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  1. Does that mean Leviathan has a minimum crew requirement of 1?
  2. If that was the case Scooby would be down too.
  3. The upside though is that you can make it not obscure if done right. The games are starting to get some traction again through the store releases, Kickstarters, the big push this year (20th anniversary and chinese year of the tiger), and the advertising for a Ty 5. If the park was to either build on the old BB theatre or retheme ABC and reopen Billabong, that would be a great start. Billabong could become Mauries Ginger Beer Factory (table service), Wiggles Ride could become a trackless screen based ride on a centre spindle with dome screens (think JL3D and Forbidden Journey merged) based on Julius's inventions with a Boss Cass/Fluffy attack at some point. Gift shop is Bri and Di's Rang Shop. The Wiggles House and that area next to it can be a meet and greet made to look like Bush Rescue HQ. Stick Dukes helicopter somewhere to break the area up a bit. Pirate ship is already in-universe with Redbeard the Pirate. Then just find a way to theme the Teacups, Ferris Wheel and Rock n Tug to Ranger Ken, Rex, Ellie and Dennis and you've ticked off all the characters really.
  4. Ty the tasmanian tiger. It's a cheap IP, has a significant amount of theme potential, Australian, and can be used as an excuse to get people into Corroboree.
  5. Trident head should have been significantly bigger to attract attention.
  6. I mean, at this stage, even if they pulled a scooby it would still turn out better than both new scooby and JL at any point.
  7. In the case of this one, it adds to the theming (kinda).
  8. I really want them to follow through fully with the Atlantis theme and offer things like tridents for sale and other theme apropriate things instead of the usual dropshipped style items they normally do. @Richardyou seem to know the most, was there a shop set for the area too?
  9. Because it's Adelaide? That should be reason enough between the shit wine, Port Pirie and the locals.
  10. Heres hoping he goes into the small details too. The whole Coney Island intro working, bringing back the old arcade games, and restoring the 1920s style coin drops behind Turkey Trot.
  11. I'm surprised the early renderings even factored in that tacky fence for Vortex.
  12. They need their parent company to redirect some funds from their radio sponsors and inject it into the park to let people know it exists.
  13. Jamberoo and LPS both had new rides going in over the last 2 years?
  14. I do. Timbertown- the engine is built like a brick shithouse and ran along what i could only describe as a Z gauge track. From a more recent visit, i also recall it being very loud and the smell.
  15. Fits in with Joz' pier dark ride idea a few years ago.
  16. Go watch the TPR POV. It's just water gushing down the stairs .
  17. I mean they did promise that the event was finishing yesterday, so everything appears to be back to normal now. Also, has Supermans water worked at any point in the last 10 years?
  18. Why does it have to be a looping coaster though? It's just a loop.
  19. Would 3 coasters not achieve the same? If LTRR hypothetically ran 750p/h and each of these coasters 250, would that not work out the same and keep queues low?
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