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  1. SuperYoshi

    Creating Space at Movieworld

    I doubt the first idea would happen. Our parks don't have big budgets, and I think they would rather spend money on a new attraction to draw guests in. It would also end up closing two major sections of the park to construct, and Movie World isn't that big already. I like themeparkgc's idea with the roller coaster around the lake. If they were going to implement a pre-show like Superman Escape; they could remove the Batman Adventure ride and use the space it took up for it. Lets hope they do make room though, with any idea. This parks attractions list needs to grow - not remain the same. I don't think they have added a new ride without replacing anything since Road Runner in 2000.
  2. SuperYoshi

    Zip Line & Sky Coaster?

    wow im blind. thankyou.
  3. SuperYoshi

    Zip Line & Sky Coaster?

    Hi, Just wondering what the Zip Line and Sky Coaster are? Didn't see any threads and the construction page didnt really shed any light. Thanks
  4. SuperYoshi

    River ride for closure ?

    But we want MW to increase its Rides & Attractions list, not replace it. What's the point of installing a new Ride/Attraction if your not going to maintain the standards? Seeing as SDSC is one of the best "themed" attractions at the park.
  5. I went to the ACMI last Thursday with some friends. We didnt go to the Tim Burton Exhibition, we went to Screen Worlds. We did see a Batmobile outside the entrance, so it could be it...
  6. SuperYoshi


    I went a week ago and still one train was running. It ended up breaking down just before I was about to go on, something was wrong with one of the wheels and they had to replace it.
  7. SuperYoshi

    SE Question

    Thanks for the explanation AlexB and Reanimated35 I have, it was really busy though. Everyone ending up stopping at each break and then continuing at slow speeds.
  8. SuperYoshi

    Michael Jackson Themepark

    Hmm, a theme park? IMO a theme park is a bit too far. Plus I can see few people not going because of his past history.
  9. SuperYoshi

    SE Question

    ^ Well on one of the videos it said '45 minutes later'. Though I'm pretty sure they weren't keeping track on time the way they were acting. If it was true however they should have, 45+ is a long time to wait. Theres one on the cyclone just after you finish the lift hill. Heres a working picture: Also, what does PLC stand for?
  10. SuperYoshi

    SE Question

    Good find Gazza, but thats strange, don't you think the bird would have just moved like they do in front of cars. Must have been to fast. A bit off topic but if anyone has wondered what its like to be on the SDSC broken down there are two new videos on youtube, you just have to put up with teenage girls screaming and crying that the worlds going to end, but one does show the evacuation procedure.
  11. SuperYoshi

    RCT3 Game Question

    ^ Understood.
  12. SuperYoshi

    SE Question

    LOL sorry I was thinking that the sensor was there to detect rollbacks, but also give clearance to the 2nd train to begin the pre-show, and then when the 1st train entered the loading bay, the 2nd train could launch. Does that sound right? I was at MW 2 days ago, 2 of the 4 times I went on SE we got stuck on the corner just before you proceed onto the launch pad, and I read somewhere that meant the next block section was not cleared. (unloading bay)
  13. SuperYoshi

    Sea Viper - New Ride

    It's not that close. I thought so too but when I was queuing up for Jet Rescue it went past and there is plenty of clearance. You'd have to be freakishly tall to hit it, and if you were that tall the harness wouldn't close anyway.
  14. SuperYoshi

    RCT3 Game Question

    Okay, thanks for that. Wouldnt it make more sense just to put one option? Daylight Hours 00:00 - 00:00
  15. SuperYoshi

    SE Question

    Just wondering what these sensors would be used for?