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  1. Hibino

    Justice League 3D - a big flop?

    IMO they should have either gone all out with the theming and made it like a mini MIB or just gone all screens like Toy Story Midway Mania.
  2. Hibino

    Park Bench video series

    I must have left my bag of cash in my other pants
  3. Hibino

    Park Bench video series

    Have a 7D. It's getting a bit long in the tooth now but Canon seem to have no interest in making better sensors atm So holding out to see what the next 5D is like. I'll try to get back in the next few days to get some more footage.
  4. Hibino

    Justice League 3D - a big flop?

    Yeah the ending is definitely a let down. I've been on it multiple times and every single time I'm expecting another scene or something... I don't think it's a flop as such but the batwing spaceshot and green lantern kind of hide the fact there's a ride there which I like because it means I spend less time waiting in line.
  5. I'm not sure how many of you watch/listen to the Dis Unplugged but they have a 'Park Bench' video series (youtube.com/watch?v=kb38cSNlCdY). I thought I'd steal the idea and start making some similar videos for Movie World/etc so you can be there when you're not there. Watch in HD. I am waiting on a 14mm lens so the FOV won't be as 'claustrophobic' on future videos. Let me know what you think and where you'd like new videos to be shot.
  6. Hibino

    Disney or Universal

    Can you not go due to time or money? WDW will take more than a day unless you only go to one specific park. Universal (and Islands of Adventure) could probably be done in a day if you buy the front of the line pass. Definitely try to get more days free or use your own money to be able to spend a bit more time there. You will regret it if you can only do a small section.
  7. Hibino

    2015 VIP Pass

    Nah it's a logistical issue for carnivale haha. More interested in price changes after June 30. I can always go next year if they do it again.
  8. Hibino

    2015 VIP Pass

    Hey guys I didn't renew my pass last year but looking to get one again... It's obviously too late for carnivale but I will definitely go to white christmas and halloween nights. What happens to the current pricing (4 gold VIP for $299) after June 30? Do they go up, down or do you just miss out on the extra nights? Thanks
  9. Hibino

    Movie World's White Christmas 2012

    What rides are open?
  10. Hibino

    Theme Park food prices

    I went there the other day (haven't been in over a year) and I would rate it a 12/10.
  11. Hibino

    Theme Park food prices

    It's fake. There's posts like this on heaps of 'complaints' like that on other pages. Such as people having lightsaber fights with children in toy stores and complaining the staff kicked them out/etc. ^^^ trolled
  12. Couldn't agree more with you. Went on it today. First room looked great. Second room looked like shit. I'd say that at least 70% of the targets didn't work at all. 3D screens were definitely too fast. We lined up for a while and in that time the ride stopped about 3 times so the ride was run empty.
  13. Hibino

    Movie World's Fright Night 2012

    So I just upgraded my wife and I's VIP passes to gold. Does anyone know how long it should take for the email to come through? Looking forward to fright nights this year. I didn't get a chance to go last year!
  14. Hibino

    Superman Escape Loose Items

    Well why discuss anything ever. Management makes up their mind on which direction they want the park to go and they won't change so how dare we think we can have an opinion on it...
  15. lol I made the mistake of going on ghost rider... TWICE in a row :/ I make a habit of sitting at the back of rollercoasters but it was a huge mistake on this one. Didn't really make a difference though as I tried the middle. By the end of it my spine had not only punctured my brain but had compressed about 12 inches. I don't think I've ever had a more unpleasant experience in my life haha.