Nothing can beat the theme parks but there is so much more then theme parks there. I hope to see tropical fruit world, the Ripley museum which I've heard has reopened, the aqua duck is a laugh even though I'm 18 I think its funny to go on and I will, I will love to take a whale watching tour. Gold Coast over Singapore for sure.
  12. summerfun91

    new stunt show a real let down!

    Complain to someone who will actually do something about it. Go to customer services and complain there. I didn't say get over it completely. However whinging online isn't going to get far! As for spelling errors this ain't not spelling bee, this isn't no exam. So some of us don't really mind simple spelling or gramatical errors.
  13. summerfun91

    new stunt show a real let down!

    My post I posted yesterday (I have changed my username) has disappeared which in my opinion is unfair considering however i'm just going to re-post. I don't know you I don't know what type of job you do or the company you work for, I am not the slightest bit interested ok! I don't care who works for who, I don't really want to or need to know. Try guess what company I work for and what I do- That's very much impossible don't you think! I don't know why i get replies saying how stupid my posts are when we are all entitled to write what we want! I don't know why my post got deleted and i'm hopeful that this site won't do that again!
  14. Dominoes will be expensive in theme parks Here in Perth we have chicken treat (its owned by Red Rooster) Chicken treat (catering) does catering at events like AFL, A- league soccer and with that the price for a quarter chicken and chips with a coke is $11.50 Yes $11.50! staff should be paid more being in a theme park site to, also the theme parks will want the pizza vsing their own foods right? so they won't want the pizza so cheap or everyone will buy the pizza.
  15. summerfun91

    new stunt show a real let down!

    Actually I though it was good, and a laugh with a great storyline. Who cares if they are off timing its only a show get over it.