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  1. Do you have examples of this in Australia at present, complete shutdown of a larger scale employer and relief is being provided? Always so cynical... can't just accept that proactive measures have been put in place and those who have visited the parks have stated this to be correct?
  2. I say bravo, what an improvement to the streetscape. There is certainly attention being put back into the aesthetics of Main Street. The flags have returned, Daily Planet has returned (Seems as though its getting a new colour scheme also) plus i noticed on my last visit some of the windows have received new curtains and dressings.
  3. We are all very quick to bash one part of the argument however not once has anyone considered the position that closing puts on a workforce of over 3000 employees across all the parks on the Gold Coast? Not to mention the businesses the parks engage to provide contracted or supplemental services. Might be a good reason why these businesses are considering the information, applying logistical and operational measures before simply just closing their doors. I'm sure its easy for some of us to jump on here and provide our thoughts but it might not necessarily impact all of us financially.
  4. It really is a nice touch verses ATF fencing in my opinion. However rather than being cynical all the time I'm going to be hopeful that there is a scope of works and this wall is indeed a nice touch in the interim.
  5. We should all be hopeful that the small amount of large scale themed entertainment operators out there might consider taking the entire Village business private...
  6. During my visit last week it certainly felt like more strategic thought and planning has gone into their daily operation over this peak season despite some of the technical challenges they have faced. I also noticed that all the American flags are back in Main St, such a nice touch!
  7. I still disagree, the two attractions are not at all comparative. Both have differing levels of complexity with build and install, environmental considerations and the plant/machinery are both completely different.
  8. I don't really think they're comparative....
  9. I'm sure all will be revealed in due time. In all honesty I think we should be pleased that VRTP are actually taking the time to roll out a product in due course rather than rushing it the week before peak period and telling the world! They've already had two failed attempts at an app, this looks and sounds like it will suit the parks quite well! Pretty sure iv seen a similar app at Knott's Berry Farm....
  10. I wouldn't say its been botched... Its pretty common for an overseas park to quietly release a product or offering without it operating at full capacity or without any formal announcement. In my personal opinion its a clever strategy, allow the app to do its thing then continue to monitor the behavior and usage behind the scenes.
  11. Given Superman is the only attraction with this sort of pre queue restriction I would imagine the park has considered how they will manage this? Parks I have visited overseas have accepted the scannable entry then issued the guest with a card to present back to the queue with once all loose articles have been placed in a locker. Similar to the use of cards on the Millennium Falcon for boarding groups. No need to over complicate it.
  12. I think you will find that the V8 attraction will be a retheme and revamp of Cyclone towards to end of the year. Much like the revamp that Cockscrew encountered with the change to Sea Viper.
  13. I got a chance to meet up with the Assistant Director of Operations for Universal Studios Singapore and Adventure Cove Water Park in October. When there he was able to show a college and i the ins and outs of how these properties operate and its a very tight and well managed operation. Having come from a Hard Rides and Water Park background i can clarify your statement in regards to staffing for a Lazy river of there size and design is extremely high. It runs on close to 30 lifeguards to ensure all areas of the attraction are validated. The complex layout of the attraction means that there are more positions required to ensure all areas are validated and the guards can reach a rescue within a certain period of time (That time frame can vary depending on the certification and standards set by the local society/authority for water safety within there area)
  14. Thats a really good point Brad2912, You also need to keep in mind that these days our parks have changed a lot of there bargaining agreements and award summaries that now make it a standard rate for entry level no matter your age. Once you reach 12months of employment and you tick all the boxes they will then make you competent which will up your hourly rate slightly. From there you can end up on a senior rate at the discretion of your department manager. In this case your work ethic is a big contributor to how this matrix works. I interview a lot of people in my job and you can come across all different types of things, people that have little experience in the role but interview really well, then you have the complete opposite also. To think it comes down to cost cutting is a very narrow minded opinion, Cost cutting would be closing your retail outlet if it was quite and your sales per labour was down or under budget. The best advice i could ever give you is ask for feedback if your unsuccessful!
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